Rules question:

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Human, 14 years ago

*Members are only permitted to play as an alien, predator, or marine (as well as synthetics), this includes several alien variations, such as facehuggers, chestbursters, predaliens & "runners".

That is a straight quote from the site rules.

Is this still valid? If not, someone had probably best change it.

concretehunter, Human, 14 years ago

uhh yes its still valid because what else would you be. those are the rules amd those are your choises

DeathWraith, Human, 14 years ago

Bad time to bitch about this you've chosen, Malus. It's obviously valid, because there is an RPG going on right now and do you see anything BUT what that rule allows in the RPG? No? Then whey would you even assume that it has the slightest chance of ever becoming invalid? You have no reason to. That just proves once more that you are a paranoid, calomnious, deluded person who tries to find only faults in everything even when they're not there AND that you have ugly hairs on your chest that not even your own mother can bare to witness, WITH the risk of sounding desperate, i hate you and i am going to cry in a corner now.

concretehunter, Human, 14 years ago

uhh why did you even post the topic... were is the need to. we might as well have a loop holes topic. like the fact that alien doesnt mean xenomorph

Deathdrop, Human, 14 years ago

Yes, it's still valid. "Varients" implies Xenos born from animals, not weird hybrids or anything. And since the current RPG has only hman-based... Yeah.

We might have temporary "special rules" in the next RPG to mix things up a little.

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Human, 14 years ago

I just noticed that the main chars used by most of DBO and one of ADs own were in defiance of this rule, and thought I'd ask.

After all, if its changed, someone should edit the rules, ja?

OH YES, and I forgot to ask:
In the list of allowed weapons, should the Minigun and Grenade Launcher be added for Corporates? I mean, they wouldn't have the exact same stuff as the marines do, and in the game they DID have them.

-=Remembers that Corporate with the minigun in the alien campagain, and all those EMP grenades in the pred campagain=-

concretehunter, Human, 14 years ago

i would say it matters what your fighting. if someone is in a craft i would say yes to the craft, but if its against a caracter that wouldent stand a chasnse no.