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Unknown, Undefined, 14 years ago

Now as you all know ( most of you probably dont or have forgotten lol ) i was planning to make a fil mwith avp figs with stopmotion. I have deciced to do the ffilm next year and i really want to practice a bit with the camera so.. i want you guys to help me with something.

I want to see how flexible you guys imaginations are and write short storys in here so i can make them into a short film, this way you guys can write a short story and then see it come to life! lol

Anyway these are the only figures i have and these will be the only characters on the films i make:

Queen Alien
Battle alien
Grid alien
Dog Alien
Alien Ressurection Drone
Predator2 the hunter
Scar Predator
Eldar Predator

Creature of the Dark

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rayne, Undefined, 14 years ago

Deep in a predator spacship in the outrim of the nebula a elder predator tells two predators to go and destroy a abandoned mining facility. That Facility however was NOT abandoned. there was one more human left there. the rest were all killed and turned into a Hive...
As the two predators arrived they heard a loud hiss as the entered what little atmosphere the Rock provided. Crashing down they immeditelly got out and turned on cloacking....


hicks slowelly crawled out of a shed. He Had taken refuge there last night and now had two dessert eageles and pulse rifle and a katana. As he crawled out he heard the loud hiss of a alien (grid alien) and immeditelly crawled back in the shed right as it jumped out and as the shed was only big enough for hicks slamed the whole. hicks grabbed his Eagles and fired at the monster as all it could do was keep slashing at him. but becouse the alien was now stuck in the whole and still not far enough in to hit Hicks it almost gave up and stayed still... when suddenly it felt something jerk on its tail. then suddenly he was pulled through the whole down to the feet of two predators. one predator pulled out his combi and slashed it through the aliens skull. then they looked in the whole. Hicks looked back. The two predators were about to break the shed and kill Hicks when two aliens came over (battle alien and ress drone)(battle alien) one leaped up and slamed against one pred (pred2 the hunter) and began sliccing and dicing at the hunter! his cimbi flew into the shack. then hicks came out with the predator weapon and threw it like a Javelon at the alien. (hicks throughs it at battle alien on pred2 the hunter) slamming into the aliens side and making the impact hit so hard he flew off the predator and hit a Large drill facing them. so with the combi in his side and a Large drill sticking out of his chest he died... as for the other alien he wasent doing nothing that whole time he crawled onto the shed and leaped off slamming against the wounded predator and immeditelly headbited before the preator had time to figure out what had happened. now with one alien one predator and one human things looked like a mexican showdown. Exept they didnt have no mexicans. much less humans.
(lol i heard that in a movie i always wanted to say that. well the much less humans was mine.) the predator shot out its wristblades and dived into the air slamming against the alien and and stabbing deep into his leg and arm. the alien headbited the predators chest. But his armor barelly held. when something unexpected happned.

g2g srry dudes

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