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I arrived in town with my sister and we were in the woods in the town of Gunnison, Colorado. even if adults become

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5 aliens finally born Now that erupted chest of pregnant woman let us look for more victims

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My roleplay character is a heavily mutated and more "Giger-Ish" Drone. She stands at about 8 feet, and weighs in at approximately 500 lbs. Due to early (morphine induced) death of host, the creature is beige in color and is more visible. Due to mutation, she can only barely hear her queen, and often does not listen. She is very childish, and will often molest (continually wound yet not kill prey in this context) and or rape prey, much like the drone in Alien (don't worry, it'll only be implied). She will build her own "nests", and is often solitary.

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my character when born I had the red and black and after I won powers as genetic mutation regeneration color change so I won these powers when connected to mutant that was on my saddle to me serve as host and after found one facehugger that connects to a bad blood predator that invaded the lab then was born a Predalien of the belly of the predator and in the two fled of the lab and when grown us we are in the forest making a beehive I am the second in command Beehive despite being the older brother my sister Predalien because I'm in the second command Beehive?..........

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It's only just occurred to me that I've never actually posted in detail about my character (to my better memory, whoops).

At any rate, I shall shamelessly copy and paste my own work.


Xenomorph classification process was intiated on a sedated and docile specimen at **/**/** at *** hours, information classfied, V.I.P usage only.

Name: Gaunt ('Gaunt' is the common descriptive nickname that has been given to the particular Xenomorph by soldiers in the field. It is responcible for multiple horrific deaths and the destruction of Weyland Yutani property in different time zones and locations).

Species: Xenomorph.

Class: Adult:Stage three Xenomorph:Chestburster.

-A conflicting arguement between our top Xenobiological researchers is where 'Gaunt' should be classified in the Xenomorph life cycle as it is clearly overgrown and stronger that an average chestburster, even able to match the failed *[series] Xenomorphes in combat, with fairly brutal results. (refer to field test #2491). This conumdrum will take many more months of research to resolve.-

Dimensions: Gaunt has reached a size that is roughly two times that of a normal chestburster, his dimensions are as followed:

Length: 2ft.

Width: 1.75 inches (varied measurment, desceased bodily mass and size around its lower [abdominal?] region and tail).

Height: Approximately 1'5'' in height (this is also a varied figure, inclusion of tail can render Gaunt up to 1.75 feet in height).

Apperance: Gaunt has fairly normal skin colourisation and pigmentation for a Xenomorph chestburster, though also a larger body, compared to that of an average chestburster.

It has a cyan coloured skin patch on the back of its neck/head (unknown meaning and/or function), its frontal limbs are also significantly bigger, measured to be increased from the varied but typical half inche to three inches in length (which in turn balance out to its bodily mass).

-INSERTED **/**/**- : We are surprised to report that we have found the reason for the Xenomorphs continued survival, despite its history for grevious wounds, the likes of which should of destroyed it.

It has seemingly adopted hereditary traits which allow us to classify its intended adult form as that of a Xenomorph Warrior, which inherit the same genetic advantages. What many scientists have dubbed as the "Onslaught Genome" is the key to this discovery.

It should also be noted that this genetic advantage not only makes Gaunt harder to destroy, but all the more dangerous to any that come across it. We have no doubt that the Xenomorph has also inherited a highly pressurized bloodstream making it extremely volatile in combat, with a chance to explode on death.

Redundant life support organs are present in Gaunt, allowing it to regenerate limbs, organs and potentially its entire being, over time. While all Xenomorphs can, in fact, naturally regenerate over time, with these organs present Gaunt is able to repair itself at almost any time, even with a loss of up 92% of its bodily function.

In conclusion we have found that to destroy Gaunt every key particle of its being must be destroyed, due to the multiple life support organs, encased in different sections of its body. Even if one of these unknown organs is left intact it has the potential to regenerate the others, even after death of the body and the mind.

It is advised to any personel ever found in a situation facing Gaunt or a Xenomorph of the same caste, due to the organs being self sustaning and highly resistant, to physical and environmental damage alike.

Side notes: This Xenomoprh shows no clear sign of mutation or deformation and yet it still resides in its adolessant state, this leads us to believe that the Xenomorph has almost complete control over its own personal devlopment. This is an exciting find as this confirms that the research of **.****** is indeed valid. Further more the fact that Gaunt has managed to outgrow the size of a typical chestburster but still retain his bodily state only confirms our beliefs and the evidentual facts layed forth by the research.


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@grunt My character has a sign of mutation genetic I'm got this mutation because of gamma radiation that Dr I expose the radiation and then when I connect to the mutant My mutation increases slightly and I turned a mutant and lost my original color it was black and red and now I can change color all the time also won accelerated regeneration and now I'm Genetic Xenomorph.

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Opening Database..........File Opened

Accessing info on Alien Specie: Runner

Designation: gamefreak

Physical Description: The a fore mentioned Xenomorph has been described to be matte black. It has been identified to be of the Runner variety, however there seem to have been some mutations. It has smaller than normal legs which do not allow it to run as fast as the other runners. However, like it was stated earlier, it is matte black, so it is almost impossible to see in the darkness with out help. It has been noted that it has seemed to have had its tail fused from the sixth joint down. No one knows why this has happened.

Psychological Description: While there is no way of knowing a Xenomorph's psychological state one can make guesses. While this specimen was being held in captivity it would constantly undergo behavioral changes. These would start with the specimen undergoing a series of seizures. It is unknown what causes these seizures. However after them it would either become docile if it was very hostile, or it would become hostile if it was docile.

Heightt: 5' ft (Standing) 2' ft 9" in (On all fours)

Weight: 100 lbs

Location: Currently on the Planes of Harmoney.