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New member? Introduce yourself here.  643  alien-queen  6 days ago 
ASK A MOD  10  Peterson  2 months ago 
The OFFICIAL "I'm leaving/returning" thread  406  Deathdrop  4 months ago 
Official HELP for new members thread  86  daveberg  5 months ago 
Clan Recruitment Thread  316  Peterson  5 months ago 
Member profile issue  Peterson  7 months ago 
MESSAGE BOARD RULES - READ THEM!  daveberg  1 year ago 
OFFICIAL ART THREAD  Peterson  2 years ago 
Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch (2.1) - REQUIRED UPDATE  x-M-x  2 years ago 
Official Master Server Patch Website - AvP2  x-M-x  2 years ago 
Bloo's Fan-Fic (Info Thread)  -Bloo-  2 years ago 
Fan Fiction Thread.  68  Peterson  3 years ago 
SIG TUTORIAL [Being Rewritten]  -Bloo-  4 years ago 
Improving Your RPG Skills (Lesson III up)  36  Iseijin  1 decade ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 18: IT MAKES MY PEEPEE SMILE  213  Peterson  2 days ago 
New AvP fansite  Wweyland  2 weeks ago 
Best/worst A/P fanfiction?  15  Deathdrop  3 weeks ago 
The Predator 2018  tawganator  1 month ago 
Global AvP  Apollo  3 months ago 
Does Aliens Have Eyes Or Do They Use Senses ???  26  PredatorClan  4 months ago 
What if a Xenomorph got impregnated by a Facehugger?  34  concretehunter  4 months ago 
Are Xenos Evil?  20  -Bloo-  4 months ago 
a sudden thought....  negroland  5 months ago 
Alien Covenant: Initial thoughts  12  killswitch  5 months ago 
Another AVP Video viewing list  tawganator  5 months ago 
(SPOILERS) Alien: Covenant Discussion  13  FireHunter  5 months ago 
Google Translates AVP Quotes  10  tawganator  6 months ago 
Kane's clone  Deathdrop  7 months ago 
Alien: Covernant Trailer link  tawganator  8 months ago 
AVP-RELATED THREAD OMG  26  Deathdrop  8 months ago 
R.I.P Bill Paxton  Deathdrop  8 months ago 
New years   Voltage-3000  9 months ago 
Need help with old AvP2 mod.  mvforrest  9 months ago 
MU/TH/UR 6000  tawganator  9 months ago 
Xenomorph War?  XenomorphQueen  10 months ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 17: DINOSAURS ARE THE SHIT  1016  Deathdrop  10 months ago 
The picture topic (Seriously, if you have a slow computer you should avoid this topic like the plague)  591  Deathdrop  10 months ago 
The Predator  tawganator  11 months ago 
Old RPG Ideas  Deathdrop  11 months ago 
May 2017, Alien Covenant or New Film Entirely?  FireHunter  11 months ago 
New set images Reveal the new Xenomorph from 'Alien Covenant'  MajorDutch  1 year ago 
AVP Fan Film Ideas  PredAlienWarrior  1 year ago 
Hungry for more Alien like games: fan games or mods  nightangel  1 year ago 
Alien vs Predator Film Revisited Thread  Hunter_Predator  1 year ago 
Alien Isolation - New game by SEGA  55  DeathWraith  1 year ago 
Alien - Covenant (2017)  AlienRouge  1 year ago 
Alien Covenant spoiler/rumor  the_doctor  1 year ago 
My Problem with Aliens  tawganator  1 year ago 
The Intelligence of the Yautja   GottfriedLeibniz  1 year ago 
La New Balance Outlet, newBalance Shoes Best Price  athejacket  1 year ago 
Avp game  supersonicman96  1 year ago 
A guidance for a New Reader?  Maenor  1 year ago 
This or That?  295  Peterson  1 year ago 
Best game in the franchise?  14  Peterson  1 year ago 
Under the skin  yoshi  1 year ago 
Cool New Predator Action Figure Stuff( Pic Heavy )  skull_ripper  1 year ago 
The Rage War Series  KurRae  1 year ago 
Lets Talk About the Future of AVPU  34  Dronehive  1 year ago 
Full Aliens vs. Predator 2 (ALL IN ONE) Edition  x-M-x  1 year ago 
The top predator of the Seas t-red the top moneylender  zimagila154  1 year ago 
What I'm going to let you know is the weight   olivaikaan  1 year ago 
Are xenomorphs canon in the "Predator" universe? Or am I thinking too hard about this?  Crucifer  1 year ago 
Xenomorph Joins the Mortal Kombat X Cast  Kirby-Cage  1 year ago 
New Alien MOVIE!!!!!!!! ALIEN: Covenant   rjth1997  1 year ago 
Bloo's Fan-Fic (Discussion Thread)  499  -Bloo-  1 year ago 
Ripley's Haircut: Foreshadowing Requiem and the Great Recession?  11  -Bloo-  1 year ago 
Alien Isolation a Revival for fans?   11  SpartanPredator  2 years ago 
Mug thread!  192  concretehunter  2 years ago 
Question about AvP 2 multiplayer light levels  aoirira  2 years ago 
Xenomorph Hive Simulator  32  Kurai  2 years ago 
AVP Stop Motion Fan Film -- Need some helpos  PredAlienWarrior  2 years ago 
Xenomorphs and hereditary host behavior and traits  skull_ripper  2 years ago 
Yautja Workforce?  skull_ripper  2 years ago 
Has anyone read the original script for Prometheus?  -Bloo-  2 years ago 
Scar, the Predator Fabio?  26  The-Wolf  2 years ago 
Hey, look at that!  Deathdrop  2 years ago 
Anyone remembers me? :D  superxinyang  2 years ago 
Let's Do It  Dronehive  2 years ago 
NECA's new 22" Giger Drone  -Bloo-  2 years ago 
Aliens vs. Predator 2: "Payback Time" mod.  Firkax  2 years ago 
AvP2 Glitch  Zajcevas  2 years ago 
FOR ALL CLAN LEADERS & The common folk - Clan Videos  PredAlienWarrior  2 years ago 
Did all the Aliens Library Edition trades have altered writing/art?  JohnFPannozzi  2 years ago 
I have just read the first issue of "Archie vs. Predator..."  10  Deathdrop  2 years ago 
Aliens Isolation: Wheres the big mama?  L___  2 years ago 
What type of alien is in isolation?  17  ultimate-xeno  2 years ago 
Concretehunt's Bloodline  concretehunter  2 years ago 
The components of an alien hive  ultimate-xeno  2 years ago 
What is the proper Omnibus reading order?  Cleosis  2 years ago 
The Greatest Alien/Predator/AVP Review of All Time  Deathdrop  2 years ago 
OFF-TOPIC THREAD 16: FUCK  1002  Deathdrop  2 years ago 
Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 - Thoughts?  23  daveberg  2 years ago 
Yautja [Predator] Vs Mala kaK [Engineers]  supreme676  2 years ago 
Alien vs Predator for Linux, Mac OS X, AROS, MorphOS and Pandora  mateo14927  2 years ago 
Aliens Vs Mala kak Vs Predator Fire and Stone!  supreme676  2 years ago 
RP Bio Thread  18  Dronehive  2 years ago 
Badapple24's super amazing non bias review of Alien: Isolation!  10  badapple24  2 years ago 
Hi guys, some neat (xeno)project of mine.  Matriarch  2 years ago 
Did the engineers from prometheus create yuatja?  92  beotray  2 years ago 
Engineer(Mala'kak) vs Pretators (Yatjua)   22  Dronehive  2 years ago 
'District 9' Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals Concept Art From Secret 'Alien' Project  DeathWraith  2 years ago 
You Always Were an Asshole Gorman - An exclusive William Hope Interview  Praetorian  2 years ago 
RP Info Thread (NO BIOS)  22  Dronehive  2 years ago 
Great writing advice from writer Chuck Palahniuck.  concretehunter  2 years ago 
Looking for a Liquid Factory 1/6 AvP resin kit  dergrosse  2 years ago 
Alien Headcannon Thread  Dronehive  2 years ago 
My aliens story.  12  ultimate-xeno  2 years ago 
Yautja vocabulary  13  ragnarok521  2 years ago 
AVP3 Paradox (Predator Shuttles)  Dark  3 years ago 
Yautja Costume I am making.  16  skull_ripper  3 years ago 
Ideas for a new Predators movie  supersonicman96  3 years ago 
Alien vs Predator 10 years later  tawganator  3 years ago 
How a Hive is Created?  22  PredAlienWarrior  3 years ago 
scar vs dark  bluedeath  3 years ago 
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