Peterson, Human, 10 years ago

RPGs are stories written collectively by the site members with the characters of those members being physically involved in the storylines.

Members are able to fight & kill each other during the RPGs, although you must wait until you have made at least 5 posts in battle before attempting to kill another participant, meaning 6 posts in total.

Cheating in RPGs, such as making your character unrealistically strong, or altering the storyline in unfeasible ways will not be tolerated, & your posts will be removed in cases like this.

Setting up a storyline & tense beginning is crucial to all RPGs, do not begin to fight or attempt to kill other members until at least after the first 4-5 pages.

Members are only permitted to play as an alien, predator, or marine (as well as synthetics), this includes several alien variations, such as facehuggers, chestbursters, predaliens & "runners".

Ignoring damage dealt to your character may result in the deletion of your posts.

Newer members or ones with a lower rank should feasibly not be able to defeat higher ranking members. The stats themselves are loosely used in rpg's. A members overall rank is what is important. (i.e- a veteran member has a rank of 60 while a newborn member is only at 10.)