NECA 18" Scale Classics Alien

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

ok. I know this isn't usualy done on this site. but I am gonna give reviews on the Alien/Predator figs I get my mits on.

The figure was given to me for a christmas Present from a lady friend of mine. she was verry nice to get me the 18" scale version. I'll try and post pics sometime in the future.

the first thing I should warn you about is the bloody box. the package box it awsome looking. but be warned your treading into the land I call, TWISTY WIRES OF HELL!!! be sure to include a Whire cutter to release the beast from his carboard and Twisty Prison.

now for the Detail and some Assimbaly Required:

first off, this thing is only 18" in scale. not hieght. don't be fooled by the 18". this thing stands 2ft tall! detail is increadable. NECA did a great job bringing our favorite movie monster to life with this figure. assibly is required ofcourse. be warned. this is where your super strength is needed. the Dorsal spine and Tubes are fairly easy to pop on. HOWEVER! the legs are a trip to hell. you have to have patiants and be fairly strong to put the damn lets on. also watch what your doing. try to avoide the mistack I almost did by putting the wrong leg on the wrong side. also be patiant. when your tired out just take a short break. it will be hard to get thoughs suckers on there. but trust me the laber is worth it. once you get them dang legs on. the Titular Beast is relised as it stands for the first time out of the box.

after the torcher of putting the legs on. rest for a while (trust me you'll need it) then put the pipes and dorsal spine on. after that excorsize the joints. trust me, they will be stiff as hell.right now I got the left foot stuck in one possition cuz its so stiff. I'll have to fix that later after getting some rest.

now for the figures review:

the figure is truely amazung. don't doubt me on that. accuratesy is increadably on the spot. its like NECA reached into the screen and pulled out the Alien and made him in Action Figure form. I will NOT say toy. as this is NOT something for kids. its for collectors.

the figure's innerjaw is realy cool, unlike the NECA AvP-R Warrior, the innerjaw comes out of the mouth. wich is good when you want to reinact a Certain scene from ALIEN.

there is a downside. the dome is way to transparent. HOWEVER! it depends on the lighting and environment. just like the real dome used on the suit. the dome will only show the inside in certail lighting. if your lucky enough to be in the right invironment the dome will look milky white. verry nice touch realy. however the inside the dome isn't so remarkable. the paint scheme for the ribbs running along the sides of the head and the skull cracks aren't verry good looking. however this is easily overlooked. the skull inside the dome on the face area is perfect however.

incase your wondering, there is no known problems with balance and keeping the figure standing up. I been having problems keeping my NECA AvP-R warrior standing. but the Classics Alien, has yet to fall. however I have tried to put him in a pose wich I know would cause my NECA AvP-R warrior to collapes. the Classics Alien has not fallen at all. however I will not say he will never fall. also be carefull on where you place him. the fugure itself is quite sturdy. but keep in mind that might not be the same case as the structure you place him on. if the structure isn't sturdy enough. it will cause your Alien to fall. so be mindfull of where you put him.

Paint scheme is verry nice. when I saw some pics of the figure online. it showed more of a silvery body. that worried me. but when I got him, I was please to leard that the paint scheme was full black with hits of silver and white. wich was very nice.


hands down the possability is increadable! you can put him in many increadable posses. however I wouldn't advise having him in the infamuse 'Crab Walk' pose due to the hands being stuck as they are. you can turn the hands from the wrist in a full 360 degrees. but you can't move them up and down like you can with his arms.

other then that the ideas for posses are as endless as your imagination is. as long as you keep in mind of the figure's capabilitys and limits.

now for the score:

Detail: 100%

Articulation: 95%

Accuratesy: 97%

Collectability status: MUST HAVE!

Final words:

this figure is increadable. if your an Alien fan of the original movie. this is the figure for you. girls, if your man is a hardcore Alien fan, this would make a perfect gift for him, same for you guys. got an Alien freak Girlfriend or wife. get this for her. she'll love you forever! I wouldn't reconmend this for kids. but if they are the type that keeps the figs out for show, you can get them one. but I would reconmend the smaller 9 inch version it comes fully assimbled and is more easier for them to pack around.

the figure is also good to start with for thoughs who are workin on a collection.

well theres my review. if anybody has questions or comments to share then be my guest. enjoy.