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Whos better - Aliens or Predators?

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2007-10-24 12:37:05
I just thought I'd post this topic to get people's general opinions on both alien races in the upcoming kick @$$ movie "AVP: Requiem".
2007-10-24 13:53:00
First of all, don't get your hopes up about the new AVP movie. The last time people did that they got all pissed off about it and it was their fault for thinking that it was going to be a "great" movie...

Secondly, this question has been asked multiple times before and I will stick with what I sided with before, Xenomorphs.

They are the perfect weapon. They destroy everything that they live in. They adapt to their surroundings as well as adopting the characteristics of their hosts. Give them time, they can be the most deadliest plague that can not be controlled without the help of nuclear weapons. They are numerous, intelligent (for a creature), and determined to fight for the survival of the hive.

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2007-10-24 15:48:38
I don't exactly then ones better than the other. I just prefer the Predators. I still love the Aliens. The Predator can conquer the Aliens if you haven't noticed. They used them as tools almost for rituals. If you can conquer something like that and easy destroy them with their technology, wouldn't that in some way show their better. People whine about the Predators being weak because they relie of technology but both Predators and humans were created with complex minds. Not any kind of physical weapons. Sure we have muscles but usually every animal has those. We use our minds as our weapons (Predators and humans) with tenhology.
Once went by Cory and City-Hunter
2007-10-24 17:13:28
true that is why I have to say the predators
1,000 ALIENS down 1,000,000 more to go.God I love my

2007-10-24 18:19:30
This is probably going to be a flame war with alot of fanboy nonsense but both creatures have their own strengths and weaknesses. The aliens are hard to kill, spread like wildfire, can only be defeated if the area is completely sterilezed which is very hard to do, and they kill when they reproduce. The predators have strength, intelligence, technology, ferocity, and tenaciancy. You can't really judge which is better.

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2007-10-24 18:39:15
What the hell is the pont to this topic, hasn`t veryone noticed yet that the predator fans will always say that the predators are better and the alien fans will always say that the aliens are better? Of what we`ve seen any one of those can be better than the others, it all depends on the script. Preda tors can kill alien drones/warriors/whatever other mature type only with technology because i don`t see any way that someone could kill one with their bare hands, and so if the predator is left without most of his weapons, an alien could kill him easier. Predators are better trained in fighting than aliens, so even in such a situation a predator could outmatch an alien. But still, an alien could kill a predator even with all it`s technology.

And also, while an alien hive has the huge advantage of being able to spawn a swarm of aliens in the right situation, the predators have WMD`s with which they can neutralise a whole hive. It all depends on the situation. And since i don`t think we`ll ever see a documentary about which one is better in real life, it all depends on the script.


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2007-10-24 20:02:45
Predator fans have overlooked one thing - Aliens don't need weapons. They ARE weapons.

I agree with Wraith. This topic has a great chance of sparking flame wars amongst the active members of this forum.


2007-10-24 21:46:33
They are both such archetypes, and in their extremely exotic settings their attributes are revealed. Their mysterious back stories make them all the more interesting to observe as they adapt to the environment of their prey. Its very hard to call one better than the other, I think as concepts there are more similarities between them than one might first realize.
2007-10-24 23:36:44
Exactly. I see them as equal with both having their advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on the situation, but even then that's only for a few Aliens and Predators, not whole population of the two.

One reason I think that some people think Predators are better is because of their technology, and their armor designs and weapons and all of that stuff. Not to say that stuff isn't cool, but I'm also not saying that without it they don't stand a chance. They're born hunters. Even without equipment, they would have a very great chance of holding their own in combat. They use stealth even when the cloak isn't in use. They use their wits and strength when weapons aren't in reach. Maybe a minor with a gun is nothing without the said gun, but a Predator without his weapons is still exactly what his name implies, technology or not. They didn't always have technology, mind you.

Now onto Aliens. Just because they don't have technology doesn't mean they're inferior to the Predator. While it might not seem like they're "cool" because "they don't have kickass weapons," they don't need any- THEY ARE WEAPONS. They are also very intelligent, human DNA or not. Put another animal in the Grey's place (Alien, 1979). Might it come out the same way? Might come close, but no.

It also depends, in a fight, the conditions. Would this Alien be a Chestburster or a Queen? Would the Predator be a Youngblood or a Badblood? Would the battle take place on a Predator ship or an Alien hive? Would the Alien already be near death, or vice-versa? Would the Predator be unarmed in said hive? Would humans be involved?

None is dominant over the other, even as Predators use Aliens as the ultimate prey. Remember that Aliens can easily turn the tables as we see the Predalien does, crashing the controls instead of attempting to kill every Predator on the ship individually, a.k.a. suicide.

To me it seems that Predator fans just try to get the Alien fans over to the opposite side, and the other way around... it's ridiculous, really.


2007-10-25 00:11:05
I'm not trying to start a fight. We shouldn't even mention that. I think we're all mature enough to have intellegent conversations.

But to Bloo. Like always, I agree with you. About Predators and Aliens. Predators have their weapons, Aliens are weapons. But lets forget about those scenrios about battle situations. Lets say Aliens and Predators were trying to whipe each out completely. Its a fair game. Aliens could easily spread, killing thousands of Predators, making thousands of hives. Predators could destroy them and blow their hives up. Its heads or tails making them equel. Now its just a matter of who you like better. In this case, you know me, I love the Predator a bit more.
Once went by Cory and City-Hunter
2007-10-25 09:29:21
well i think that the aliens are a little "weak" and so pracitcally drowned you in there numbers. while predators arent the most common thing around and so i think that they have there tech to make sure they dont go extinct. i mean if Humans were fighting aliens and we were almost extinct i think the scientists would break out the kick ass weapons to. Humans have A. Adrenaline and that gives them a little edge as a PRedator could fight you and see your strenghth and s[eed. then win the Adrenaline kicks in and you get stronger and faster theres a chance he will get owned as he didnt think you possesed that power. The thing i dont understand is if preadtors are close to extincion (ill say it no becouse i now sombody will say "theres no proof there going extinct!" well thats what i belive and in AVP Extincion they cost the most points to collect and yada yada. now sombody will say "its a Non Cannon game!" well it doesent show NEARLLY as many predators as it does humans or Aliens) why dont they just Stop hunting and beging making babies so there Race can live on? thats about all i have to say... ok... im done...

"Those who live to run away, live to run another day"
2007-10-25 10:52:09
hey hey all its time we really said whos wbest MARINES in my point are far best ok heres my point PREDATORS have all their cool tech, 7'5 tall, bulky massively strong, ALIENS yeah yeah can spread like wildfire, strong ,different types ,create fear, hives ,queens, when you put it in perspective the marines are the ones dealing with this shit!! get freaked out

alot of them die but usually come out on top from tight nerves , leadership, weapons,and especially inspiration like in aliens when ripley chilled down hudson.these are the grunts who have to deal with these battles so marines for me.

i know this topic was for alien and preds only but im not voting for marines cos im in plese consider what i said.
2007-10-25 12:08:46
Predator but only cause I like them better than aliens

but hey like it was said CJ:"while scarface reliaed on weapons for the hunt the mere bodies and acid blood of these nighmareish creatures were perfect weapons for the kill"
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