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Sasha, Undefined, 18 years ago

you guys ever get down at the fact that none of us will be around when humanity goes out into space and terra forms other plants and maybe incounters aliens like in the movies or pred like creatures or anything els for that matter. Flying around the universe is like normal stuff seeing other worlds don't you wish we could be around then just to see it happen ? your thoughts ?

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Kidd, Undefined, 18 years ago

Well, I would like to see that stuff but yet again not to. Why??? Well it's because GUNDAMS!!! I can operate one of those hulking machines into fights, if I ever join the Military with high engineering and computer skills. It'll be great to watch a space battle, even though those men and women fighting and dieing out there, but it'll be beutiful, like fireworks on the forth of July.

Imagine all the new Gear the Military will have, and the new Heavy weapons, and the big colonies with life from earth, to keep those animals alive. I wish I can be in that time but yet again, I will, everyone will be in that time. Life don't just starts and ends. It Starts and never stops, it keeps goin and goin as long there is life in the universe.

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predatoress, Undefined, 18 years ago

Humm, if the technology what would be out there would be used in military hell no, I would do anything in my power to stop the encounter. Human race is funny, even we call ourselves civilized we are the most warlike speacies on earth, maybe in universe. People have made great inventions but in the end they are used in bad. Lets just think about nuclear bombs - I bet that if the guy who made his remarkable discovery and put science forward would've known where his discovery would've lead he would've destroy all the evidence of the found. That is what I would've done. And even though you can use the knowledge of that to produce energy almost without any costs like pollution, no, goverments want to make nuclear war heads for the sake of defending their homeland - which actually is just piece of land no one can own. All the religions, civilisations, communities born, live and die in the end cos of impossibility of humans of living with each other in peace. There's no need of alien race to wipe us all out 'cos we do fine job by ourselves, and the nature and life will pay for our stupidness.

But if the technology would be used in good, lets say curing deseaces and making people living happier lives yes, then that operation would get my blessing. But on the other hand Earth is overpopulated so I would want a speacies like predators, to hunt down people with moral. Or aliens, parasites belongs to the same category of keeping population in the limits of bearing capacity of surroundings. But hey, I'm just a biologist and I think the predation as a good thing, natural, not evil and bad. In the end it would be good to the human speacies and we wouldn't go so fast towards our distruction. It's said that if every man on earth would live like us in developed countries we would need 3 planet Earth to cover the losses of the material we spend.

But geesh, most of the people in here are kids so I'm not even sure if you guys can understand my way of thinking lol Sure, it would be cool to know and see there's life outside Earth but the fact is people should start to think what they want us to be.


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kerrigan, Undefined, 18 years ago

so pesasamistic but yes i whould love to be around for such events. but maybe not im kind of happy with the time period i am in now not to hard and not to easy i like it


navyspaz, Undefined, 18 years ago

Sasha, Undefined, 18 years ago

I get you guys for humantiy to expand and bring its human natured flaws of jelous and greed and such it would horrible. But that is why humans are great really some get smarter and learn from their mistakes other don't but inebadably we evolve. But to be realistic and not based on movies the technology we have and will get most likely will be like nothing we thought about. But at some point terraformed planets and being captin of a ship and fighting in space is just so awsome and grand from fighting with bows and arrows. Don't you guys think we came along way already. Just think how it will be a 1000 years from now.

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Red_Machine, Undefined, 18 years ago

I would hope that I am around when they invent space travel. I would start an inter-stellar trading company, because you'd get mo0ney from the start with all the major governments wanting to charter you so they can get their hardware off-world. I would build up a huge fleet of trading crusiers and eventually branch out into mining, cos that would be profitable too.


OTANG, Undefined, 18 years ago

yes, well little by little the present generations contribute what they can and eventually maybe we can travel into space on a regular basis. but man oh man do we need better education

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donut, Undefined, 18 years ago

for me it would be quite wonderful to experience things in space :) but sadly as predess said, humans would find some way to use it for something bad, humanity is corrupt and vile, and no matter how big a heart is, evil can corrupt the purest.

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Unknown, Undefined, 18 years ago

Im going to have to agree with donut and predatoress on this one. As slipknot say -people equal s**t. For every good person theres 10 bad. I would love to be able to go to space, go to new worlds. But id rather not be around with the corruption that goes with it.

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