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2009-08-15 17:27:34
The idea that a human used as a host would create a alien and a predator host being a "Predlien" (Or whatever) since aliens were unknown to humans during the events of alien, would they not be humliens. i mean i guessed some of the first infected were among the jockey and specieces around the areas they cultivate would be a alien.

so with this why are they still aliens when a humans a host yet predlien when a predator is host?

so to have this explained we would need to know what was the first host species.

Any ideas?
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What would Peterson do?

2009-08-15 17:50:57
The 'Alien' was the only one seen to humans besides the Newborn.
It seems like you are taking alien to be the base name for a xenomorph in pure form. You dont necessarily need to take part of the host name and add it, actually, Alien is just a general term. Now, due to confusion in various movies, im not even sure if the Queen could be called 'PURE'.

The Alien that we commonly see, is taken from human DNA contact with an developing embryo, and this is basically all we see. We have no idea of knowing what an adult xeno with unchanged characteristics would look like as they NEED hosts which will change the embryo in some way. Predaliens, come from predators and have mandibles...and the typical Alien, cant be said to not have human characteristics, as they do possess things humans do (fingers, ribs, etc, we cant say this wasnt taken from the host).

Facehugger would be the only way i could think of seeing an xeno who has had no characteristics changed by host DNA, since it has no host, just an egg.

One of Balatu's Gods of Death

2009-08-15 18:59:23
It's believed that the Queen doesn't take any characteristics from her host and that her appearance is that of a pure breed... though we can't know that for sure. As far as we know, the one in Aliens came from a human as did the one from AVP and Alien 3, and they all looked similar to their 'human-Alien' children.

This could mean one of two things: Aliens have their general appearance because they first came from humanoid hosts (the Predalien doesn't count), or the Queen isn't a pure breed.

The first idea comes from the fact that xenomorphs birthed from human hosts look very similar to the so-called pure bred Queen. That means we can, in fact, call them just 'Aliens' and not 'HumanAliens'.

The second, well, I think I've explained it already.

As far as we know, eggs and Facehuggers are the only ones who are pure. I'm not sure if I can count Chestbursters because Queen bursters are known to take a similar shape to their adult forms. If their adult forms do take some qualities of the host then bursters can't be pure, either.

Okay, time to reread the Anchorpoint essays again...


2009-08-17 01:09:30
Lol, heres my theory on the aliens and Jockeys this maybe a repeat for some of you lol, but I'm still trying to sell it.

Ok from the movie alien we know the Space Jockey was killed by an alien bursting from it's chest. So, those nice containment fields had a power fluctuations that caused them to temporary go offline long enough for one of the alien eggs to launch a face hugger, and then to face hug the pilot which caused the ship to crash land on LV-426.

Where in the hell is that little chestburster at? I think when alien DNA combines with Jockey DNA you get a queen. So the jockey is infected, he turns on his distress beacon, the alien bursts, the ship crash lands and the chest buster is thrown back into one of those containment fields. Then Newt's family finds the ship, her dad is face hugged among many other colonists, who’s to say those newly hatched aliens didn't go back destroy the containment fields and unwittingly free the queen that was trapped there.

So what if that Jockey/Queen passed down the power of being able to molt into a queen to her children, so that in fact the Alien from the first movie was truly a pure blooded alien designed by the Space Jockeys and wasn‘t able to molt. In Alien (non-special edition) we know that the alien was basically killing everyone, we were given no indication that the alien could molt into a queen or that it was taking hosts. You may ask “why would those pure aliens bother listen to the queen?” We all know that the queen is extremely intelligent, who’s to say she didn’t just force them under her control, mental power, you know.

But, but! You may also ask, where the hell were those pure blood aliens at in the movie Aliens? Well, maybe those were killed off by the struggling colonists or killed off by the queen and her growing brood.

Only aliens with a bit of Jockey DNA in them can molt explains why in Alien3 Ripley gets a queen in her belly, and in Alien4 you have a queen because it was just a clone of the original Jockey/Queen. To explain the AVP movies, maybe the predators really were at war with the Jockey's and that in fact many Jockey's had been face hugged producing many different strains of queens. In AVPR if you look at Wolf’s trophy wall he’s got himself a Jockey Skull.

So what this all boils down to: is that the only true pure blooded alien that was made by the Jockeys, but had none of their DNA running through it was the xenomorph from the first movie. My theory also explains why every other alien drone looks different because a tiny bit of Jockey DNA is running through them. The xenomorph from the first movie was as much mechanical as it was biological, a TRUE killing machine, not clouded by the urge to take hosts or serve the queen.

2009-08-17 01:16:47
"So what this all boils down to: is that the only true pure blooded alien that was made by the Jockeys, but had none of their DNA running through it was the xenomorph from the first movie."

So your saying the pureblood has not even jockey DNA in it? The only 2 aliens were the one that came from the jockey, and the one that came from Kane. We only see the one from Kane. Even if you meant that one, it still has human DNA in it.
The "pureblood" you speak of would have to have jockey DNA in it, making it unpure. All xenos need a host, so there is no reason for them(Jockeys) to have all those eggs if they can just create a pureblood xeno from no host at all....

"so that in fact the Alien from the first movie was truly a pure blooded alien designed by the Space Jockeys and wasn‘t able to molt."

Any alien from the first movie would either have human or jockey DNA in it....
the reason there was no queen molting, it because (special edition scene) there was apparently an adaptation for the xeno to turn a human host into an egg...

The queen idea seems plausible the egg transformation could be a last resort.

One of Balatu's Gods of Death

2009-08-17 03:46:57
Sorta early when I wrote that, wasn't paying attention to details. Anyways,

It all depends on if you believe the Jockey engineered the alien species, or stumbled across it on some planet. I for one believe they designed them.

What I meant by pure blood is looking at the later movies you watch the xeno's become more biological and less mechanical, less and less like the first. Above all it was just different director's with different visions, but storyline speaking as the xeno's blood get more and more diluted with host DNA you lose the 'pureness' of the first.

The theory is really about explaining the differences in the aliens from the first and second movie. All the aliens from the queen have distinctly different features than the aliens from the eggs in the ship.

I for one, don't think most of the colonists were infected by the ship aliens, most where infected by the eggs the queen laid. Which would make sense for the different features, each one of those aliens would had some Jockey DNA along with the human host DNA.

2009-08-21 13:57:38
Well, i would like to say that my idea is that aliens were first developed as a egg born creature and jockeys being as mad as they are may have developed geneticaly them to work as a host animal just for fear/technical advantage. it is imposible to evolve a secondary creature say facehugger through evolution, a brain and working legs its not going to happen.
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What would Peterson do?

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