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ThePredator13, Yautja, 9 years ago

So all are welcome to sign up, and give me full bios or if i already know you, just put your name and anything else you want me to know okay and that's about it, so sign up.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 9 years ago

me and remember i have the molted tail and dont make me a queen

alienxeno, Yautja, 9 years ago

alienxeno.i am here to protect the lv planets from krio.also i protect my brother badapple and my friends.always trust me.....even if i don't look like it.

badapple24, Yautja, 9 years ago


Opening Xenomorph spiecies program..... loading file Xenomorph 12986 A.K.A Bad apple

Bad apple is Classified as a Warrior Xenomorph however on some planets has been seen in the form of a Praetorian. Bad apple has many known relations and has been seen with many different Xenomorphs
Has been seen with the following Xenomorphs... they have no speicies number and will be called by their Colonial Marine Nicknames

No more Xenomorph files listed


Bad apple has been capable of many feats including the escape of many different research labs and colonies. Bad apple has three family members that are known...
AlienXeno (Thought to be brother)
GameFreak (Confirmation of partnership between GameFreak and Bad Apple)
Krio (Strangly seems to want to kill His brothers extremly dangerous avoid at all costs High Priority)
Ire(No known relations, more just a family connection of sorts)


Bad apple has been a highly illusive and dangerous target He has been described as being 8 Feet high abnormally high for a xenomorph his size A scar on Bad apple's Inner jaw was given to him by a hunter in north carolina. Bad apple is also smarter than other xenomorphs he has got a larger brain and tends to look around before engaging. He has also been seen with many other high priority targets, it would be smart to fall back if you encounter any of Bad apples relatives or friends as well as himself.

END OF FILE 12986 THANK YOU AND KEEP BUILDING BETTER WORLDS................................................END OF TRANSMISSION