Race and Clan Interviews

ThePredator13, Yautja, 9 years ago

Why have you chosen your race? what do you find intresting about it? What In your view what is the best clan and why are they the best? members tell all...

alienxeno, Yautja, 9 years ago

i like the aliens because they are very smart.they may not look like it but they are.they also have something with mechanics.and they understand al language unlike the other races.the show how strong they are in combat.the predator has only been on the upperhand because of technology...............
aliens are for me kind of the most relaxed in the species since they never rush a kill.............

-Bloo-, Yautja, 9 years ago

I don't think it's fair to single out technology as the only reason why Predators stand a chance. Early humans still hunted, just not with rifles, and we're around today so they must have done well. For years I've seen people complaining that Predators can only do some of the things they do because they're pretty fuckin' technologically advanced, and it's selfish - you have the tech, why not use it? Are you telling me you'd rather take a canoe from Florida to New Zealand instead of a plane because of morals? Why do people who wish they could listen to more music on the go carry a Walkman around?

This argument extends beyond just Aliens versus Predator and into deeper (harsher) realms of discussion, and so I think it's best we leave it at simple terms.

Anyway, I chose Xenomorphs because, to me, they're more mysterious than Predators. Sure, on top of being on par with the Aztecs and the Greeks in terms of "awesome thing from the ancient world we don't know anything about," they're also from space and very much active in the modern world, but they're easily related to. Too easily. They have ethics, honor codes, written language, means of flight that are similar to our own, etc. Where as Xenomorphs are the complete opposite of anything. The closest thing we can relate them to is insects, and have you ever stopped to think about how goddamn different insects are to humans? We have more in common with dolphins, if only because we're both mammals.

Xenomorphs, though? Like discussed in a previous thread, they're just... they're out of this world. Predators are out of this world, but Xenomorphs are out of this world. Does that mean they're better? That's a terrible word, don't ever use it. This just means Xenos are different, and that difference is why I personally like them more. The necessary level of comprehension to even begin understanding them is beyond human capability. Sure, us fans know a shit ton more than we probably should, but here's my friendly reminder to you all that everything you know is wrong.

Or maybe we're right. And that's still terrifying.

alienxeno, Yautja, 9 years ago

he is kinda right.