Does the Queen Xenomorph have the ability to crawl up walls?

XenoPred321, Human, 10 years ago

I'v never seen the Queen Alien do it so thats why I ask

Ravagers, Human, 10 years ago

I think the queen alien is too big and heavy to climb up walls.

Peterson, Human, 10 years ago

In some artwork ive seen it shows a queen scaling a wall, but i wouldn't exactly be sure, if memory serves me correctly the queen climbed out of the hunting ground in the original AVP so i would safely assume that yes the queen can climb.

XenoPred321, Human, 10 years ago

I guess that would make sense but it seems like all aliens would be able to huh I dont know

Deathdrop, Human, 10 years ago

I think they'd have some trouble with ceilings, but they seem to be able to climb walls pretty easily.

alienxeno, Human, 10 years ago

i think they big as it is as heavy as it is it still can.

also it could be their to heavy that is maybe why they have 4 arms.(extra grip)