PREDATORv2, Human, 9 years ago

The pinch of the stimulates multiple needles penetrating Predatorv2's thick flesh made him wince. The contents of the stimulate surged through his veins, the sudden rush of chemicals made him slightly nauseous, followed by a blast of energy. Which greatly improved his senses and physical abilities. The_Doctor was proned, obviously staring at the problem that hovered a few meters above their heads. Predatorv2 activated his wrist computer, allowing him to peek at the ship's control systems, hopefully he could figure out why the ship was acting strange.

Deep in study, Predatorv2 was aroused by a sudden noise from the human female. Who had been laying motionless beside him. Her eyes were open, she was awake and alert. It took him a few seconds to recognize the verbal noises she was making. "It was laughter, the female was them?" Predatorv2 pondered to himself. He noticed The_Doctor had been giving the female a cold stare, which if was directed at Predatorv2 would of caused him discomfort. "What is wrong with it?" The_Doctor grunted at him, as if he was suddenly elected the expert of human emotions and reactions. Parroting the many humans Predatorv2 had observed through the years, he shrugged his shoulders, or tried to pull off the human gesture. Turning his studying eyes at the human female, who was still softly laughing.

Predatorv2 rested his large clawed hand on the human's shoulder. The laughing was cut short, what replaced it was a concerned gaze from the human female pointed at him. Again he was parroting human gestures, hopefully to calm the female, it seemed to be working. "What are you!?" The female shrieked, tears trickled down her cheeked, his consoling methods could use some work, apparently. The women did not try to struggle under his grip, it was clear she was scared and confused. However she made no attempt to escape or even fight against Predatorv2's grip on her. He shot a glance at The_Doctor, wondering how the hell he was going to answer the women, or if he even could. He was able to understand a decent amount of the human spoken language, more so than even The_Doctor.

Predatorv2 played with his wrist computer using his vocal mimicry device to compile a jumbled reply at the women. "No with us." The female's head jerked trying to located where the sound came from, her body relaxed. "Excellent, now we're getting somewhere" Predatorv2 thought. He played around with his computer trying to create a little more than just chunks of human speech. Predatorv2 noticed some shifting of the foliage behind him. Before he was able to react a dark blur darted from the underbrush. Weaving between him and the human female, aiming directly for The_Doctor. Who was caught completely off guard by the charging dark meat. The forceful impacted knocked The_Doctor off his perch sending the two tumbling around in vicious melee combat on the forest floor.

Predatorv2 moved towards his fallen brother, the hard meat manage to gain the upper hand. Slammed its razor sharp tail into The_Doctor's previously wounded shoulder. This was not what they needed right now, this creature had to be dealt with swiftly. Otherwise they would be crawling with hard meats. Promptly, Predatorv2 activated his plasma cannon. Waiting for the perfect moment, blue plasma erupted from the cannon's mouth slamming into the back of the hard meat. The blast ripped the hard meat from The_Doctor. sending the beast sailing into the nearest tree. Much of the creature's back was missing due to the immense pressure and heat generated by the weapon.

The creature's body twitch and spasmed as it layed nearly motionless near the base of the tree. Predatorv2 helped The_Doctor regain his footing. The two stood ready, both unsheathing their wrist blades. Ready and waiting for their opponent's move.

DarkLioness, Human, 9 years ago

DarkLioness howled in agony as she laid on the ground unable to move, her wound burning her with an intense heat. The Xenomorph's claws flexed as she reached for thin air, her inner mouth openning and closing like a fish gasping for air out of water. Her tail coiled around slowly and the blown apart bits of her back lay on the ground smoking and sizziling. Acidic blood leaked from her wound onto the ground slowly in a weak drool like dribble. Her head angle towards the two Predators and a ragged but weak snarl escaped the once stealthy and proud Hive Warrior's mouth. DarkLiones could feel her throat getting tight.

She was dying. The wound was to sever for her to even stand. Yet, she still tried.

Curling her claws on the ground the Xenomorph tried to prop herself up but did not get far. With a loud pain filled shriek she collasped to the ground once again, this time on her chest.

She looked to her would-be killers and growled at them. Her hatred for them burned like the wound to her back.

'I failed.' she thought to herself, bitterly.

tawganator, Human, 9 years ago

"Dammit". Tawganator continued to brood over his unfair treatment by the Queen and the select few of his Hive. No matter how much he tried he could not get over it, he had never felt this way before and did not know how to handle it.

In the middle of his thoughts a sudden shock went through the base of the Hive. "FireHunter was killed?" It never occurred to him that such a beast would be brought down by a lone Human. Tawganator scanned the offskirts of the battlefield and saw the warrior DarkLionees engaging with two Hunters. "What the hell is she doing? Taking on two Hunters without support!" DarkLioness had helped him in the past and also quite recently saved his life from Bloo's filth. Tawganator sat there for a brief moment then jumped to the ground and proceeded towards the fight.

Even as he made his way to help his fellow Hive member the others continued to snip at him. In the time it took for him to reach the battle DarkLioness had already been fatally wounded and screeching in pain and the two Hunters were ready to finish her off. Foolishly, Tawganator moved in to defend her from the two.

Tawganator stood over the squirming body of the dying warrior and faced towards the Hunters, tail up and hissing a warning. As he waited for their response he grabbed DarkLioness' arm and slowly began to pull her back. "Oh shit, what the hell am I doing?".

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

Edgar heard some gunshots and fighting, Edgar separed from his squad and followed the noise, hoping he could find Peterson. After running into the jungle, he found an entire massacre, various xenemorphs laying dead on the floor, with their corpses burning in acid. He continued further, and found The-Doctor and PREDATORv2, about to fight Darklioness and tawganator. He standed some meters from them, and he pointed to them, and waited to their next movement.

Why those Predators have a woman with them? Why they seem to protect her? Edgar thought, and he pointed his rifle to the xenomorphs, waiting for the Predators response

the_doctor, Human, 9 years ago

This was getting tiresome. The second creature that now stood infront of them let out a snarl. If he had to guess, it was attempting to protect the one that laid dying in the dirt and the snarl was warning. Almost amused the two elders watched as the creature grabbed hold of it's kin by the arm. Was this some kind of compassion? Selfless sacrifice in a vain attempt at heroism? Or just the aimless stupidity of a creature with no thought but instinct? The_Doctor turned his gaze at PREDATORv2 as if to look for an answer but his brother's gaze had turned to the human that was now closing in on them.

The_Doctor was more than a little surprise when he saw the human marine point his rifle at the xenomorph that was attempting to salvage what has left of the one that had followed them. He wondered what made them the lesser of the two evils. The_Doctor charged at the selfless one, drawing his wrist blades deep into the creatures chest as they flew through the air. PREDATORv2 Followed suit charging towards the heap that they had landed in. The xenomorph clawed at The_Doctors flesh, ripping deep into the hunters skin. The two were locked together by the parts of each other penetrating the other. He could feel the acidic blood from the creature's chest wound start to pour out dangerously. In the few seconds that had past, PREDATORv2 had closed the gap between the three of them. PREDATORv2 grabbed hold of the tail that was swinging wildly and with an awesome amount of strength ripped the horror from its intimate embrace with the elder. He swung the creature through the air. Unfortunately he had thrown the creature directly at the human marine that still had his rifle trained on them. The_Doctor heard the sound of the human's gun but could not see what was happening, he was still laying in the dirt where he had landed. PREDATORv2 ran in the direction he had tossed the hard meat. The_Doctor shook his head to regain some composure and press on. He rolled slightly to his right to begin the tedious process of getting to his feet.

The sharp black blade of the dying xenemorph's tail was now firmly entrenched in the soil where the elder's head been laying. Valiantly the monster had made one last attempt to add some meaning to it's death. The_Doctor examined the length of the tail, noticing that the segments were barely moving. Grabbing the ceremonial blade from his right ankle, he arose and stood over the withered insect. He would permit it an honorable death, well as honorable as he could give and plunged the blade into the creature's neck. With this one now decapitated, The_Doctor turned his attention back to the others.

tawganator, Human, 9 years ago

This was a new experience for Tawganator, never had the sound of wind rushing past him ever seemed so unfriendly. Even the pain from his chest seemed peaceful in comparison. Thrown through the air like an unwanted piece of meat by the Hunter and now on the decent of what should be a hard crash into the tall grass followed by the sound of his head being cut off. And what of DarkLioness? All of these thoughts running through his mind to the backdrop sound of "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."

The sound of the wind ended as he crashed into something that made a surprised yelp, that and the sound of Tawganator himself making a few involuntary noises himself. Instinctively Tawganator grabbed and attacked what he could. Biting and clawing and smashing what he had grabbed, it wasn't for but a moment until he realised that the foe he was fighting was but a lifeless object. A rifle that he had inadvertently ripped from the hands of the Human soldier that he had crashed into. The very same Soldier that was now pointing his handgun at him.

Tawganator charged at towards the Soldier as he fired several shots at him, two of which hit him, one in the shoulder and the other in the upper part of his domed head. The sound of the Soldiers weapon radiated through Tawganator's body and continued as the bullets ripped their way through his flesh. Not being hindered by the damage he had sustained, Tawganator followed through with his charge and rammed the Soldier backwards into the grass. Tawganator took the brief moment to quickly asses his situation.

Knowing that the Hunters were so close and that he would never survive the next engagement with them he turned tail and ran away from the encroaching threat. The Soldier now recovered from his fall raised his weapon at the fleeing Xeno preparing to open fire. But the sound of something behind caused him to turn to the sight of the approaching Hunter. "Tag, your it." Tawganator thought and a small grin appeared on his face.

Though now to far to see or hear it. Tawganator could feel that despite his foolish efforts DarkLioness had been killed, Slaughtered by one of the Hunters. Tawganator continued to run.

Argonian, Human, 9 years ago

Edgar looked some seconds at the tawnator, that ran away from him. He was thankful for not being killed, and he heard someone approaching, so he turned back and pointed his handgun at the_doctor, preparing to fire at any moment

-Don't get more close! I will shoot if I have too!

Edgar paused for a little, took a deep breath and continued

-Look... I don't know if you understand me... but... perhaps we can work togheter to find a way out of here... and I could help the lady on the ground. I'm medic. So...what do you say?

Edgar stood ready for anything the predator could try...

-Bloo-, Human, 9 years ago

New World

Thousands of bodies lay among thousands more bits of soggy limbs. In the ten minutes it took to have half my figure beaten to shit - like an Earth orange beneath a human vehicle – my sight shifted around, aiming for each and every one of the steaming carcasses doused in liquids of varying color.

Those last ten minutes – minutes that felt like months of idle stupidity and inaction – cradled my brain with irrational thoughts of fear and anger and sadness. Fear of dying. Anger toward my fear of dying. And sadness, because… my mother was about to murder me.

With one cadaver after another splashing under her fury, mother raged toward me at every attempt of escape. I noticed things I never paid attention to before: details. I mean, I noticed details. I’m intelligent and very much above you all, my beloved audience. And it was a great run, but let me finish my monologue: I noticed details I would have never noticed, and details I would normally obsess over were now… they were nonexistent.

I wanted to do good. I wanted sexual intercourse with my mother. I wanted my older brother dead. I wanted to be like my mother, so I changed my gender. I wanted children. I wanted reasonable things, I’m sure you’ll agree. The sex-change, the white picket fence, all of that. I wanted a six-way between the two Elder Hunters and the remaining human and Xenomorph fighters, but we don’t always get what we want. I might have to settle with a three-way.

As her bloodied fists repeatedly slammed into the side of my cheek at an ungodly speed, I remembered what it was like when I was but her precious Warrior, fighting the human warrior Kidd all those many years ago. In between the thrashings, I’d attempted to lead her away to the rising Hunter ship. My sister, DarkLioness, had been slain. I had many fond memories with her, like the time I pushed her off the giant human ship as it crumbled beneath its own flames. My brother, Tawganator, was… somewhere. I couldn’t keep track anymore. My head was in pain. As was my left arm, laying with the other limbs about 10 yards away. A minor flesh wound.

She’d taken a hold of my thigh and spliced it with nothing but the compression of her curled fist. Her tail, as you can imagine, made short of my genital area, and where my crown was is completely up to debate. Intestines of mine flew everywhere, bringing nothing but flames and steam to whatever they touched. Eventually I stumbled my way to the remaining survivors. There weren’t many.

I could see the two Elder Hunters combatting the remaining human soldiers, the flaming trees swaying under the might of the rising Hunter ship. I tried using my mother’s frustration to my advantage by getting her to kill the frail female soldier the two Hunters had protected all this time. I don’t remember how I did it, but it was all I could do. I don’t know what the two Elder Hunters wanted with this weak female, but if I couldn’t have her, neither could they.

Of course, I never lived to see if they got what they wanted. What happened to the female soldier wasn’t very clear to me. At this point, my head had been ripped from my shoulders and thrown at the remaining human soldier from mother’s jaws. Green tendons, stretched and waving in the air, splashed across the masks of the Hunters. My blood did little damage.

You humans in my audience may be able to relate – it’s like trying to scream without anything actually coming out, and just like that, I went from being a God to being but a peasant in Satan’s lowest circle of hell. You can relate, can you not? Don't you hate it when your mothers kill you? I don't know who I'm talking to.

Human bodies littered the ground, their blood marinating with that of the Hunters and my own kind, yet I could not care less. The resulting liquid was a cold and boiling tar pit of violet rainbows, yet it ceased to arouse me. This was too extreme. There were so many torn body parts that it actually disgusted me. Firehunter? They all groped and touched and groped each other so loosely and the splashes and all I could think about was the fact that my own body was about to join this sea of the dead. Let me rephrase: something that absolutely disgusted me would be home to my body for the rest of eternity, and I don’t know how it came to this.

If I had done something to fuck with everyone’s plans, it was bringing my mother into the mix. Once she was done with me, there was no telling what she would do with the remainder of her raw fury, especially because so many of her children had died. But you’re upset about me, too, right mother? Don’t you still love me?

It was unclear what happened after my death. It’s as if my life-span was cut short before my time. I was supposed to rule this planet as Empress, and they all took it away from me! What did I do wrong?

In this cycle of death – this litany of fire - all I could remember thinking was I don’t want to die. My mother turned to face the two Elder Hunters. That bitch claimed my prize, and to make things worse, the female soldier was fine and it wasn’t fair! It wasn’t fair! It wasn't fair! If my decapitated head had tear ducts, I felt them streaming pathetically from my crushed cheeks, or perhaps that was the perpetual river of saliva running from the sides of my mouth, finally drying up as the end of my world continued cruelly without my influence.

I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die, no, no, no, no, no, I...