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scar774, Undefined, 15 years ago

Hey, this isnt scar, this is one of his freinds, i made an account but the admin hasn't alowed me access to posting yet so scar let me use his account to ask this quest, and dont worry i didn't hijack his user name or anything, he is siting right next to me!

Anyway, on to the question: i have been reading over alot of the topics and things the last few days and checking out the site, and i noticed alot of topics were people said that the quenn from AVP is alive because it can survive in water if it can survive in space. well i have 2 questions, the first is, whoever said that aliens can survive in space? i mean tell me if i'm wrong but in none of the movies have a seen an alien alive in space! were did you guys that from? and my other question is that if the quenn is alive, do you think they will use it in the next movie or not and if so, how will they use it?

Well anyways, thats all i got to say for now, for those of you that dont know, my name is Erika, and i live with scar's family, because i am from Germany and i have been staying here with matt(scar) for 2 years now and I will be staying foir another 4, but every summer i go back and visit my family for a few weeks, as well as for holidays like Christmas and my birthday. my account name will be Sizzling frog, and i can start posting as soon as the admin gives me permission! well talk to you then!

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navyspaz, Undefined, 15 years ago

You gotta wait up to like 2 sometimes 3 days for him to respond.

Took me 2 1/2 days to get activated.

And welcome :D

scar774, Undefined, 15 years ago

Thanks this site looks so awsome already, me and matt love to watch the movies together, like almost every other weekend we will have freinds over on a friday or saturday night to watch one of the movies, its pretty cool, we sit there and draw avp stuff during all our classes, which our teachers dont like to much, and in all our spare time. But matt was talkin about them thinkin he had a 2nd account or something and that they wouldnt let me on and i hope that dosnt happen. :/ but anyways, the site looks really fun and i was reading over the rpgs and they look alot better then some of the other role playing sites i've been on, and i cant wait to participate. also thank you for the welcome :D

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Crow, Undefined, 15 years ago

Okay, I'll answer this as quickly and efficiently as I, being a long-winded lunatic, can.

We know the xenomorphs can survive in the vacuum of space from the material provided in both Alien and Aliens.

In Alien, the xenomophs eggs were initially existing in an area which was still being terraformed and could not support any life yet. While not quite a vacuum, this is very close.

In Aliens, however, we clearly witness the queen existing in the vacuum of space. When the shuttle took off, the queen escaped either by clinging to the hull of the ship or hiding within the landing gear. If she did hide with the landing gear, that region of the ship would not contain life-support.

Additionally, in the final scene with Ripley, the majority of the queen's body was beyond the point where the air would provide any pressure. In essence, she was in the vacuum of space, save for her upper torso. Because we did not witness any freezing or bodily explosions due to the gases within her body boiling, it is safe to assume that xenomorphs can exist in the vacuum of space.

Finally, other organisms with very similiar resistances as the xenomorphs can survive in the vacuum of space. For more information, look up a peculiar organism known as a Water Bear.

Now then, if the queen from AvP were to be recovered, as I have argued time and time again, she could never be used for reproductive means because her abdomen has been removed. However, the queen could be cloned...

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Hive_Tyrant, Undefined, 15 years ago

Well Erika hope to see ya on the site soon!

(really navyspaz? i was activated at something in the morning a few hours i send an email.)

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navyspaz, Undefined, 15 years ago

yea took like 2 or 3 days for me.

Depending when P checks his mail.

Btw, My names matt :D

EDIT: Umm Erika, your account is Activated now, I just checked. :)

Stalker, Undefined, 15 years ago

In both Alien & Aliens, the creatures have been exposed to the vacuum of space & not suffered any adverse effects. The scene which Crow described at the end of Aliens, where the queen is dangling from Ripley's leg is a good example, although another one is at the end of Alien, when Ripley fires the harpoon into the Alien at the end of the movie & it gets blasted out of the shuttle's airlock. It actually grabbed onto one of the thrusters & tried to pull itself back inside, which proves that they can survive the vacuum of space.

Welcome to the site btw, if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to ask.


Unknown, Undefined, 15 years ago

Well its nice to meet you all, and i look foreward to being on this site! also, thank you all for answering my question! sadly, me and matt will not be able to get on the next few days, our computer is on the fritz and i am posting from my friends laptop right now, so i look foreward meeting everyone else and discussing all things AVP once we get our computer fixed =D. well see you all then...

P.S. my real name is Katarina, but everyone from the US calls me Erika, or Duff, but thats a little inside joke with my friends, and you can call me any of the 3, i dont care which =D.

shadowatching, Undefined, 15 years ago

i could of sworn that i heard aliens pop like a balloon in space and i think that the queen like ants would make one more queen like a princess in human terms so i think that they are holed up somewere like the ship some one (lex) could of taken on in the ship and a new queen is now made like riply had an alien in her and turned out to be queen right or am i wrong about this?! dnt forget the alien that came out of the pred at the end of avp

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Switcher, Undefined, 15 years ago

yes , i like to think that aliens can survive in space .... but in actuall fact we dont know that ..... remind me how long the alien in space stayed on camara ..... Alien = 7 Seconds Aliens = 5 seconds ... what happens after that? we dont know

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