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Will AVPR Contridict

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2007-09-28 12:29:23
Like I said yesterday, the night before last, I was bored and watched the movie Aliens. If you remember correctly, when they were debriefing Ellen Riply. Riply told them about the Xenomorph, but yet, they have no evidence of such thing, not even in the past, but instead used her very own words on what she described it. They never encountered such creature before on other colony planets.

Now, I do believe when there are E.Ts. on this planet, they say that the goverment will go and cover up any evidence about such thing. Now in the movies, you know that humans have started colonies on numerous planets, and of coure, other planets have 'alien' life forms that are natives to those planets. You would think atleast the goverment would give out some information about the aliens that may have made visits to earth but yet again, I do not know.

My question is the movies AVPR, even though it is not out in theatres for us to see, and the movie Aliens, the one we all know so well. In the previews of AVPR, there were multiple people who has seen both Xenomorphs and Yautja and yet again most were slaughtered, but there were still people who have witnessed them both. In the movie Aliens, debriefing Riply, they basically said that she was just making up excuses, just to hide their true intentions of getting something from the Derelict, but yet they have no records of having anything what Riply described in the past.

Now... I do know what some people would keep it a secret if they encountered an E.T., just to keep from being called Crazy, while others do the exact oppisite for whatever reason.

What do you all think?

Born to Fight, Trained to Kill.
Live to Die, But Never Will.
2007-09-28 19:06:10
Your Posts are jargin mate, lol try not to type so much and get straight to the point if you can Kido lol Cheers, dont mean to saound rude, but youve wasted 15 seconds of my life lol :D hehe but maybe i just need to learn some patience

I think the answer to your question is the fact that generaly when people claim theyve encountered "E.Ts" as you put it, these people are deemed crazy or insane, even in the film aliens, as regards the court case at the start, its only logical to assume that from the point of view of someone in the court " Ripley is clearly making up the rather extravigant story to compensate/counter the fact that she Blew up a VERY expensive ship .

Remmeber from alien onwards ... they knew about alien life forms . obviously in the courte case at the start of the movie people like burke are going to keep there mouths shut. But organizations are aware of alien life forms... everything before this , that depends lol then again as regards predators , the humans clearly know they exsist lol Keys and his group are no small minority, the tech those guys were using to try and track and capture the predator has abviously been obtained through the funding of a large company


Sorry , im going to re-read the post lol, ive forgotten the bloody question lol if there even is one
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