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RP Bio Thread

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2015-01-20 14:02:10
Name: Talus Vau'arc

Age: Unknown, though assumed to be around 250 years of age

Clan: Formerly exiled though accepted into the Hunters moon clan

Height: 6' 8¨

Physical description: Many scratches and scars lining his arms and exposed chest. Armor is very much scattered and older models, though reinforced through his expertise, His mask is a jungle hunter, not very fancy. A few ordinate feathers hang in his longer dreadlocks. His physique is very lean. Skin tone is a light brown with some darker patches on his legs. very little netting on his armor. One of his bracers is broken and he can't figure out how to fix it, however it passes time when its going slowly.

Bio: The large yautja growled as he looked around the jungle moon, nothing more than a scrapyard for his former brethren on his home world. He was outside of one of the many scrapyards fiddling with his new bracer. ¨Work damn you!¨ He continued his mumbling and growling. The bracer wouldn't come out, however he had to be careful he didn't accidentally set off the self destruct. He continued fiddling with it unaware one of the native species had been hunting him. It growled as it leapt at him from above, trying to get a foothold. He roared and extended his one working wristblade to fight it, slashing at its face skillfully, It leapt off and he got up. Taunting it. Waiting for it to come towards him.

He looked at it, in its eyes. All three of them, letting out a small clicking growl. It leapt at him and he used its momentum against it, throwing it over his shoulder and stabbing it repeatedly. Taking its skull and roaring. ¨Good riddance¨ He spat, kicking the body and walking off, orange blood slowly pouring out onto his leg it warmed him. Suddenly three cloaked figures dropped down from the trees above him. Uncloaking it was a few of his old clan mates, ¨Valus, come. We need your help." One of them spoke, he turned ¨Piss off, I have a wonderous life here!" He said, continuing to walk in the direction he was headed.

The predator on the left stopped him. ¨Its your shot to come home, see everyone." He said, Valus turned. ¨Fine, but why now. I know my exile hasn't ended yet.¨ He said, Looking at him, ¨Yes, but we need some old brothers, we're conducting a mission.¨ He said to Valus, walking off. Valus promtly following, *Why would they re accept me, I broke the code. I was stupid and foolish, exiled to this small moon. I learned to survive, but I lost touch with everyone I loved years ago.* He thought as he walked along to their dropships. "I hope this is important, I'd hate to leave my home." He growled looking forward, one of they others turned back. "Its direly important, otherwise we'd have left you to rot on this moon."

Its the first time in a while I've been this excited to RP like this...

I'm very particular in my words~Pagan min

Veteran Runner Of the Shadow Serpents
2015-01-20 22:17:06
Hey Badapple, there's some things I'd like you to change in your bio. Btw, the reason I asked if you wanted help was mainly to keep with the canon. Anyway, here's some things I'd like you to change.

The Predator's in this clan are all from Hunter's Moon, a mercenary clan that has had many dealings with the Humans. They will accept any Predators (so your Pred can still be an exile) so long as they follow the Clan's codes. I'll actually devote a post to it if anyone cares.

I suggest rewriting your RP sample; I don't think yours is bad, but I feel like you could give insight to your character by having him remiss over his exiled past as he heads towards Centeral to unite with the clan's Human employers.
2015-01-21 00:40:12
No prob I'll edit it tomorrow._

I'm very particular in my words~Pagan min

Veteran Runner Of the Shadow Serpents
2015-01-21 14:14:53
Sorry for the double post, but My bio is edited, not much changed though I added your suggestions.

I'm very particular in my words~Pagan min

Veteran Runner Of the Shadow Serpents
2015-02-01 00:51:18
@ Badapple

I'm fine with accepting you. Cool.

This is going terribly so far.
2015-02-06 12:32:15

For real?

I'm also accepted, right? Just wondering.
2019-03-08 18:50:48
-Character Name: Raquel Ruiz

-Gender: Female

-Age: 22

-Physical Characteristics: Raquel is as tall as any young woman can come. Her black hair and eyes makes her beautiful, but she is a tough cookie. It’s wise to steer clear of her bad side. She always strives to keep her hair short, so that they’d fit her headgear, any headgear, without bothering her.

-Background: Raquel was fascinated with outer space for as long as she remembered, and had a great deal of respect towards the Colonial Marines, dreaming to enlist, and she aimed to do so as soon as possible. Her dreams came true when she and her family joined a colony to settle a new planet. Unfortunately, the colony was on the far side of a planet embroiled in war, and it eventually came into the colony’s path, leading to involvement of the Colonial Marines.

Raquel’s dream eventually grew to a nightmare; a monster had appeared, killing enemy and marine alike. Raquel survived by hiding, and was saved when a Marine sliced off two of the monster’s toes before finishing it off. Orphaned, Raquel had to return to Earth, but she kept the dismembered toes, to remind her of the monster and as a trophy; even a dozen years later, even after she had enlisted to the Colonial Marines, she was determined to anything that dared hostility.

-RP Sample:

Practice. That was the essential thing to keep skills going and to keep up strength. Practice.

Raquel had been hiding in her tree for a good while now, keeping so still, she becomes all but invisible. She cannot risk scratching an itch. She cannot even make a noise. She had to keep still, so very still.

At least, she was sure she was. Until…

“Raquel!” a boy called out. Clearly she had been seen.

“Pendejo!” she shouted. But instinct had taken over. Raquel sighed; she had given herself away.

Deciding there was no point in continuing, Raquel leapt down and rounded on him.

“How many fookin times do I have to tell you?!?” she shouted. “You don’t bother me when I’m practicing!”

“Sorry, it’s just…you got a letter from the Academy.”

Raquel’s rage abetted. A letter from the Academy? It mean that she must’ve gotten in. She’s one step closer to joining the Colonial Marines.

Raquel was so determined to enlist. After the incident that took place God knows how many years ago, she was all the more determined, not just to see the stars, but to protect anybody making a new life on other planets. And she had to be prepared to expect the worst. She had to be in good form, so she practiced boxing, exercised as much as she can, and even practiced stealth tactics, because she knew they would come in handy…as it helped her after….IT…came…

“Well, race you home, muchacho,” she said mischievously, smiling an all-so-rare smile, and took off in a run.

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