The AVP:R cover-up

TDN, Human, 12 years ago

Lately after watching AVP:R again, something's been bothering me. At the end of the movie, a whole town is nuked killing everyone and the Aliens and Predator inside it as well. This as we all know is the supposed explanation as to why no one learned about Aliens until the first Alien movie (if we were to consider AVP:R to be canon). This brings up a bunch of problems however.

First off, even without any trace of Aliens or Predators left, a huge nuclear explosion and the disappearance of a whole town is not an event that goes unoticed by the public. People are going to start asking questions. And secondly, there were a good number of survivors who lived to tell the tale. I mean, this wasn't like AVP where only 1 person (Lex) survived. I can believe that WY might be able to silence one single person, but covering up a nuclear explosion as well as silencing a handful of witnesses is quite a stretch.

What do you guys think? How does this happen?

the_doctor, Human, 12 years ago

honestly with the way the media works they could spin the nuking of a town into some sort of terrorist attack, create a panic and boost the economy. maybe even use it as an excuse to invade north korea.

mr_loco, Human, 12 years ago

totally agree...
The media can be controlled and as for the survivors, if they talked, they could get into freak accidents, end up missing or even be declared insane and mentally unstable because of what they went through...

Leandros88, Human, 12 years ago

I think the directors were just high,also,why are none of the survivors or what i thin are Navy SEALs affected by the FUCKING RADIATION!that scene should have played out more like the nuke scene in COD4.

DeathWraith, Human, 12 years ago

Wouldn't be the first time the US government blows up a bunch of people and blames it on terrorists.