tawganator, Human, 8 years ago

Tawganator was cringing in the corner of the collapsed elevator shaft. He had hid once he sensed the approach of Blizzard and the sound of the falling beam caused the Drone to scurry even further away. The Drone let out a long inconsistent hiss as he stroked the long dome that is his head with his deformed hands trying to calm himself down. Fear and hate did battle in his damaged mind on what he should do. Go back and kill Blizzard and free DarkLioness or flee further into the dark labyrinth of the space station.

The gentle strokes had became more violent as he wrestled with the dilemma of his situation turning from comforting pats to deep scratching. He hated his fear. Fear was unnatural to his kind but it was what he was born into. And he couldn't leave one of his own trapped to the same horrid existence that he had suffered. But there was still the fear.

Tawganator began screeching and thrashing around violently before taking off back the way he came. He was going to what he should have done from the beginning. To hell with what FireHunter ordered. To kill Blizzard and retrieve DarkLioness.