some time within july im getting AvP3! i was just wandering if anyone had any tips or hints they would be willing to give out

XenoPred321, Human, 10 years ago

Im sooooooo Exited!

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

Well, when facing androids, don't move to fast at them because they have better senses then humans, you'll have to move real slow if you're trying to sneak kill them and the plasma caster when used at full power can obliterate one human and knock down anyone near him so thats useful for if you can't get them to seperate. And remember, darkness is the ally of the xenomorph so if you can, try to stay in the shadows. And as a marine, don't panic becuz then everys sound will make you jump but be prepared for anything, the marine does face the most dangers.

Deathdrop, Human, 10 years ago

I'm honestly not trying to bum you out here, but... Don't be expecting anything Earth-shattering. It's a decent game to kill a few hours with, but there's not really much to it.

-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

Don't kill his exitment. He's very exited.

Besides, I still marvel at how much replay value there is for the otherwise repetitive Extinction. Maybe he'll really like jumping while not actually jumping.

Shadowwall, Human, 10 years ago

The game doesn't have much activity at all. If you don't mind waiting for a game or just don't mind playing online at all, it's no problem.
Well this counts for PC dunno about consoles.

Dark, Human, 10 years ago

Try to stealth kill or trophy kill a lot as predator as it is fun to watch the marines panic and you get way more points i got Elite mostly by doing that :)

alienxeno, Human, 10 years ago a xenomorph stay in shadows.the marker in the screen turns black if your in the dark also dont run right in the face against an enemy it will be your doom. predator stealth is your best weapon.if you cant hide on trees,clifs or anything you should cloak.try finding the trophy belts so you can get extra items(items or skins).
3.and as final the marine you will encounter the most the start you will learn the basics:pop flares
use flashlight
stay with the chadder

but did they learn you to watch for acidic blood
or the laser of the is what you must watch for.
also make much headshot.

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