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We are finally opening up a new Mainboard RPG members can participate in to receive rank points! The RPG was written by our newest staff member -bloo- and should've a nice change of pace! While we still do not have a name for the RPG the sign up thread is opened from today until the 15th of June and the RPG is slated to open up on the 17th of June! So make sure to sign up today!
By : Peterson 3 days ago
I would like to take a moment to recognize our newest moderator -Bloo-! Congratulations on a promotion well deserved!
By : Peterson 1 month ago
In an attempt to further our efforts in the prevention of spam bots invading our site we have implemented a new security protocol, if we still continue to experience issues with the spam bots there may be additional security measures that we take to ensure the security of our community our top priority.
By : Peterson 1 month ago
We have updated our rules regarding the current RPG system Please Read the new updates located in the messageboard rules topic If you have any questions comments or conerns please list them in the "Ask A Mod" Topic
By : Peterson 2 months ago
Staff please check on a couple topics in the sanctuary your input is needed and requested.
By : Peterson 2 months ago
Alright everyone we're going to start doing a massive revamp to the mods extent of power. As mods we want to ensure that everyone's suggestions are noted therefore there will be a site suggestion thread established and in turn the current member thread will be closed. There have been some members who have stated they want To help in making the site better and while we appreciate the...
By : Peterson 2 months ago
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This site migrated to a new server. As a consequence the posts made in the last 24 hours were lost.
I apologise for the inconvenience.
By : Praetorian 3 months ago
The Staff is currently aware of the timing issue on the Recently replied threads box and are attempting to fix the problem. Thank you for your continued paitence.
By : Peterson 1 year ago
Thank you to all of our participants in taking part in the Planes of Nightmares, we hoped you enjoyed it, points will be awarded to those who took part in it, We decided to close it down due to lack of posting and the lost of interest. We hope you will all join us again for our next RPG!
By : Peterson 2 years ago
All members need to check the forum rules as somethings have changed, to include a new age limit implimentation and new rules regarding conduct with the Moderators. The rules can be found here as always. (Click the News Article name to use the quick link) Click here For Rules
By : Peterson 2 years ago
Our Staff will be running a gamenight July 5th 2013 at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time on xbox live, So grab your game fuel and strap in for two hours of intense gameplay with the staff! If you wish to partake check out the forum topic to sign up!
By : Peterson 2 years ago
The Launch of our Official Mainboard RPG is finally underway all members of the RPG can now officially post.
By : Peterson 3 years ago
The Time has come to annouce our next official RPG "The Planes of Nightmares" check the mainboard for the sign up thread!
By : Peterson 3 years ago
To all members interested in being in our Official Aliens Colonial Marines Clan you need to submit a clan request for Alpha Draconis, AD will be our spearhead and official Clan on Colonial Marines, Daveberg will be leading the PS3 Clan, Predatorv2 will be leading our PC Gaming Clan and Peterson will be Leading our xbox live Clan. So if you are getting Colonial Marines for PC, PS3, or XBOX please...
By : Peterson 3 years ago
The Official launch of the much anticipated game is Two Weeks away and closing in fast on all of us! Here is the newest trailer released for the public. The Official Launch date is Feb 12,2013. Enjoy. (Click the News Article to view the Trailer)
By : Peterson 3 years ago
To all members who partook in the Litany of Fire your points have been added to your account so that you may now choose new abilities and skill traits. Thank you all for your participation, we look forward to seeing you in our next RPG.
By : Peterson 3 years ago
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