It is about the Alpha Dracious Clan

Unknown, Undefined, 18 years ago

OOVer the past few weeks i ahve notice People leave and so on and so forth. and TDN hasnt been on for Months. and since i am mostly wandering around the boards lately....could some one please tell me what ahs happen to the bulk of the clan memebers? i knwo most of them are inactivy but what about the clan leader? what happens if he hasnt come on for months? will you ahve to replace him or something from someone in the clan?


OTANG, Undefined, 18 years ago

yea Death the sig is too big dude. and that little guy knows the specs and he does it on purpose. please make the sig 10 pixles shorter.....

as far as clan participation goes, i'm sorry thats how it is sometimes. takes alot to remove a clan leader so that not really the option. as far as being active here, ur more than welcome to post on the main boards, someone will always try to help or add to the topics. so dont worry dude just use the main boards

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navyspaz, Undefined, 18 years ago

You do know that sig Killswitch made is too big. Ask him to crop it for you or something. 460x90

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hyroglphsarenice, Undefined, 18 years ago

Unknown, Undefined, 18 years ago

i think new members i like new rpg or clan leader more avp 2 i think i dont know i am mod and no clan leader sorry DD dave stalker katam and all mods i dont know alpha dragons ar great clan i dont why pll leaven clan i think pll need more rpgs on avp2 site

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