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2008-04-13 08:34:03
This will sort of serve as a reference for future RPG's. If your character has any sort of backstory, this would be the place.

Deathdrop is a loner, largely ignoring his tribe in favor of solo hunting. Irritable and antisocial, there is nothing he hates more than a large group of males grunting and sweating ands stinking up the place.

There's a reason for this. The few times he's been a team player, the results have been less than desirable. When he was asked to lead a party of 8 teenagers on their blooding hunt, 2 came back alive.

His failures send him into depressions, and he's been addicted to medi-kit chemicals more than once.

His horrendous leadership and destructive behavior is one of the main reasons he isn't a greatly respected hunter. In fact, the only reason the elders consider him important is his willingness (and eagerness) to go on missions most would consider insane.

He does not stand for dishonor, and will not hesitate to kill a bad-blood should he run into one.

Deathdrop's strength and speed are decent for a Yautja his age; no particular trait stands out besides his amazing endurance. He can take beatings most would never walk away from, and laugh about them later. He's been declared dead hundreds of times, and he can name the incident behind nearly all of his scars.

2008-04-13 08:46:13
born far in the past this hunter has a great respect for humans for he has learnt all the martial arts of their kind. he will only kill crimanls sparing soldiers and police. He was 25 when he returned home to his unique clan. His father bieng the elder he learnt one of the Yatuja's most deadly martial arts. Always pushing himself to the extreme,he has forgoten what pain is and his reflexes and speed is a marvel to behold. he was 30 when he was about to take his blooding ritual, 1 day before this however his clan was attacked by a clan of bad blood rouges while he was in the forest meditating. seeing the smoke rise from his clans village he ran to help his father and fellow warriors, but he was too late, every one was dead. Only his father had survied the attack,but his wounds where too great, with his last breath he made lone hunter the elder of the clan even though everyone ws dead. Lone Hunters sorrow was exstingushed by hate and rage he traked down the rouges that had killed his village and after 3 days he found them,but in his rage he burst into the village and began slaughtering all in his sight, with in 20 mins only the rouge elder was left. there was only one way that Lone Hunter wanted him to die,THE DEATH OF A THOUSAND CUTS! the fight had only lasted 10 mins before he knocked out the elder. in the moring the Rouge's punisment began and by the end he was bearly alive Lone hunter made one last cut one his throat letting the rouge bleed and choke to death. since these events Lone Hunter has freezed himself for 250,000 years coming out only every 5,000 to hunt rouges of both Yatuja and humans. He never harms humans such as marines or police officers only crimenals. he has yet to kill a Xenomorph but his skill is equall to the elders. he only re-enters Cyro-sleep after he has killed as many bad blood rouges as he can find. even when saving humans from fellow Yatuja he will never kill his own kind unless they are rouges.he hides from the humans whilst saving them.recently he was found by one of the subleaders of hunter's moon and with time has become a clan member... but due to his differenct veiws on hunting he is he is now torn between hunting humans and helping them...
Dishonour is worse than Death

join fire hunters site
2008-04-13 08:49:34
A yautja called Guan-Hult'ah or Dark Guardian by his enemies is a new and able hunter. He is known by friends as Predator428.

He was born in a family of little status or power. He didn't know what his family was like before they left the mother planet, but he knows that when his father became a bad blood they could never return. His whole family moved to a migrating clan ship under the control of the clan Balatu. He and his family lived their life there in the lower levels. Scrounging for food like like rodents and having every passing yautja spit and curse us, it was the only life he knew and he was happy with it. But as Pred428 approached his teenage years, he couldn't stand to see his family taking all of this punishment just because of his father's betrayl. One day a much bigger yautja came across him and his family. He attacked Pred428 and viciously beat him. This was the last he could take, He threw myself at his opponent and killed him in a enraged frenzy.

After enthusiasticly beating him up, the ship's arbitors took pred428 to see the clan elder Predator. He was sure that his death awaited in that room but instead of killing him, the elder off Balatu gave him a choice. He was impressed with Pred428 and said that if I was willing to give up my family name that his father had cursed, then he would accept him into his clan.

He graciously accepted the offer. Pred428 was assigned a combat mentor to show him how to hunt with honor. He trainned him for months, endless hours of weapons trainning and tales of the clans triumphs. He taught Pred428 how to use his large size to his advantage and how to make his mediocore steatlth passable. When his training was complete, he was taken me to an enormous room filled with every kind of armor and weapons imaginable. His mentor told him to pick my weapns but Pred428 refused. He journed to a nearby planet to create his own armor. He landed in a huge quarry made of strong metals. He toilled for days constructing his weapons until he was sure he could conquer any prey he came across.

Pred428 is 7"5, 390 pounds. His mask is like the Gort Predator from Predator 2 except with three small spikes on the forehead. His armor is a mix from the original predator and AVPR. It's jet black with small red desgins on it. His face is a mix from Predator 2 and the Wolf. Three large slash marks, caused by some unknown battle now scars his face. His skin is brown with some dark green highlights. His weapons consist of dual wristblades, combistick, cerrated smart disk, netgun, speargun, dual short swords, laser grid emitters, and a plasma cannon.

"Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here. This stuff will make you into a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me"-Blain
2008-04-13 09:40:44
The name of this great hunter is The Wolf but often refered to as Cory.

He is the Predator that appears in the movie Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and has all the weapons and tools from the film. One half of his face is badly burned from Xenomorph acid and one top mandible is completely burned off. With many tribal markings on his mask along with his forehead. He dawns a menacing mask with cracks and tribal markings scattered all across, Has normal legenthed wristblades, Dual Plasma casters (both being dettachable for hand-held action), Combistick, Serated hunting Whip, Hand-held netgun, Wrist-attached Fletchet launcher, 3 Shurikens, Medicomp and other healing tools, & Self Destruct Device.

Character Biograghy:

The Wolf was trained into Hunter's Moon Predator Hunting Clan origianlly. It was after the massacre of his Rogue Predator tribe on his home planet whom were slaughtered by a patch of Xenomorphs from an undetected, near by hive. His tribe died to protect him and succeded by killing the Xenomorphs off. He was found by the great Celtic102 and Harrigan of Hunter's Moon. He survived holding the scarred mask of his father's he used to protect himself and laying next to him was a dead Xenomorph warrior that he killed on his own. The Hunter's Moon commanded him to mark his helmet with that Xenomorph's blood.

As a new member he quickly rose impression to his superiors. After years of great hunts of all kinds of exotic species (mainly Xenomorph) and month long hunts of human soilders against other human soilders of many wars on Earth. He was even forced to battle one of his comrad, Celtic Warrior in a dual to the death to see who was the better hunter. It resulted in Celtic Warrior's death. Wolf became one of the great wiser experienced hunters of the Hunter's Moon Clan. Famous for his lone hunts.

Sadly Celtic102, left the clan and Hunter's Moon rested in the hands of another Predator. Wolf was outraged, he left the clan and lived on his own for years. Inbetween the years, he kept himself in shape, hunting all kinds of creatures and rarely, patches of Xenomorphse stray from their hives.

Eventully he was found by the Hunter's Moon's rival clan, Balatu. Wolf knew of them, but never encountered them. He soon realized the mere might of this legendary clan of barbaric hunters and then understood he was meant for Balatu. He then pledged himself to Balatu bowing to great Hunters such as The Doc, PREDATOR, Stalker, Predatoress, Black Warrior and more.

To be accepted, he was challenged to accompany the clan on a hunter party in a very dredfull planet. On their way to the hunt, their ship wrecked unexplainibly and the hunter's were scattered all over the planet. Making they're way through the planet, the hunter's eventully reunited and set off to hunt the Xenomoph hive. Then slaughtering Xenomorphse like nothing, the Wolf revealed he was not a rookie. He then hunted for the force that caused the wreck. He then confronted a team of Marines with their demise. After collecting the captain Marines skulls and skinning their soilders, and blooding himself, with Xenomorph blood, to the his new clan in a epic war, he convinces the clan of Balatu he has what it takes to run with the Gods of Death. He is their's to cammand, he will show them what this Lone Wolf is capible of....

Once went by Cory and City-Hunter
2008-04-13 09:46:48
A creature both myth & monster. Few have gazed upon him & lived to tell the tale. The yautja community speak of a hunter so brutal & savage, even bad bloods fear the legend...

Stalker- the Balatu clan's most vicious & brutal God of Death. Legend tells of a predator with the immense power to crush skulls & even crack a xenomorph's skeleton with its bare hands. 7' 9" & 400lbs of killing savagery. Said to be immortal, having lived over 1000 years & survived uncountable fatal wounds. A horrendously scarred face tells the long & violent story of this creature, with two of its mandibles having been torn off centuries ago by a xenomorph.

Although an unquenchable killer, the creature's one loyalty is to his clan brothers, known only as The Doctor & PREDATOR. Having partnered with them centuries ago, the trio of elders became an unstoppable force, decimating any creature that crossed their path. With the exception of his clan brothers, the creature prefers to hunt alone. Some speak of madness in his eyes, as if there is a spark of evil behind his otherwise honourable ways. His lust for violence & enjoyment of the kill terrify even the most hardened of his brethren.

Long after the elder's body is unable to cope with this mortal coil, when his battle scars finally take their toll, the legend of the unfearing God of Death will live on. For eternity.
2008-04-13 17:50:55
This is pretty much a copypaste from my profile... But hmmm...

Captured by Diabolus clan predatoress was raised and trained into the cruel laws of this fierce species. She was born as a human, but her humanity died due to the experiments where her body was sliced and changed. She was reborn as one of her kind, genetically manipulated hybrid.

Her history is written by the blood of her victims, and she showed no mercy to her old clan when her desire to kill cracked out of her mind. Being unable to show pure emotions she have split personality - in one second she can be calm as a lamb when the next second she is ready to slay everyone around her.

Many rumours have surrounded of her... Some creatures says she's more of an animal rather than a well trained yautja. No one knows exactly what have happened to make her who she is but it have had to be something brutal, sadistic, so humiliating she lost her abillity to logical thinking, and shows awfully often unnatural amount of understanding to the hive mind. She doesn't fight for honor but for destruction, for her own pleasure.

She is an intelligent and calculative beast, reaching for total chaos and insanity. She enjoys torturing her victims, dominating the situation, showing sophisticated brutality.

She bows to no one, being cabeable to make alliances but to betray as easy as well. There’s no punishment great enough that could wipe off her karma of being reborn in a bad blood clan, and eventually slaughtering them under their own rules. She’s an outlaw, and many of the species would be ready to claim her skull.

2008-04-13 23:42:06
Voltage is his own king to his own world.
lives as a hunter and will die as food for this earth and will have no honor for any soul but himself and will some day own his own empire and clan.

Voltage was first born into this world durin a war between clans both clans ended in a bloody war and follwed by an ambush by the aliens who took their chances to envade th camp grounds while the warriors were at wr with each other. Women and children died and Volatge was left under a cavern that broke throught he groudn when the aliens attacked from small tunnels in the ground. The war ended and Voltage father came home to the aliens attacking their territory. Voltage father fought bravely and as only able to take voltage out of harm and took him to a mountain summit by then the aliens followed the blood trail voltage's father left behind. their up on that moutain voltage was casted off a cliff and in that time voltage's father was enraged by the lsot of his son and blew himself up at the summit where boulders broke down into the camp and crushed all what was left of the ambush. later voltage survived by falling into a dirt slope that lend into a water cavern. The boulders from the summit blocked the entrence into the cavern then where voltage had floated down into a stream in his wicker basket where he was born in.....hours later the clan that had war with voltage's father, had found him and decided to take him as one of there since their camp was ambushed as well and they needed newborns to start the ressurection of a new clan.

years later voltge grew up unknowing where he came from all he was told was he was from the bloodcree clan and was brought into the land runners clan soon then voltage grew into this clan as top of his rivals he was the best and many women wanted to be his maid but he would reject. He lived lonly eve when close by others but when years went on he soon would find out he was at war with the clan that tried to kill his clan and out of hate he brought out his own pain to kill his own clan. soon the land runners were no more and Voltage then their traveled alone into the great unknown.

Years ent on and soon Voltage was in his middle teen years when came across the aliens that killed his clan he went inside and had a ruthless fight with the queen and at he ame tiem he blew up the hive, but misfortune happened the Voltage and was blown with the hive in a late escape he was thrown at least a mile and injured his head and had amnesia. soon after he got his memory back and was in a diffrent clan called balauta he soon betrayed the clan and left. Voltage would hear of contests and would in them for money and later on he had his own sship and supplies of weapons. He lived out in the moutains and would go on missions daily until he came across with Predator named Deathdrop who offered him to join hunters moon and now is one of the longest living members of hunter's moon and some day will live to create his own clan.

To this day Voltage is a tribal warrior with tattoo imprinted in his body. his helmet is scared with no honor symbol of the trials of the chosen but a scar down his high from the Queen he killed. He carries around a hammer and uses his wrist blades as his only weapons of choice. Now and forever Voltage will be your fear.
For a wounded man shall
Say to his assailant, "If I live I will kill you, If I die you are forgiven,"
Such is the Rule of Honor
2008-04-14 09:59:16
Could i possibly use the Wraith look and history, but with decent power ofcourse, taken as point of refference my rank points thingyz, for my character if at any time i find the time to join an RPG...? Even if i don't think i ever will...

Known as: The Wraith

Height: 8.2 ft

Appearance: Black skin, dark red exoskeleton. Most of the left side of his head is marked by a long scar that was most likely caused by a combistick. Various scars on the chest. One of the backside tubes was partially blown away by a close-by explosion, probably from a plasma bolt.

History: Many predator clans have heard of this Xenomorph throughout the last 700 years. Some say that he is the reason for many xenomorph escapes, leading to clanship crashes and hive establishments on various planets. He is known by most to be the final result of a genetical enhancement process with the use of several substances meant to accelerate growth and developement with the purpose of making an even stronger opponent, but he is actually only a midstage, as his developement was cut short when he was set loose. The real "final result" was the one to let him loose. Notes about the "final result" were found at the crashsite of a clanship that had investigated the massacre. They noted that it was 10 ft tall, looked different than most Xenomorphs in many ways, and that it took at least 4 combisticks through the neck and all the way through the head. They also noted that, while all the other Predators had clearly been killed by the "final result", the elder seemed to have been killed by another, smaller senomorph, while he was killing the Final. Soon after takeoff, the ckanship`s xenomorph cargo was set loose. A holographic reconstruction showed that some predators were killed by an unusually looking Xenomorph. It was called the Wraith, being considered a shadow of what the Final had been. The Wraith was traked over 53 years, as clans tried to kill him, but he had already memorised most ship models and knew how to sabotage them and hide too well for it to even be detected by most sensors. The tracking was abandoned in favour of more important matters and his location is currently unknown. For most, the Wraith has become somewhat a myth. Others speculate that it died, even though he was given the medium lifespan of a Yautja. Over the last 73 years only 8 clanship crashes have been associated with the Wraith, the last one having happened over 16 years ago.

Personality and fighting style: This Xenomorph rarely appears in recordings, as he is known to attack only when he finds a single opponent, otherwise he will stay hidden and wait. He either waits for the opponent to attack, studying his moves, then counterattacks efficiently, mostly using his tail for offence and all the other members for deffense - or he descends his tail from a vent, right through the opponent`s head, before he is even noticed. He doesn`t make rushed moves in a battle, has quick reflexes and a strong exoskeleton. It is unknown if he ever submits to an alpha male, but he has never been known to act as one. In 3 of the the 28 recordings of him, the Wraith comes out of the vents only to set loose the Xenomorph cargo and then to deliver a final blow to the most experienced hunter of the clanship. In other 8 recordings he attacks with the group, at a point where it appeares that the aliens are going to be wiped out. In the rest of them, he either only kills one or two solitary bypassing Yautja or stays hidden, only revealing his tail or face from time to time as he moves around the ship.

Come to think of it, the history is too much, the appearance at least...?


A song about me and skull_ripper that I wrote:
"Yeah, uh, yea yeah, uh, yeah, crackers gonna crack yeah, uh, yeah..."
(thats what I have so far hope u like it)
2008-04-14 13:57:53
Here is the tale of waralien:

Born like most Xenomorphs, Waralien was inserted into a host. But what was different was that it wasn't a facehugger that inserted him in his host, it was a robot. Humans had aquired several alien embyros and insterted them into convicts that had been on deathrow.

Once in his chestburster stage, scientist removed him from his host and left in him in a specialized tube to develop into his adult form. During his growth he was given several serums to develop him into a product of millitary use.

He wasn't the only one. Several other Xenos had be subject to this experiment. These Xenos became known to the scientists as the X-series.

These were bred to surpass normal Xenos in many aspects. Strength, speed, intelligence, ect.

During a pretest, Waralien and his "brothers" were forced to fight one another. Waralien was crowned the ultimate subject and was to be put into mass production.

During another test Waralien noticed some mechanics working on a power box. Waralien observed them for some time then a thought occured to him. He turned to the other aliens and told them his plan.

As soon as the door opened, the aliens sped out and began the trials normally. Unsuspecting to the humans, Waralien snuck off to the box and disabled it. The power went out, the doors that seperated the Xenos from the rest of the complex opened. Out sped the Xenos led by Waralien, he was determined to do what all Xenos do.

Find host, Establish a hive, dominate all others.

The name of the planet they had begun their conquest?

Main info:
Name: Waralien

Size: Taller than most normal Xenos

Strength: Increases as the battle continues; due to
serum; limited increasment

Intelligince: Above standard

Markings: None hasn't seen too much combat since the trials.

Experiance: Was able to out smart a gun turret and several marines during the facility outbreak. Hasn't seen or been in contact with Predators before.

Tactics: Prefers to observe his opponents, doesn't act based on what he sees. Is able to read and predict enemy movements and actions. Can make accurate observations using nothing less than a few clues. Plans out things and is able to over come most tasks with ease.

Vangaurd of the Shadows
2008-04-14 16:59:28
I'll have one in a bit.

"We didn't fight the enemy...We fought ourselves."

-Chris Taylor, Platoon.

"I killed them, every last one, and not just the men, but the women too, and the children. Their like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals!"

-Anakin Skywalker, Episode II
2008-04-16 04:53:27
FireHunter is a 10ft tall predalien, incredibly powerful, delights in the prospect of a kill. He was tortured in a lab almost 20 years ago, escaping with only the chains that kept him confined to the slab, where various things were inserted into his body, such as a device inserted into his jaws that allows him to bite into a persons leg and snap it like a toothpick. Various machines in his limbs allowing him to lift heavier weights and run faster, and finally, a metal plate just under the skin of the front of his dome and chest, allowing him to bash through walls without killing himself. Takes great pride in his enhancements and will take any chance to lift and bite things or bash through obstacles.
2008-04-16 05:08:31
Graf stood overlooking the scene below him. It was pure chaos, and he liked it that way. To be seen and heard is a sin, but when chaos ensues, one can strike swiftly and decisively, but more importantly, without notice. He pulled a smartdisk out of his belt and activated it. He looked at the disk and then threw it into the crowd of xenomorphs and humans below him. This only added to the carnage, which was his origional plan anyways. As the blade cut a swathe through both species below, and the xeno blood spattered the streets and destroyed any evidence of the humans ever fighting, the disk made it's way back to Graf's hand. He caught, deactivated, and stored the disk in one swift movement. A normal routine for a lone hunter like him. He still looked for those of his own kind that would accept him as a hunter, and would even teach him to become a clan warrior. Although he has hunted for most of his life, he was still young and has some trouble making friends. He activated his camo and turned around to stand face-to-face with a xenomorph. He rolled to the left and unlatched his combi-stick Simultaneously, extending it in his crouched form. The Xeno struck with his second jaw but Graf moved his head and struck with his combi-stick. The Xeno's head was ripped to shreds by the powerful blow, ending the fight and denying him of a trophy. 'I musn't hit so high up, it crushes the skull... Well I should move on,' he said to himself. He re-ativated his camo and started running into the forest behind him, unknowingly being stalked by two hybrids... Or they thought they were unknown...

Graf Jumped into a tree, turned, and fired his plasma caster, tearing the first to shreds. 'Not a very smart creature, and they share our blood... A disgrace' He said out loud for the second hybrid to hear. It however was smarter, it jumed into the tree neighboring his and tried to lunge at him, rolling into Graf's movements. Graf fired and missed as the prey struck with its claws, digging into Graf's forearms. Luckily for him, his wristblades were on the same arm. Graf gave the hybrid a powerful uppercut and extended his wristblades, spearing the predalien through the head. At this time, he was falling towards the ground and impacted so hard, it made a small crater in the ground. Graf's vision slowly faded away, but he had enough time to see the ship come into the atmosphere...

(This part is new since I was accepted into the clan)

The ship was that of the Hunter's Moon. A yautja clan that has had a growing reputation. The shp had picked up his signature and had believed that he was one of their own. Obviously, they were wrong. The ship came close to the surface and a ramp extended towards the ground. Five predators walked out and gathered up Graf's body.

"He is breathing, that is a good thing."
"Who is he?"
"Isn't he one of ours?"
"No, he can't be, everyone was on the ship... Hmm"
"Take him to ScarredShadow, now"
"Yes Sir!"

The predators brought Graf's body into the ship and carried him to a small, well lit room, wher a large predator was waiting. "Is this the signature we picked up?" ScarredShadow asked. "Yes sir, he was found unconsious next to a predalien body, he also shows evidence of many xenomorph kills. He must be blooded." One of the other predators said.
"Is he of Balatu?"
"We don't have any reason to believe so, we think he is a solo hunter."
"Leave him here and get me a medicomp, now!"
"Yes sir!"

The predators left Graf's prone form and went to get a medicomp for ScarredShadow. Graf's eyes cracked open and he tried to look around, but the room was too bright and it burned his retinas. As his vision became adjusted to his surrounding, he noticed something, something that reminded him of his father. It was the interior of a ship, but what was more nostalgic was the figure standing in front of him.

Before him was a large yautja, he must have been an elder. His eyes glowed white and there were slight scars over his body. He stood around 7'4 tall and was quite large. His left eye had a scar running through it and was staring at Graf with an interest.

"Who are you?"

"I... I am... I am Graf." he said feebily.

"Where did you get that mask? It is of the elder cast and you are no elder." Scarred inquired.

"It belinged to my father, a high ranking elder favored by the council." Graf breathed as he sat up.

"Your father? Hmm... What was his name?" Scarred asked.

"Siroh, also known as "Strike". He named me the "Strike Hunter". He died a few years ago against a battle with a hybrid queen." Graf said sadly.

"I see. Where is your clan now? Why aren't you with them?"

"I was kicked out because they believed that I should not be put in charge, even though it was my father's will that I become leader. I didn't care either way. I was only twenty at the time. Very young."

"Well you may stay with us for as long as you wish, but we will watch you closely. Ah here are some of our clanmates." He said nodding towards the door.

Just then the five predators re-entered the room with a medicomp. They stopped and bowed to ScarredShadow.

"This is Lone_Hunter2, Voltage3000, Secret_Hero, TheHunter, and concretehunter." He pointed to each of them respectively as he announced their names. They all nodded towards Graf.
"This is your new clanmate, Graf, treat him well." Scarred leaned over Graf and injected him with some healing solution and stood back up.
"You are lucky, we are actually on our way to a hunt as we speak, as a clan member you may participate. All your gear was placed next to a droppod down the lefthand corridor." Scarred said. Graf stood, thanked Shadow, and turned to walk to his gear. "Oh and Graf? Welcome to Hunter's Moon..."
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"La Luna Del Cacciatore"
2008-04-16 11:19:59
An Xenomorph, long thought to be Yautja. Protected
Xenomorphs and Yautjas. Devilpredator could only think of brutaly slaughtering humans. Devilpredator was tought to have died billions of years ago. But soon he will arise. Just as the poficy fortells,
Devilpredator will awaken from his eternal

Devilpredator is the chosen one, as the proficy tells.

A great Xenomorph warrir will rise up from the ashes and magma. He will annihlate the humman race, and
bring an end to the Alien/Predator war.
An Xenomorph protecting both predators and alien.
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