OTANG, Human, 13 years ago

Delta boy,
Yaut'ja medicomp are meant to repair Yaut'ja wounds and have nothing that could be used to repair human wounds that we know of. Please edit your post or risk deletion, thanks.

Edit: Delta Boys's post was erased due to improper use of Yaut'ja equipment as requested by a RPG player. Sorry Delta Boy, please follow rules next time.

'Only weapons & abilities seen in the films are to be used, this includes:

Marine weapons: Knife, pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, smartgun, minigun, grenade launcher, flamethrower.'

vevlaa, Human, 13 years ago

Aboard U.S.C.M. Cruiser â€ÂFateâ€Â. A lone Cryochamber fzz'ed to life. Pvt. Vevlaa opened his eyes and looked around him. Everything was still blurry for him, but he stumbled to his feet anyways. After a few minutes, He got enough vision to check what had been going on, and why he was the only one not sleeping on the ship. He saw a pair of pink furry slippers besides his chamber and a note from Malus: “We let you sleep a bit longer this time considering your efforts during our last battleâ€Â

“Shit It looks like I overslept, but I’m not wearing those†he grinned, and ran towards his locker. When he got there, He quickly entered the 6 digits to open it, and took this gear on. On the way to the hangar he grabbed his Modified M41F (Flamethrower instead of grenade launcher) form a storage, and continued down.
When the doors of the Lift opened, he saw just one dropship left. The “Waffleâ€Â

“Damn†he thought “I better load up this time.†He walked over to a loader and loaded the Waffle with several weapons crates, A sh*tload of ammo, 3 Exo suits, Medical supplies, and ever the Loader!

As he was about to close the loading door, he spotted a black long crate. He walked over to the crate. It was labeled “WARNING MARK 92 NUCLEAR WEAPON – HANDLE WITH CARE!â€Â
“Hmm†Vevlaa thought “Well why not†And he loaded that too.

When he was done, he closed all doors, and got in the pilot seat. He opened the Loading bay, and flew out towards the planet WELL OUT OF RANGE FOR THE PLASMA WEAPONS.
He soon located Malus’s signal, and flew against it….

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 13 years ago

Lone hunter was devastaed when the human's dropship was shot down he looked away as it crashed...a few minutes later the balatu member he didn't recognise ran by and 20 mins later so did pred 428

in that time voltage was busy removing the skin of off fire hunters skull. the task complete he walked up to lone hunter who just stared back at him..."so, and lone looked on either side of him checking to make sure no xenos charged at them,what now?" he asked of Voltage, but before voltage answered both of their gaunlets began to beep, voltage pressed his and it showed an approaching dropship, "good"lh thought,"if those humans survied in the crash then they can escape this hell for good" lh faced Voltage again and said "you owe me for saving you before from those eggs, so how about returning the favour and send me back to our clan ship"... "and another thing, I've setup grafs wrist computer as close to the hive as possible and I have linked to mine take my wrist and set it to blow and both graf's and mine will explode at the same time...palce it hwerre ever you see fit"

Lh waited for Voltage's reply...

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

Delta looked over the horizon hand above his eyes trying to see if the dropship "waffle" they had nicknamed it,was in viewing range to their position,nope not yet delta said to himself.
delta grabbed the radio and said "eagle one,eagle one,over do you copy ?"
over the com velvaa's voice came "i read you loud and clear ground team,dropship will reach the LZ in 30 seconds,over and out.".delta smiled and looked into the sky waiting,out of the clouds the olive drab dropship came flying to their position.delta called malus and said "our ride's here sarge!".

Malus-Darkblade, Human, 13 years ago

Malus nodded to Delta. He had been in the back, welding a bit plate of steel over the hole that Shadow had caused in the cargo hold on her way in. Until such a time as he was ready to leave, he wanted to make this place as inpenetrable as he damned well could. And, best of all, he didn't need to wear welding goggles, either!

"Tell him to keep at a high altitude and do not, I repeat DO NOT attempt to land. There's Yautja with AA weapons out there and I don't want him getting our last ticket out of here shot te fuck down." He said, as he finished welding.

He then headed over to the area of the dropship that contained the now damaged driveshaft. "Shit. I'm gonna need eyes to get this hunk of junk working again. DELTA! GET MY VISOR FROM THE MEDLAB AND FIX IT IF YA CAN!" He shouted, as he got to work trying to repair some of the less damaged systems blind.

His thoughts were on the fact that he'd been booted out of the marines. He'd showed Delta the message, so that the marine knew what'd happened to him. He didn't care if he was no longer officially a marine. He was a marine at heart, and even if he couldn't be one, he'd do the damned best he could to help them out!

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

delta moved as soon as he was given the orders,even though the unfortunate event that malus was given the boot but delta still would obey his orders because he was a good and honourable person and had saved his life aswell.He got on the radio and told velvaa what malus had told him to to not land because there were predators with plasma cannons.
after that delta grabbed the visor malus wanted fixed but luckily enough he found a new one in a medical cabinet.he quickly ran over to malus and told him "ive found a new one sarge! and i told velvaa not to land."

Malus-Darkblade, Human, 13 years ago

Malus beamed as he grabbed the new visor and slammed it onto his face. That was right, he'd made sure to pack an extra one. In the stress of this whole situation, he had completely forgotten. Yeah, smart move Malus. He shook his head as the systems in the visor fired up, and sight returned to him.

He looked up at Delta, noticing how the colour had returned to the soldier's face. "Sorry bout ordering ya around mate, but I kinda didn't want our only way out shot down. But hey, thanks!" Malus said to the soldier as he looked down at the ruined driveshaft and realized just what was wrong with it.

"Right. This'll take me a couple of hours, but I'll have the dropship goin again. Won't be sprinting anywhere, but it'll be able to jog home." He said, as he grabbed the welding torch, a nearby repair kit, and got to work. He made sure to keep his motion tracker close, just in case.

He then looked up from his work, and at the sergeant. "They might decide to come back. Would ya mind setting up some 'deterrents' while I try to get this hunk ó junk goin again?" He asked with a slight grin, emphasising the word deterrents.

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

"Right oh,sir im on it".
delta ran over to the small armoury on the dropship,slid behind the desk and came up with a small crate,he opened it and whistled and said"lets see them bugs come in here now with these sentry guns ,he thought to himself and wondered would it stop a predator ?,"shook the notion off and set about putting them in right positions,he had 5 of them and 1000 rounds between each one,not bad he thought,he put each one in a covering angle doors,ledges and the corners of the rooms in the dropship and put 2 outside the dropship on the ramp but closed the blast doors that separated them from the outside,he ran back to the small armourys shelves,he picked up all the weapons and emergency kits that he could find and ran back over to malus with them,he tapped malus's back and said "ive set up sentrys,it will hold up any xeno's plans for a while and might slow down a certain predator if it comes back,ive also collected the dropships small supply of arms that we have left they are.
2 M41A1 pulse rifles
8 mags shared between each one,
3 VP70's good supply of ammo
and 1 military grade napalm flame thrower and 3 canisters for it.i think it should hold us up till the cavalry arrives dont you ?".delta smiled

Malus-Darkblade, Human, 13 years ago

The veteran soldier looked up from his work and inclined his helmeted head, a slight grin on his pale and scarred face as he listened to the report, nodding at the mention of Sentries and the Weapons Stockpile. Good, good, that'd keep anything nasty at bay while he got this damned ship working again. He was getting there, quite a few systems were online, all he had to do was repair the damaged electronics and put the drive connector back together.

"Damn mate! That's some good work ya did there! Nothing is getting past us anytime soon. I've also got the Sensors and Missiles back up and running, so that'll work as a first line. Chaingun is beyond all hope though. I'm almost done here. Could ya signal Vev for me? Tell him to blanket-bomb everything that ain't us in a 1 kilometer radius."

As he said this, a spark shot from the damaged area, and the ship's interior lights came up again. Good, that meant all electronics were back. Now just for th engines. He passed his welding torch to Delta and got to his feet. "The moment the engines get back online they're gonna do the last thing they were doing before, which is to shoot straight up. I gotta be there to regulate them from the Cockpit. When I get there, could ya weld that wire back together?" He asked as he grabbed a single Pulse Rifle, a VP70 and headed towards the Cockpit, careful to keep his Friend-Or-Foe beacon on for the Sentry Turrets.

vevlaa, Human, 13 years ago

Pvt. Vevlaa let the engines go at 100% maneuvering the ship towards the facility, but still out of plasma firing range. "Sergeant, Permission to open full missile fire" He said when he had a good lock at the area around the ground team.

He heard a yes in his helmet, "Brace yourself for a massive impact!" he said over the radio and fired a massive barrage against the structures, making huge structural damage, even collapsing some smaller structures. He was careful to hit anything else but the crash site.

"Sergeant. Perimeter secure. Awaiting orders." Then he set the Waffle in hover mode and autopilot. and ran to the back of the craft. He went straight over to the black box he loaded earlier, and activated it. Now if anyone tried to fire at this ship, they would die in a Inferno of Nuclear fire...

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

delta welded the wire that mauls had given him to do,to hear malus voice saying "brace yourself!",delta quickly strapped himself into a blast seat and waited to the inevitable.
(sorry for shortness)

Malus-Darkblade, Human, 13 years ago

Malus grinned as power returned to the engines, and the dropship roared to life once again. "WE'RE GETTING THE SHIT OUTTA HERE!" He shouted as he gunned all power to the forward thrusters and sent the ship hurtling up towards the stars. It was difficult to maneuver without a rudder, but if anyone could manage it, it was Malus.

As his ship flew out of Plasma Range, Malus breathed out a sigh of relief and grinned back at Delta Boy, knowing that they'd finally made it out, and the losses were far lower than he'd thought they'd be. Frankly, he'd been sure he would be the only one to make it out alive. He was glad to be wrong.

"Allright Delta, we're clear. Good work." He said as they reached Vevlaa's ship. Malus could see Vevlaa in the cockpit and waved. "Vevlaa, you're clear to drop the nuke. Let's do this and get out of here."

vevlaa, Human, 13 years ago

Pvt. Vevlaa, got up from the cockpit, and went back to the cargo bay. After seeing Malus and Delta escape, he opened the loading door, just so much that the black box would go out. Vevlaa jumped in the loader he had loaded on the ship, and pushed the Nuke crate to the edge. Vevlaa noticed thwo more letters on the box "P.K." but ignored it for now.

He then typed in the last code on the nuke, and set it on detonate 20 meters above ground for the most effect.

"Sergeant, Get out of here now! Its gonna blow!" Vevlaa yelled into the microphone. while pushing the crate out of the Waffle.

He ran as quickly as he could to the cockpit, and got the engines up on max speed again. By the time he was out of danger, the nuke exploded in a blinding flash of light. Probably killing anything still alive down there... At least the only remains of the planet are 7 or 8 pieces now driving off of each other "Damn "P.K." must have stood for "Planet Killer""! Vevlaa thought and guided the other drop ship towards Fate.

"Sergeant. Mission complete. Returning to Fate...."

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Human, 13 years ago

Malus glanced down through the cockpit window at the devastation that he saw before him. First, there was a blinding flash of light, so much that his visor automatically darkened to protect his brain from vision overload. He winced as the blinding flash of light turned into a ball of light, that expanded and grew, taking up almost a third of the tiny planet.

The planet was already weak enough as it was. It'd been barely habitle for colonization and frankly rather unstable. As a gigantic mushroom cloud the size of a continent formed over the sky of the planet, he saw a gigantic chunk of the planet break free from the other side.

Then another. And another. He watched it for a long time, as the planet broke up, it's gravity turning against it and crushing the planet into tiny bits. He'd had no idea that Velvaa had been cleared for a Planet-Killer. The Planet-Killer Nuclear Bomb was a beast of a weapon, reverse-engineered from the Predator self-destruct device, and improved on a hundredfold. It was used for situations that were so hopeless that the destruction of an entire planet was nessecary.

There were two things to be worthy of a PK bomb. A Xenomorph Infestation that was on the verge of migrating to other planets, and a Yautja strike team.

Malus inclined his head, a silent euology for the Hunters on the planet, a funeral right for the Xenomorphs whom had been culled, and for the three squads of brave marines that had lost thier lives. Kawalski, Jarred. Peterson. They sacrificed themselves so that he and Delta could escape. A silent prayer for the hunter who had killed Peterson and for Shadowathching, that they find the afterlife they sought to attain.

He then noticed an unusual flash of metal, hurtling away through space, and his pale face formed into a grin. So, it seemed that one had escaped. If that one had, then chances were that maybe another did. Good. That meant that there would be more battles. He would avenge Peterson and finish off Shadowatching.

"Planet-Killer was 100% effective. The planet is dust. Possible Yautja survivor. We'll let him go. He earned the right to survive this one. This mission is over, and rated as a marginal success, after 75% casualties. I can only predict that Yautja casualties were at about 90%, and Xeno casualties were Total. We are done here. Let's go home." He said as he turned his back on the dying planet, and flew his damaged dropship into the cargo bay of the Fate.

He re-activated the boarding ramp and stepped into the Fate, a small smile on his face. He had survived yet again.

Once again, Alpha Draconis was victorious. Or, at least, not completely vanquished.

Venom, Human, 13 years ago

(how me lovely predator escaped the PK NUKE)

A alarm went of in Venoms wrist computer he opened it to see a display of the planet and a drop ship arming itself to drop a nuke. A very mortal shiver went down his spine as he felt fear for the first time in over one hundred years.

Without a second to lose he sprinted as fast as his legs could take him, he had never ran so fast in his life. He was heading towards his drop pod, that was the only thing that could save him. As he finally reached his destination he ran inside and slammed the doors on it shut.

Venom look at an array of buttons and controls in the pod, he then swiped a certain control and the pods thrusters engaged, propelling the drop pod at immense speed, it only took him several seconds before he had view of the planets surface from orbit. The pod nudged and he looked through the observation panel and saw the nuke had passed him only seconds ago.

The Pod continued to fly into space towards the clan ship...He had escaped for now...

delta-boy, Human, 13 years ago

"HOLY SHIT!"delta said smirking,"thats it sarge,we got em",delta went over to velvaa and said "he velvaa dont know you that much,but your one hell of a pilot and would want you to cover my ass anytime"delta said smiling,"and malus!thank you again for saving my life numoruoes times,beers on me boys".they all went over to the canteen area and they sat down,delta went to grab a couple of well earned beers for themselves but when he opened the fridge popped his head in to look he said "crap!,were out'of budweiser"smiling once again

predator428, Human, 13 years ago

The great Balatu clanship had been orbiting the planet for the entire course of the battle. It had annilized the recordings from the mask cameras of the Balatu hunters as they had commenced with thier hunt; compiling a full report for the Balatu clan elders back as the settlment. The ship had begun to read a signal beacon, one of its own. Two small craft drifted toward the vessel as its hangar bay cracked open.

The Two pods steadied themselves with small thrusters and landed inside the hangar. The smaller of the two craft touched down first. Its hatch cracked open, the great hunter Venom stepped out and jumped to the deck. He turned his attention to the other craft and walked toward it. The hatch was opened from the inside. Two forms came out of the fog; one tall and one small.

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Human, 13 years ago

Almost immediatly after the two dropships were safely inside the hangar of the USS FATE, the Conestoga-Class USCM Cruiser began to accelerate away from the dying planet, and finally jumped out of the star system altogether. The Marines from the Alpha Draconis Platoon had managed to survive the mission, and escape.

Malus was sitting inside of the mess hall of this ship. The victory seemed somewhat sour to hom, as he looked at the beer can in his gloved hand, staring at it blankly. Casualties had been high, almost fatally so, and he had known all of the soldiers that'd died. Good men, the whole lot of them.

He looked down at the laptop resting on his lap, and placed KIA next to Peterson's name on the roster, before adding 'Reccomended for Medal of Valour'.

This fight was over, he knew that much. But, as he glanced at Delta and Vevlaa, and at the growing list of recruits for Alpha Draconis, he knew the long, tiresome war was far from being over.

Lone_Hunter2, Human, 13 years ago

voltage had taking lh to drop pod and sent it back just 5 mins before the nuke was dropped, he was soon joined by scarredshadow and voltage.

Lone hunter watched the destruction caused by the nuke, "a neccessary act" he thought to himself, even though countless unblooded members were killed by the blast, as he was taken to the medical bay...LH had survied...he will make sure that would happen again...for now the fight was over....

shadowatching, Human, 13 years ago

She was there, just to make sure all came back alive, or close to it. The pod of her's landed inside of the ship, as she sighed,one hand on the open door, the other over her eyes. Rubbing her face, she had to some how tell them what happened, why she was late, she didn't know what was wrong with her pod, why it didn't open. THe hybrid, the abomination, was pissed off to the max, pushing her way past the clan mates, not roughly, but just to get by, she had to endure a few growls and a few snarls even, a couple of challenges which she of course accpeted, the hybrid made it towards the hall to the clan elders.

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