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AVP TV Series (updated)

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2018-01-01 13:15:32
Main characters:

Human telepath - outlaw from the self-isolated human-telepath colony. middle height, white-haired, blue eyes, beautiful faced. One colony found remnants of alien city which misteriously affected future generations to become telepaths. They cannot read minds, but can make influence in moods of other living beings and recieve deliberately directed thoughts. Therefore, telepath can calm enraged animals and understand they're mood.

Genuine Xenomorph - called "Xeno". Runner, with scar on side of his head. Scar is in the shape of nails of small human hand (so, five furrows). He is trained to fight GM Aliens. Original xenomorphs are sea-creatures like dolphins, frendly to humans. Queen lies eggs in water, facehuggers do NOT hug faces but search sea-corals to lay embrios in it. Embrios recieve first body material from corals, then "chestbursters" (=coralbursters) use planktons and small fishes for food, full-grown drones eat seafood. Xeno is pet/friend to outlow-telepath and they live together in a small island on desolated planet. He is a only known genuine xenomorph, and his homeworld is unknown. His former master has gone, and Telepath met him accidentaly and they befriended.

Predator hunter-Apostate - big, "classic" look predator. After the great war with powerfull alien race ("Pilots/Engineers"), one fraction of Predators become bloodthirsty hunters with no respects of other sentient species ("Superpredators"). While hunting on Earth, this Predator came to know the human way of life, especially raising children, and got disgusted by the ways of the hunter. In shame, he refuses to wear tribal mask so he cannot use self guided weapons (plasmacaster, disk etc.) but he has blue EMP whip capable to stun (and hurt) enemies. In one conflict with his own fraction, he was left badly injured. Xeno and Telepath saved him and he became their ally.

Predator scientist - other predator fraction. Human-sized, with mask and all the weapons. This fraction took most of the Pilot technology and wanted to use it only to defence purposes. Hunters enslaved them (movie: Predators) and forced them to make ships/weapons for them. Dispersed in space, they are looking for allies to overthrow hunters and found them in humans but still don't have trust in them. This predator only have contact with Telepath, knows of Predator Apostate but is very unfriendly to him.

Alien Killers - Genetically modified by "Pilots/Engineers" to become bio-weapon against humanoids. They are constantly in drugged state so they cannot control their bloodthirst. Telepath is able to temporarly calm them, but only if they are in small group. They cannot differ Xeno from themselves so he can infiltrate in their hive.

Telepath chasers - two males, one women, same look as the Outlaw. Telepaths consider themselves as extremly dangerous for other humans and their code forces them to stay in isolated society. They send three of them to bring back Outlaw, but later that three will realise that telepathy is gift for all mankind and female will stay with Outlaw, other two will return to their colony to convince others that their code is wrong.

Pilots - enormus humanoid creatures. They mastered genetic modification, predator scientist continued their work on sentient beings

Mom & Daughter - saved by Xeno from rescue ship shot by Predator hunters and fallen in sea of planet where Outlaw and Xeno lives. Xeno becomes toddler's personal protector. Maybe should be interesting to Predator Apostate and mom in time have some sort of close "platonic" relationship

Dr Eisenberg, general Rykov, Harrison, Tomiko... - characters from Aliens Vs Predator 2 video game. They fate will be very different than in the game (no one dies).


Telepath and Xeno fights the GM aliens wherever they find their hive. Predator Apostate helps them and they help him against his fraction. Predator scientist also asks for help against hunters, but his fraction keeps big secret. Xeno refuses to reveal where he got scar, but it will be revealed later. Main story is slowly driven to planet LV-1201, where to AVP2 game takes place.

Predator scientists tried to make bio-weapon by genetically modifing humans with xenomorph genom. The result was Androxenid, sentient, human-shaped (like Ripley in Alien 4), but with mind what robot Ash describes in Alien 1 (for xenomorph race). He is faster and stronger than any xenomorph, unkown ability of speaking, can make alien "hiss" sound and actualy will take over the biggest xenomorph hive on a planet where AVP2 game takes place, after bare handed killing lots of them. He is ultimate threat to all sentient beings therefore the biggest enemy in all TV series. Predator scientist translate his name as "Human-Demon". In a form of child, he wiped out entire predator science facility where he was created, encountered genuine alien hive and eradicate them. Xeno is sole survivor and his scar is from the child Androxenid (now grown-up).

It is also possible to include Arnold Schwarzenegger "Total Recall" movie into the AVP franchise: The artifact (Predator) technology in Pyramid Mountain is actually main base for all human terraform engines - when Arnie start the reactor, the sound is the same as Predator's focus-laser beam, so - Mars was the first human terraformed colony in (AVP) history

With all due respect to him, Mr. Ridley Scott with his movies "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant" had totally ignored all former Alien and Predator movies plot (If David made Alien, who jumped out from the fosillized Pilot in the Alien (1979) movie then? Predator 2: Alien skull - way before David? AVP: ancient Alien hunt?) so I would suggest that these two movies of his should be simply ignored, including Engineers shape - better to be giant "Elephantoids", like in NDS game Aliens: Infestation (2011) (which is considered canon)

Scene ideas:

Predator Apostate vs Predator hunter - will throw disk (freehand) to deflect plasma shot

Predator Apostate vs The Queen (in the cave)- Queen tries to nail him with her tail, he evades (in slo-mo), after one poweful strike her tail stinger is crippled in the rift of the cave wall; while trying to pull out her tail, she makes a swing 360 degrees; Predator grabs her tail and be pulled away with it directly to Queen's chest; Queen grabs him, but it's too late: he brutaly tear apart her chest with his wristblades; Queen falls down, Predator makes "howl of rage", but injured of Queen's blood, falls on his knee; Xeno comes for him and, while carrying him on his back, takes him out of the cave

When one of the "Forward Observation Pods" (structures from the AVP 2 game (2001)) slowly starts to fall down, daughter falls out the window; with the Telepath's command, Xeno rushes and jumps from another pod to catch her; he suceeds but they fall together now; Predator Apostate jumps into the abyss, catch them with his (now not-electrocuted) whip and then stabs his wristblade into the Pod's surface to prevent the fall; Xeno climbs up on the rope, grabs Predator's provided hand (that scene should be one of the TV series teaser: Xeno and Pred faces confronted, and hands like in arm wrestling) and gives child to Predator

Surrounded by bunch of Aliens, Telepath affects them in a small amount of time to be non-hostile; the rest of the crew slowly moves out while Aliens ignoring them

In one confrontation in the hive, corporal Dunya (character from the AVP2 game) is surounded by Aliens; they knock her out, take her to the Androxenid and, while unconscious, he impregnates her. Later (maybe in season 2), she gives a birth to the "good" Androxenid, who will later be able to confront his father and control one Alien hive against the others

Xeno vs Praetorian - will kill him by stabbing his throat with tail in one incredibly fast attack

Predator Apostate improves his melee skills spending time with Telepath, who is great martial artist; when confronted to three Predators, he defeats them with bare hands

Mom is inbred with alien embrio. Xeno performers surgery by killing chestburster in one fingershot in head (through mom's stomach) with no blood spill. Then makes cut, takes embrio out and uses his mouth secretion to cover wound and neutralize placenta's toxic effect. Xeno also saves cocooned humans from the hive.

Daughter thought that one GM xenomorph is Xeno. He takes her to the hive and she encounters Androxenid. Scene after that, marines finds her walking from the cave unharmed. For unknown reason, Human-Demon leaves her to go, ordering xenomorphs not to harm her. She said "I met one strange, silent man in the cave".

Dr Eisenberg tries to control artificial hive. When he meet Telepath, he changes his ways

In many situations, Predator apostate helps general Rykov, but Rykov still wants to kill him

Fights should be epical, not plain slaughterish

(Game AVP2) Harrison & Tomiko - love story with happy ending. Many situations follows the game (except the last one)

Telepath talks with and understands Xeno in "Luke Skywalker - R2D2" style

There should be often first person action scenes like in Doom(2005)/Hardcore Henry(2015) movies, especially for Predator (AVP(2010) game style) and with slow motion - minigun on Alien horde e.g.

AVP TV Series should be direct successor of the Aliens movie, with the (brilliantly) reproduced atmosphere and incredible deep storyline from the AVP 2 (2001) PC game - that game should be the basis for the whole series
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