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Alien, Predator, Marine Games

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2006-07-14 02:35:45
i would like to know what you guys would have as your Dream AvP game or just an Alien,Predator or marine game.

Heres mine

Alien : Birth of a Hive

you start as and egg and at the begining you hatch and find a host in your small yet building hive. you facehugg the vitim there are many different host to choose from humans,predators,animals and such like. once youve found your prefered host you simply facehugg it and wait a while.. then you will have a first person view of your jaws you press the attack button to burst you way out of the hosts chest and it goes back to 3rd person veiw.

now you will go through various stages getting larger and lager until you become a full size drone, pred alien etc, this may range up to 5 hrs in game time ( not real life.. say ten minutes is and hour k.

now as you are an alien you can help move the eggs around the hive and go out of the hive to capture hosts for the queen. once you have killed or knoked out a host simply press the drag button and take the person back to the hive to do this more quikly the game will have a feature were you may order other aliens to help yo or to do other things like move the eggs around the hive and cocoon the hosts.

once youve collected 50 hosts you will have to start missions like stop the attack on the queen and free the experimental aliens etc.

as you progress through the game you become stronger and eventually become the alpha male of the hive. The game could have a good story line but have free play to roam your hive and marine bases aswell asout side of the planet and eventually on to other planets by boarding eney ships and creating new hives!!!

Predator: Hunting Grounds

It would start with a menu and you will be able to customize your armour, skin colour,Length of dread etc.

Then you would start the game as a teen age hunter starting your first hunting ritual to become blooded.

to become blooded you must find the alien hive kill 20 aliens and reurn to you ship alive, bringing back a alien skull and your scar.

you return to your ship and you can walk around in the inrerior, the bridge your cabin etc, and you can talk to other preds in the ship aswell you must talk to the elder to begin another hunt and you gain honour pionts for every skull collected. you can use these piont to get more weaponry as you only start with wrist blades and a combistick.

After 15 hunts you may buy and customize your own small ship so you can fly around in space and go to other planets but you can only buy other weaponry at your clan ship which will have a beacon to tell you wee to fly. ( it will have hyperspace to save many hours of getting to your clan ship.

The aim of the game is to become an elder and finish 150 hunts, 50 hard hunts, and 15 ultimate hunts

Normal hunt: this is just your average hunt nothing less

Hard Hunt: this is were it gets hard hunting larger and more powerful speices on further away planets.

Ultimate hunt: these hunts are for the powerful and wise only.. the creatures you hunt here know no fear or pain. it would be foolish to go on these hunts as a young warrior...

Wow i cant beleive i write all that...

A Creature of the Dark
2006-07-14 03:31:55
wow Dream avp is out on comp i like buy game play as alpha male so long have fun look like super great game (dream avp=avp3 game )H.R drone

in space no one can Hear you scream
2006-07-14 04:14:02
wa??? did u mean if the games were real you would buy them on PC

A Creature of the Dark
2006-07-14 04:21:11
yes dream avp out to buy game pc i like know plz good from H.R drone

in space no one can Hear you scream
2006-07-14 04:27:44

A Creature of the Dark
2006-07-14 04:42:41
H.R Drone is dream avp out on pc i like know i have look internet and i have found no info about dream avp is game out

in space no one can Hear you scream
2006-07-14 04:49:57
oh sorry to dissapoint you but i was asking people what their own dream ( custom) game would be like. The alien and pred game i wrote about were just games i made up from the top of my head theyre not for sale... sorry

A Creature of the Dark
2006-07-14 06:48:19
to bad look like super great game

in space no one can Hear you scream
2006-07-14 13:05:31
well ive done this before in the past and my idea was sort of like giger drones (alien and living its life cycle sortof thing )

anyway i think another good idea would be sort of like more of a story sort of game where you start with cinematics of you growing up into a drone. and basicly this idea is sort of like alien 4 , you break loose from a chamber on a space cruiser or something like this killing ,marines and scientist , your objectives are to free xenos as you go forth, rescue the queen and finally escape.
after more cinematics what would be even more cool is if you hit earth, and basicly you must breed hives desroy citys and raise drones.
I think this would be a good idea
throw in some extra missions,millions of xenos (maybe a war), unlokable content like costums
( k a bit weird i know)
concept art. and it will be great

oh yeah this game can ever be played in 3rd or 1st person

-The Hunters back so RLH!!-
- Run Like Hell -
2007-11-05 20:49:29
Wierd?are u crazy!!!!!!That is exactly what i's better to make a game where it's not only missions,but where you can tdo free roam.and not just do fighting.but minigames or something that simulates bieng an actual alien,predator or marine.and for marine it's like the training mission is a bunch of minigames or something where you do virtual exercises.not moving araund and switching weapons and pressing know i almost have my degree in video game and my friend are gonna make a couple of AVP games like these.they're gonna be hits!
"Death before dishonour"

stupidity works in mysterious ways,its latest creation:Solar powered night vision goggles.

BELIVE in a HERO,Halo 3.
2007-11-06 12:39:49
4 a start nice sig unknown

mine would b it was colonial marines, and u were bac at "aliens" film but u got to play colonists defending demselfs b4 they all died and den u played the marines and u could pick your marine who u wanted 2 play in de film (ex.apone,wiorboski,hudson or even newt)
but you got backstory from pasty missions to.

second game a new avp3 game.

in my opinion with lovely graphics say crysis engine and only on de pc/xbox 360 i tink dat would be cool.
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