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Jed-Chrizt, Undefined, 17 years ago

I was playing AVP. Now I'm one of the best Assaults online, and there's no human class that gives me trouble. My friend 'Kamuja' who was once a Heavy predator user switched to sniper and CLAIMED he can beat me. Ok, so we fight, and...I win. Some of the scores was 10-2, 5-0, 12-2... (I'll update w/ screenies). So he brings his friend 'CHAM' who he claims is the best HUMAN online. Ok, so I fight Cham...and beat him 11-3, and then 8-2. They BOTH whine and say I'm lagging, yet I'm on an alienware with cable internet. Is it just me, or is this a perfect newb story?

I'll update with pictures of this....crap later.(Pictures of the scores)
What do you think?

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Hive_Tyrant, Undefined, 17 years ago

i think its funny and cool did it take u long to beat them?.

something like that happened to me once but it was in Halo i beat 3 guys aginst me whithout dying once *chuckles* they were all throwing grenades, but...i dodged them.and in the bever creek i think it was i was in a little cave where the sniper was so i grabbed it and my cousin saw looked at my screen and so she hid behind a boulder so i shot all my rockets at her but she didnt die. the second i was out she started running to the building accross from her but i guikly pulled out my sniper, and when she was about to jump through the door i shot her in the head. she started flying!

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god_of_blades, Undefined, 17 years ago

Hey Jed i'm leaving home soon and i'll get hooked onto the net and join you one day maybe.

P.S. How's your movie thing going.

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