vevlaa, Yautja, 15 years ago

"Damn You all" Vevlaa yelled as he got up from the floor. "That attack came out of nowhere" he thought. After a few seconds he was standing up facing the Predator. That throw really hurt! He gathered all his focus on speed, and ran as fast as he could towards the predator in front of him. He didn’t move at all. "Pride perhaps?" he thought

Well he was going to regret that. Maybe Vevlaa was a medic, but he was damn good at close range combat as well. Vevlaa raised his hand as in a punch, but in the last second changed the way of his hands to reveal a shiny metal plate located under his Glove closely followed by his other arm with the same plate. If you had good enough hearing, you would hear a massive amount of electricity building up.

His arms grasped around the Yautjas right hand. And in a instant a electric punch that could make a Xenomorphs head explode, jolted into the warriors arm. This device was his Defiblerator. No medic was without one. It wasn’t really meant for fighting, but anything would do to help tilt the odds a bit in his favor. After all, a Yautja could easily kill a massive group of humans with his bare hands…

Vevlaa watched the Yautja tighten all his muscles at once, before tilting backwards, cutting out all devices that used some sort of power. "That should put you out of play for a few minutes!" he said. He really didn’t know what effect this would have on a Predator like him but surely a massive discharge like that, would at least immobilize that hand for a few days.

Vevlaa stood over the predator. He could tell it was still alive, or at least he was breathing. Vevlaa took a step back, allowing the Yautja to stand up. As he stood in front of him he spoke: "I don’t know if you have heard of a thing like this, or even if you can understand me, but I am a Medic. I save life, I don’t take them in cold blood. " he looked the predator directly into the eyes, or at least the eye parts of the mask. He reached for his helmet and pulled it off, revealing a “Blooded†mark on his forehead over the left eye. "I work to save my kind, just as I worked to save one of your kind many, many years ago."

He looked down at his gloves. "Well this won’t work again." he said and tossed them away.
"I really don’t want to fight you, but if you don’t give me any choice, I will fight you to my last breath!" Vevlaa spitted out, with each word of the last sentence getting louder as he spoke them. ..

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Yautja, 15 years ago

Okay, that hurt. Like, ouch.

Malus thanked the gods -known and unknown- that the bits of him that Shadowatching had seen fit to carve up were armoured. That knife would have done a lot more damage if she'd gone for his thigh instead of his calf, where the M3 shin armour protected. Still, now there was a great big friggin rent in his armour and she'd cut up something. It hurt to put any weight on it. Damn. Still, the kick she had smashed into the thigh of that very leg was bad, too. No armour there. "Fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck." He hissed as he backed off, only to be nailed by a netgun. This wasn;t going as well as he'd hoped. He was regretting not letting loose an EMP grenade at the start of the fight at this point.

Still, that'd royally screw over his eyes, and fighting blind just wasn't his style. Meant that she still had all her freakly predtech, and since she'd unleashed the netgun on him, there was no knowing what she'd do next. He'd avoided using ranged weapons so far, except for lobbing his knife around, but the use of the netgun changed things. It was time he heightened the stakes. He was about to draw his Xeno Bone machete and carve Shadow up when she decided to do it first. Her sword sliced through the armour of his right shoulder and took a deep chunk out of his skin. He knew that without the armour, he'd be missing an arm now. That would really have sucked balls, he knew that much. The strap on his shoulder broke and his Grenade Launcher fell from his back.

He found that his arm was dislocated, but not bad. He'd have to fix that. Before he could do anything, or even crawl out of the net that he was stuck under, he caught movement out of the corner of his eye, his hand that wasn't dislocated from the rest of his body moved in a blur, and he found that he was holding his knife. His vision blurred for a moment as his leg started to ache, but he beat it down and managed to blot out the pain. Pain was nothing to Malus. Nothing. He gritted his teeth as he lined up her busted leg, noting that she had still been able to walk on it. He'd have to fix that, oh yes he would. First, though, he crawled out from under the net.

He needed to buy some time to pop his arm back into place. His good arm shot out again, and the knife spun on a familiar trajectory. Three fingers were left in Shadowatching's right hand. One knife was right on target. Three fingers hit the deck. The knife continued to spin and thudded into the wall on the other side of the hallway, the dull, softly curved handle stickiing out towards them, pointing like an accusing finger. While she was distracted momentarily by the sudden loss of the rest of her fingers, he grabbed his dislocated arm with his good hand, and a scream echoed throghout the hallway.

He got to his feet, and rotated his right arm slowly, testing how well he had re-done his arm. Malus was a combat medic, full qualifications and all. He'd been trained as oen when he had first joined Alpha Draconis, and although he wasn't as good as Vevlaa in the art of saving lives, he could jam an arm back into it's socket just fine. Limited mobility, but it'd do. As he got to his feet, he collapsed again. Fuckin...

His leg was broken.

Damn damn damn, that wasn't good at all. Still, another closed fracture. Must've been from that kick she'd laid on him. Lucky for him, he had one improvised armour splint left. He just needed some time to stick it on. With his now fixed right hand, he drew his combat Machete from it's holster. "Only thing holding your leg together is skin." He said more to himself than to Shadow as his machete was ripped from the holster lying on the floor behind him (it had been removed from his back with the grenade launcher) and as he leaped sluggishly forward, and sliced.

His back and arm was painted in floursecent green blood as her seriously wounded leg was cleanly amputated. Malus crawled away as quickly as he could (and he was pretty quick) and placed his back against the wall of the hallway, thirty metres from Shadowatching, breathing heavily. Whew. This had been a damned tough fight so far, and he had been seriously fucked over. Reaching for his medpack again with his right arm, he found that it was unable to move well enough to do what he needed. Sighing, he reached out with his left arm and grabbed the last improvised splint from the kit. He clamped it over his broken leg and whimpered as he tightened it.

"Agh...well looky here...My arm's busted. So's my leg. But bless me, you've got a stumpy. Just give up, eh? I -kaff- don't wanna have to cut off anything else." He said, holding something in a gloved hand. It was an EMP grenade, liberated from the Grenade Launcher. "Fair's fair. You -kaff- used your netgun on me. So I hope you wont't begrudge me this little grenade." He said as he pulled the pin and lobbed it. "Can't have you cheating now, can we?" He added with a grim laugh as the grenade detonated with a crump.

Electricity crackled over her body as all of the electricity on her body shut down. Netgun, Wrist Nuke, Plasma, Medicomp, Cloaking, everything. Even her mask, which was on the floor nearby, was shut down. The veteran soldier grimly got to his feet, favouring his uninjured leg, and smiled. He still had some mobility. She was neutralized. Both hands were unable to hold anything, one of her legs was missing and her technology was gone. "Admit it, you can't beat me, Shadow. Just let my soldiers go, and I'll spare your life." He said sadly, his Machete in his hand, ready for whatever she was planning to throw at him.


shadowatching, Yautja, 15 years ago

THe knife flew at her hand, she flicked her finger's open and grabbed it, letting it fall to the ground. She didn't need it now, for now, the tip in the metal ground, waiting to be used. She growled deeply enough play, was sounded in her head, as if she was possessed or a communication chip was there. Either way her features twisted lightly, turning in to something that wasn't shadow.

She growled standing there as the human was trying to escape, she watched her head tilted as the teeth seemed sharper and deadlier. She pulled her own dagger's out slicker and sharper then his own knives. She shook her head and threw one, just one so far, at the dead leg, the hilt hitting where she hit earlier. A gasp crossed his lips as the pain shot up his leg towards his spine, the charlie horse felt now from a post done not that long ago about it. NOw, he felt it and now he stumbled and fell down again on his again dislocated arm

She cackled as he spoke to her, "We told you humans several times to leave. You didn't heed our words. Now, you said that you wanted to prove that your not a coward. I am here, your running off like one" She said, with a twisted smile that seemed not to be her own smile, that deadly smile gone colder and deadlier.

The hand that held the sword, flicked and held her stance as the "I made sure it wouldn't hurt your precious human skin" She said, "running off as you did, not good in my eyes. Keeps me remembering who you are. "Why run little human" She canted her head again, the dreads shifting as the human lobbed something in her direction. The dual wrist blades came out and flicked the grenade away from them both and down the hall. it fizzed and anything electrical, on her and malus was unable to be used.

"I made sure your precious skin is saved for me to skin you alive" She taunted him again with that hated breath on her lips.

Her eyes narrowed in that dark corridor, the shine of her eyes sparkling like cold ice, ice that isn't forgiving, like a dead body standing there before him.

She picked up several of her dagger's and flicked her wrist, all 4 of them landed on him and near him towards the grip of the thin black throwing knives. One landed on his gut, sinking deep with in, the other on the shoulder that really was just limp and now dead. The other two was near his body, but he tried to pick them up, unable to he didn't see the hybrid coming up towards him. She forgot the pain, forgot all that was hurting and started to really hurt the human.

THe combistick was out. But that didn't stop shadowatching, she was more in to the pain, like a crack fiend, wanting the next hit. She loved it and wanted more. Taking her combistick she placed it in to the leg that was working and sent it down, towards the ground. Malus trying to figure out what to do, her half bleeding hand was on the stick as the sword was in her better hand moving, as malus's foot went out, to kick her or anything, she jumped back as Malus brought out one of his blades to swing and parry her hit.

A pinky laid behind her, fallen some how on the ground with the rest of her finger and thumb. She would get those later


Sam-Jack-Dunn, Yautja, 15 years ago

Indeed it appeared that Shadowatching was now playing hardball. The armour on his stomache wasn't quite as heavy as the armour on his torso, and although it did take some of the bite off of the throwing knife, it still bit deep into his gut. He had turned to his side to try and catch the knife going for his shoulder when the blade hit, so it had smacked into his left side. Into, as a matter of fact, his already damaged left kidney. Malus growled, more from annoyance than anything, as the blade bit deep into the wounded organ. Now he would definently have to get the bloody thing replaced. He decided to keep the knife in there, knowing that if he removed it he might start to bleed internally. So long as the knife was in there, though, it would stop the bleeding itself.

His hand brushed against the handle of the second knife, the one going for his shoulder, but he was just a moment too slow to catch it, the pain in his side distracting him for that critical moment. He did manage to deflect the blade slightly, though, changing it's angle of impact. Instead of shearing through the remaining muscle in his shoulder, it glanced off of the bone and caused buried itself in what remained of his shoulder armour. Didn't matter though, that arm was useless. He couldn't even open a webbing pouch with it, for the sake of screaming shit! "Running? My dear, you intent. I was not running, I was merely putting some space between us to plan my next move. You're such a pessimist." He remarked casually.

He noticed that she had not done anything about her leg. Excellent. Malus knew as a combat medic that from an amputation wound in the leg, a human would bleed to death in about two minutes. He reckoned it would be the same for preds, too. After all, they may be bigger and have more blood to lose, but thier heart was stronger, and therefore would pump more out. And from the arteries in her legs, blood was spurting and gushing out at alarming levels. Should have put a tourniqet on that. He thought to himself with a feral grin. She may be a tough fighter, but Malus was an experienced fighter. And, a trained medic. Also, she appeared human. Therefore, her DNA must be mostly human, or at least her blood content must be. If she had a Pred heart with a Human blood content, she'd bleed out all the faster.

Lucky for Malus, he'd staunched the worst of his bloodloss wounds the moment that they had appeared. And from the stumps of her fingres there was a lot of blood, too. And from the look of the knife wound, in her right palm, he'd hit an artery there, too. He didnt even need to keep fighting, he could just sit where he was and wait till she bled to death. She was bleeding far faster than Malus himself was, thanks to his armour. He silently thanked whichever QuarterMaster had first invented the M3 Personal Armour. "Shadow, I've already won. Even if I don't kill you, you're going to die." He said with a grin, looking at the amazing amount of green blood. It looked like someone had dyed the entire hallway floor.

Thanks to his armour, Malus had less blood problems. The internal bleeding of his kidney was probably actually helped by the knife, odd as it sounded, and thanks to his refelxes he'd stopped the other knife from doing anything worse. Still, he had some blood coming from his shoulder. A lot of it. But, she'd bleed out first, he knew that. He reached into his medkit with his good arm and started to bandage the shoulder, watching as her stance grew unsteady. "You'll bleed out in a few minutes. Already feeling dizzy, ain't ya? Should have done something about the bleeding before. Sorry it had to go like this." Malus said, and shrugged his one good shoulder. "I'd do something about the bleeding, but I can't be sure you won't stab me in the back while I work. So, you're going to have to die. Sorry." He said coldly.

It was clear that if he could, he would help her, but he wasn't about to risk his own neck to do so. No sir. No point saving a snake if it bites you while you try, and then you both get killed. And Malus was feeling in the mood for Metaphors. He didn't even get to his feet, he just sat there, slumped against the wall. It was clear that he was fuckin tired, and injured, and worn out. Still, he wasn't dead yet. And she wasn't dead yet, so he had to keep fighting. Well, fuck all that bouncing around shit, he'd fight from right where the hell he was, dammit. And, Shadowatching, in her sweetness and charm, had given him a bunch of weapons to use against her. Reaching out with his good hand, he yanked one throwing knife from the wall where it had missed him. Then, the other. He tested their weight in his hand. Unlike his knife, they had handguards. Bladed ones, too. thank god the armour on his stomache had taken the hits from the wings on the first one. The second one had done a fair amount of damage, tho. He kept it in there, too. Yanking them out would have to wait.

Still. He had a hybrid to finish off. And, there was the whole problem with the wristblades. Malus grinned slightly, feeling just a little light-headed. That was bad. He was losing blood, after all. Nowhere near as quick as she was, tho. He'd speed it up a bit.

His arm flicked, and despite the twinge of pain from his broken wrist, both knives were on target. That was Malus, pure resilience, and pure accuracy. The knives whistled through the air and caught her on her right hand, slicing through the flesh. The bones and muscles in her hand, having lasted amazingly long despite a hole in her palm, gave way. Her fingers snapped open, then went limp. It was clear that all of her digits expcept for her pinkie and thumb were now completely and totally useless. She was not going to hold a weapon with them anytime soon.

Malus grinned. Both hands were competely disabled. He'd neutralized the threat. And with the EMP grenade, she wasn't going to stick plasma in his face. And, he was at a good distance from her. 40 meters now, at least.


Alouran, Yautja, 15 years ago

The grenades sucked the moisture and air right out of Alouran, she sagged against the now hot netting and gasped for air. Her eyes watered making the next few moments a blur of motions and colors. She watched as Delta was killed, she could hear the blood splatter against the floor, hear his last breaths and damn near feel the life drain from him. As her sight came back she stared at the headless corpse of a man who just moments ago had been fighting for his life. Reality spun and tipped threatening to make the girl insane. Movement from the Yajuta caught her attention, she had ignored it's bellow of triumph. As it registered more things pushed to her forefront of thought. She was falling to the ground and landing on hands and knees to look at a growing pool of slick, red blood that wasn't hers.

The Yajuta's feet left her line of sight and she tilted her head up to look at him. He bellowed a challenge that echoed threw the halls but it sounded faint to her. Emerald colored eyes lost all emotions and she stopped thinking of Delta's body or how much it hurt to breath. One thing remained on her mind, survival. Standing up she looked Predator 428 in his eyes. She had heard someone speaking Yajuta insults before on base. Was it clicks and then a roar or was it a barking cough sound and then clicks? Oh well. She cleared her throat and made the words come out of her throat. She called him a 'clanless frog with a tail'.

It was evident she was probably out of her damn mind. Taunting a Yajuta without a weapon or friend in the world who could hear her scream for help. It was seconds later that she was launching herself at him. She weighed almost as much as the male Yajuta before her so when she went to slam her shoulders into him and wrap her arms around him he'd feel it. One leg whipped around to twist around the Yajuta's to trip Predator428. If he went down he'd hurt his leg more and have someone about his own weight on him trying to strangle the shit out of him.

shadowatching, Yautja, 15 years ago

She just snorted at all of his words, "Lies" She hissed, her lips moved quickly as the words left her mouth to crash on the ground around them. THe hands tightened around the weapons, causing more of the bleeding to happen. She can feel her heart pound in her chest, the blood draining, but she cant focus on it.

Being taught what to do, how to do it and what happens if it does happen. This, this was nothing to her, she had to repeat to her self over and over again. Nothing, can cause her to die, nothing at all. Yet, she was dying slowly as the blood pooled around her being, glad that the boots she wore, held that special something where it can grip more and longer when walking in wetness, so her blood is harder to even slip and slide aorund.

She felt that promising sleep coming up to her, promising to let her fall down in to that oblivion of blackness. SHe wanted it, but her looks never held any of it, never gave the human that satisfaction, her already pale skin, held no more pale then when they first looked at each other. The whiteness, was already white as a ghost. She panted once as the weapon went forth, stabbing him in the hand as he went to flick the wrist out, to send the weapons at her, twisting it as the weapons of his went and hit their mark, all but the one. She still had her second hand as the weapons went aside to help her lean forth more. She growled and smiled that sickly sweet smile.

Her weight was there, the shink of her wrist blades came out as she wobbled slightly. THe combistick was still in the leg of malus, the wrist blades out. The combistick moved and pivoted in his leg, causing the small and large veins to open and bleed. She jumped earlier, but her hand moved up slightly for it to happen, but the stick remained. She was wobbling.


Sam-Jack-Dunn, Yautja, 15 years ago

Honour. The idea of integrity, of a fair go. Universally seen as of the highest importance by the shadowy race of hunters, the Yautja. Not even comprehended by the savage, consummate survivalists known as the Xenomorphs. With the human race, it was a more individualistic concept. Everyone had their own opinion as to just how important honour was. There were some, like Kidd Junior, leader of the Colonial Marines, who saw honour as a vital part of what separated humanity from its enemies. The fact that the human race could show mercy, that it could rise above the animalistic survivalism that still held most creatures hostage. However, Kidd Junior, with his idealism and his integrity was nowhere to be seen. Indeed the soldier that was fighting to buy his soldiers the time to escape was the one human who probably held honour and personal integrity in lower regard than anyone else: Malus Jay Darkblade, the soldier-traitor of Alpha Draconis, who had taken command after Peterson had abandoned the other marines.

Malus saw honour as a fool’s prize. The way he saw it, the dead couldn’t bask in glory, you had to be alive to do that. And survival was Malus’s top priority in all things. Malus was by no means the best example the human race had to offer. Vengeful, paranoid, extremely violent and with a mean streak a mile wide, he was undoubtedly a cruel son-of-a-bitch. Not for him hope for the future, not for him the embrace of friendship, or of love. No, he made his mark on the galaxy with blood. He whom had ordered the destruction of an entire planet was not what one would call one of the good guys. In fact, the only reason he was fighting on the Marine’s side was his father’s dying wish. Still, the marines that remained alive on the ship had shown remarkable loyalty to Malus. Enough to cause him to effectively sacrifice himself in order to give them a chance to escape.

He hoped that it was all worth it. Sitting over 40 meters away from his chosen target, a trail of blood leading from her –and her combistick- to his current location, his back against the wall, Malus Jay Darkblade sighed. The EMP blast from his grenade had damaged the lighting in the room, and now the flickering lights finally gave way to utter darkness. Peering through the dark, Malus sighed again. The hybrid had been more powerful than he had anticipated. Far more powerful. She was probably an equal match to anyone in the old ANZAC unit in which he had been raised. He reckoned she’d have defeated his father if they had fought. But Malus was more powerful than his father. More powerful, in fact, than just about any other human being in existence, with the exception of perhaps Kidd himself. He lifted his good hand to his helmet, and flipped down the small infrared eyepiece over his right eye.

Instantly the world took on a new persona. Instead of inky blackness, it became blue, stained with red and orange from their combined spilled blood. The hallway was near the hangar, right where he had challenged her. He still found himself wondering how she had managed to get to him from the bridge so quickly. It appeared that the moment he had finished speaking, there she was. She had been quick. ’Not that you will be going anywhere fast now.’ Malus mused to himself, looking at the orange form, and the gushing red that spurted from her amputated leg. ’You should have put something on that when you had the chance. Now you’re paying the price.’ Malus added silently. The vision modes on his eyes were damaged, but the infrared of his helmet, and indeed the camera, were still intact. He could see her, and he knew that she could not see him. Her hunting mask was about 10m behind her, in the opposite direction to Malus himself. With it, all her vision modes. â€ÂYou cannot kill what you cannot see.†He said slowly as his hand reached for the holster strapped to his hip.

He could feel the dull ache in his gut from her kick, and he could feel a tightness there. He knew that if he had anything in his stomach, he would have undoubtedly regurgitated it by now. The kidney, of course. That was it. He was suffering from internal bleeding. Still, the tightness had not spread to his lungs, and his movement was not yet affected. Much. He fought down a convulsion as his stomach tried to chuck up anything that was in there, but he’d burned up all the food from his breakfast. Perhaps that was for the best. By now, his wounds were starting to take their toll. He was rendered completely unable to walk, thanks to the big combistick hole in his leg. Odd, he’d thought he had put a splint on that. No, that was the other leg, with the Charlie horse. He would have to switch the splint over to that leg when he got the chance. No time now, of course.

When he reached for his holster, he found his movements were slightly slower. No longer were his movements lightning-quick. Now, they were just merely quick. Still, he reasoned he was allright. He had probably another 10 minutes until he started to lose motor function. Another 15 before he was unable to think rationally, and another 23 before he passed out. And besides, the hybrid was in far worse straits. Her leg was still pumping out blood at a pace that would kill her very, very quickly. Her pinkie finger in her left hand also bled, but that wasn’t life threatening. Her right hand was useless, though. She’d taken three throwing daggers through it. There was no way in hell that she would be able to move any of the fingers of it at all. Indeed, the hand was paralysed, the fingers splayed open. And, it was bleeding from at least two arteries. Malus allowed himself a dark, grim little smile as he took a second to look over his handiwork. Yes, she was disabled. Both hands entirely useless. One leg sliced clean off. All technology was gone and he was at a safe distance.

He was pretty badly sliced up, but nowhere near as bad as her. His right arm was his biggest pet peeve at the moment. Completely disabled. Still, that was fine by Malus. He was left-handed anyway, although he had trained himself to the point of ambidexterity. He could shoot even better with his left hand. â€ÂYou were wrong about me, hybrid. You see, I am no coward. I called you out, and I’ve fought you to the very end.†By the time his sentence was finished, he was holding his signature weapon in his left hand. His right hand, after all, had a knife sticking out of it now. He’d taken the precaution of moving to the right after the lights had failed just in case she tried to disable his good hand. His father’s Python .357 Magnum. Painted in matte black, it was invisible in the dark. I used to no electricity, being a weapon ancient in design. And extremely powerful.

This particular model was fitted with a scope. Bushnell Phantom II 2.5x Telescopic Sight, it was. No use to him in the dark, unless you could already see in it. And Malus’s infrared eyepiece allowed exactly that. â€ÂBut I have an advantage you don’t. I don’t have a nonexistent code of honour to hold me back.†He added. He thought he saw a twitch of movement from her –one errant twitch– and his finger squeezed the trigger. His weapon was already aimed. The shot was fired before she had finished the movement. As slowed down as Malus was by the blood, he was still quicker than the hybrid, who was more grievously wounded anyway. It was a little more effort than he was used to, he must’ve been losing motor function more quickly than he thought. Still, the weapon was fitted with a hair trigger, so it responded to his command easily. His signature weapon was highly modified, and it had never failed him yet. Not once. And he knew it never would. He had taken every possible precaution to armour the weapon, and now it was acid-proof, and actually more difficult to destroy than Yautja-mde weapons. It was his hand cannon. His signature weapon. His inheritance and his memoirs and his life, all bundled into one. And it was deadly.

Also, it was loud. Malus was glad he didn’t have night vision as the flash of the weapon lit up the room for a split-second. He had taken the precaution of squeezing one eye shut, so that only one eye was temporarily blinded by the flash of the weapon. The moment that the flash was gone, he closed his blinded eye and opened his good one, the one that was under the infrared. The roar of it was alarmingly loud in the confines of the hallway, and echoed for another few seconds before fading away. Malus took the recoil with stubborn determination, refusing to let his aim be ruined by the pain that shot up his arm. Pain was a mere signal to the brain informing it of damage. Malus was well aware of the damage. Therefore, pain was of no use to him, and he blocked it out. The moment that shot was fired, he switched eyes again and fired again.

The .357 round that Malus’s hand cannon fired was known as a ‘hypervelocity round’. All bullets travelled at supersonic speed, but hypervelocity rounds were unusually fast, even by the standards of bullets. Add to that the power behind the weapon it was fired from –The 2nd most powerful handgun in existence, even with the tech changes– and the second bullet reached the target before the sound of the first one being fired had even reached the hybrid’s ears. Both shots would have killed. The first round was slightly lower than the first, probably because of the pain in Malus’s arm when he had fired the weapon, and his unpreparedness for it. Instead of striking her in the eye, it tore right into her throat. Not only was the .357 round extremely fast, but it was a hollow-point round. This meant that the moment it shot into her neck, the round changed shape due to the fact that it was hollow, mushrooming. The mushroomed bullet shot straight through her windpipe, and right through the spine. When it exited, the entire back of her neck was blown out after her.

Hybrid or no, nothing survived a wound like that. Her neck was snapped, and instantly the nerves died. The hybrid, probably still alive, found that her entire body, everything below the point of impact, was completely paralysed. A throat-shot was difficult, except when it was made completely by accident. She had just enough time to widen her eyes in surprise and shock –both at her injury and that her opponent had used a ranged weapon– before the other bullet took her just a little bit left of her right eye. Malus reflexively slumped over sideways as well, moving the moment that the second shot had been squeezed off. Just in case she threw something at his own head in return. His left arm, protected by the armoured splint, covered his face and throat, the only vulnerable area of him left that was undamaged.

The second bullet was exactly the same as the previous one. Exactly the same. It struck at hypersonic speed, mushroomed on impact, and immediately tunnelled through her brain. Malus regretted not having any explosive rounds, but this one did it’s job. The entire back half of her head blew clean out of her skull, and indeed the back of her skull was also destroyed. A great spurt of blood came from the wound, as well as chunks of bone and grey brain matter. Two shots. Two hits. From his defensive position, he spoke. “Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. You fought with everything you had. It was almost enough.†A short eulogy, but not a premature one. He could see the damage to her as the lights flickered back on, the adaptive and intelligent AI that controlled the Yautja ship noting the power outage and fixing it. The top half of her head was gone, and the rest was at an unnatural angle, due to her broken neck. The pool of blood by her corpse was startling. Very much so.

Malus had fought and won. The survivalist had once again survived.

black_warrior, Yautja, 15 years ago

The hunter was slightly stiff from the shock. His arm felt as if it were asleep, but cramped at the same time. It tingled, and strained with pain when moved with even the slightest bit of bending. He could still move his fingers, but could not grip anything, the heavy casted glove on his hand kept it in fist form. Black Warrior had not expected the human to pull such a move, especially to be so bold as to touch a yautja's mask, and take it from him. A slight dishonor and revenge rose inside the hunter. Using his hands as leverage Black Warrior pushed himself up, body lifting from the floor and landing on his feet. With one fluid motion Bw spun around and backhanded Vevlaa.

As the large reptilian hand connected, the human flew across the hangar, smacking his head against the foreign metal walls. He slid down, into a sitting position, with a small trickle of blood dripping down the point of impact. Vevlaa fired his glock at the hunter that had retrieved his mask. The bullets whizzed by, most missing, but 2 shots fired into his left shoulder. Bw grunted and stumbled back. Before bringing the mask to be connected he saw nothing but fuzz and darkness. His mask was fried for the time being, he would alter it later. Throwing the metal face to the side he looked at the blood dripping on his shoulder, then back to Vevlaa.

Vevlaa continued firing his glock, he had gotten to a standing position and was walkng towards Bw slowly. A few shots hit their mark, but pinged off the helmet and chest armor of the Predator. Black Warrior rolled to the side, and began to run at Vevlaa from a different angle. Vevlaa turned, but was smacked to the side as the crushing force of muscle slammed into his body. Bw still had his arms wrapped around Vevlaa as they fell to the floor.

A shine shone to the right of Black Warrior's mask, it was Vevlaa. His hand moved swiftly and surely as the k-bar sliced into the left side of BW, missing his kidney but drawing warm green blood to spill on the floor.

Bw rolled away, and got to his feet once again, blood freeflowing from the abdominal wound. Vev stood, hands stained with flourescent blood, aswell as the little red blood he rubbed from his skull. The K-bar was also drenched, and glowed in his hands.

Both opponents awaited another move, hoping to gain an upperhand.


delta-boy, Yautja, 15 years ago

(Just before Deltas death)

He lay on his back,skin red hot but luckily his M3 armour had taken the blow of shrapnel.
But his face was like a bonfire,some peeled off and Pred428 stood over Delta.
Knowing what was comig he made one last remark.
Opening his throat mic comms he keyed a signal to Malus and said "Malus,its been a pleasure".
Delta let his head roll back.
The wristblade in a flued motion ripped through his eye sockets and Delta slumped once again to the deck,but this time he didnt feel as he ceased to exist.

(Good fight Pred428 :D,ill be sure to avenge myself in the next RP.)

vevlaa, Yautja, 15 years ago

This predator was a pain. It needed to be killed, fast! All of these thoughts went through Vev’s mind as he stood in front of him. Relying in his speed, he was way superior compared to the massive 8ft Predator, but he was no mach in a strength competition. Then Vevlaa got a Idea.

He holstered his glock, which was to no use. 9mm rounds wouldn’t do any critical damage at this range, so instead he ran against him, with his arms tilted backwards. As he moved, his hands went into the Medic bag located on his back, and pulled out 2 injectors of Morphine. As Vevlaa got closer, he tackled, but was sure to aim between the legs. All the blood on the floor meant that Vev could slide longer, faster and even a bit accurate. As he passed under the Predator, Vevlaa placed both injectors into each leg. That was enough to lay a elephant into coma! As he got up on the other side, he turned around to see the Predator collapsing behind him face down.

Vevlaa didn’t take any chances, so he pulled another injector out, and planted it firmly into its back
“there, you won’t get up for several hours†he said, to the Predator which was now nicely asleep. Vevlaa walked into The Waffle and loaded himself into a Exo suit….

predator428, Yautja, 15 years ago

Predator428 lay on his back, the human female kneeling on top of him as she attempted to strangle the hunter. Predator428 growled in annoyance, reaching for her head with his one good hand. The predator grabbed a fist full of hair, bending the soldier's neck back to face him.

Predator428 slammed his mask into the female's face, snapping her neck back in a sickening angle. The ornamental spikes on his mask penetrated the human's skin, stabbing a column of three bloody holes into the bridge of her nose. Predator428 felt the soldier's grip slip from his neck, letting go of the human's hair to allow him another strike. Predator428 pulled the fingers on his good hand into a fist, throwing a strong punch directly into the human's nose.

The female was thrown backwards by the strike, allowing Predator428 to roll into his side as she fell off of him. The predator used her stunned state to climb to his feet. Predator428 limped to the human's side, observing the soldier to see how she faired. The female snapped out of her pain quickly, diving across the floor to retrieve her fallen combat knife. Predator428 limped after her, annoyed at the increasing pain in his knee.

The soldier managed to grab her fallen weapon just before the hunter came upon her. As the female attempted to jump to her feet, Predator428 flicked out with a sideways kick. The hunter planted his blow at the center of her chest, knocking the soldier back down to the deck. Predator428 brought his foot up and slammed it down onto the human's knee. The joint uttered a wet snap as it gave, tearing tendons and breaking bones outwards from the wound. The split ends of her femur pierced the soldier's skin, drawing a flow of blood as they tore through the meat.

Predator428 set his hand on the side of the corridor, easing the pressure on his injured leg. The hunter waited, seeing if the human would get up.

Alouran, Yautja, 15 years ago

Strangling wasn't working, she was gonna change up tactics but that heavy hand falling on her head made her shudder as she watched the Yajuta shift around before slamming it's masked head into hers. Letting out a 'augh.' as she grabbed for her head. She should of known that his hand letting go of her hair was a problem but she was to busy trying to staunch the bleeding to notice that heavy fist slam her own hand into her nose and send her skittering back a few feet holding a busted nose. If this is how a busted nose felt than count her out the next boxing match if she got home to base It freaking hurt!

Holding her nose she forced the cartilage back into place with a bit of a groan. Blinking up threw blood and watery eyes she saw the hunter moving towards her. Not good, scrambling towards the knife she had thrown at him earlier her hand clasped over the handle and she started to push herself up but a heavy kick to the chest sent her falling over onto her back to get her knee busted. Splintering bones and messed up ligaments and tendons would make walking well limping very hard in the next few moments. Pushing the pain out of mind she rolled forward till she was within jumping distance of about 3-4feet and shoved off once her feet where under her. Looking a bit like superman in motion she landed in a heavy crouch as the Yajuta's legs. Dagger flashing out she drove it into predator428's leg in a quick hamstringing motion towards both legs if she was lucky but she was doing it quick and messy after the first one in an attempt to get away and attack at the same time. Her right leg was only hindering her more now that it's knee was blown.

Pushing herself to the side she brought the dagger up again trying to cut the back of Predator428's knee and then dragged it up toward his upper back before quickly rolling back forward out of reach. If she wasn't scared enough of the wounded, annoyed and now bleeding Yajuta she'd be cracking jokes with him as if she was in the gym wrestling or boxing with a friend. But Predator428 wasn't a friend and she prayed she would atleast beable to last long enough to see another friendly face.

predator428, Yautja, 15 years ago

Predator428 growled in pain at his new injuries. The human's knife had cut a thin gash across his good knee and had continued the slash up to the small of his back. The predator's glowing blood had already begun to leak from the wound, leaving a glowing puddle at his feet.

Predator428 roared in fury, leaping towards the crouching human before she could react. The hunter wrapped his hand around the soldier's knife arm, locking his fingers down in a vise grip. Predator428's hand began to shake as he applied all of his brute strength. The thin bones inside the human's wrist began to buckle under the force, finaly splintering as they reached their pressure limit. The female cried out in pain, letting the combat knife slip from her grip as the wrist was shattered.

Predator428 let out another roar, this time swinging the soldier around the width of his body. The human was tossed through the air like a paper weight, her swing finaly stopped by a rough impact with the corridor wall. The female's head flew back on impact, the force knocking her helmet to the floor.

The hunter released his grip on the human's wrist, allowing her to slump to the floor under her injured leg. The predator wrapped his hand around her neck this time, chocking the soldier as she was lifted off her feet. The female began to pound on his arm with her uninjured arm, legs flailing to try and gain some purchase.

Predator428 brought his wristblades bellow his waist, driving them in an upwards strike with all his force. The twin blades of serrated metal cut into her abdomen just bellow the sternum, lacerating muscle, bone and organs as they continued on through to the wall behind her. The female raised her head to the hunter's level, a thin trail of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth. Predator428 simple pulled the blades upward as he deepened the wounds, a low cackle comming from his throat.

The hunter released his grip on the female's neck, allowing her body to fall free from his blades. Predator428 bent down to the corpse, grabbing a chunk of her hair as he lifted the body out of a growing puddle of its own blood. Predator428 swung his blades in a wide slash, severing the cadaver's head from the neck and shoulders.

Predator428 raised the grisly trophy to his mask, studying his latest prize as the ragged stump of her neck continued to leak blood. Without another sound, the hunter tied a clump of the head's hair to a loop on his belt. Predator428 walked to the far end of the hallway, retrieving the combistick that he had lost early on in the battle. The weapon gave a sharp snap as it was retraced into its smallest form.

Predator428 began to walk down the corridor, clipping his contracted staff to the back of his belt. The predator was on his way to the hangar, to deal with the last of the human filth.

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Yautja, 15 years ago

After spending a couple of minutes to use his remaining medical supplies to stabilize his current condition. Bandage the shoulder wound first, then the abdomen, and then the legs. It certainly hurt to move enough to do it, but Malus just gritted his teeth and bore the pain silently. Better to hurt like hell now and hurt like hell for the next month in hospital, than to hurt a little and die quickly. And Malus Jay Darkblade had just been through sheer hell, and survived it. He wasn't about to die now. He ripped the throwing knife from his hand and then bandaged up the damaged hand, before using his Machete to make a splint. As he struggled to his feet, gritting his teeth against the pain, he hobbled over to Shadowatching.

"Well, at least you won't be killing anymore of my men now, will you?" He grunted as he picked up the Mask. He drew a permanent marker from his pocket, and balancing the mask on his shoulder he wrote a few words on the mask, before placing it back on the ground at the defeated hybrid's feet. A message to Balatu. He turned, and without another word, hobbled out of the hallway, heading towards the hangar. Step, ouch. Step, ouch. He grimly continued forward, ignoring the pain. He would survive, dammit. He had to get his soldiers out here alive. To do that, he'd have to be still breathing. As he limped painfully towards the hanger, he was still thinking at breakneck speed. Both of thier leaders, Kidd and Peterson, had abandoned them when they needed thier leaders most.

The next in the chain of command, Nikkie, had also abandoned her own soldiers without so much as a warning or explanation. It was obvious, so plainly obvious, that something terrible had happened to his beloved Corps. The Alpha Draconis wasn't what it used to be. Something had changed, and it had started when Kidd had left the unit the first time. Something had happened to thier leader. He'd...changed. Made mistakes he would never have made before. Malus shook his head. Already the mistakes of AD's leaders had cost lives. Nikkie, for one. "This is Malus Darkblade, The hybrid is down, I say again, the hybrid is down. All soldiers report in." He stated as he walked through the door, and saw the scene of carnage.

He dropped his Magnum as he saw the bodies of Alouran and Delta. Both mutilated almost beyond recognition. If his legs hadn't been in a splint, he'd have dropped to his knees. His efforts had been for nothing. They hadn't made it to the dropship. Shaking his head, he switched his helmet comm on again. "This...this is Malus..." His voice wavered and dropped. Their heads were gone and everything. It was just...everything had gone horribly wrong. He paused for a moment and composed himself. "Alouran and Delta are dead. We're outta time. I'm heading back to the DS now. Leave in 5 minutes. Regardless of wether or not anyone else is there."

About a minute later, the hangar door opened in it's quiet way as the hydraulics did their thing. Malus's expression was far more dark and grim than usual as he entered the hangar, the bodies of Delta and Alouran on a litter behind him. "Fuckin...Slit thier damn..." He grumbled as he made his slow way to the hangar. After he was on the dropship and the corpses of Alouran and Delta were stowed away, he slumped into a nearby chair. Once he got out of here, he was going to leave AD once and for all. Leave the USCM. Maybe the Company were hiring.

predator428, Yautja, 15 years ago

The hangar was dark, its lights not giving off any illumination that the humans could see. Like every other part of its desgin, the ship helped its creators in every way. Right now, it was preventing Predator428 from being seen.

The hunter's active camoflauge had shrouded him in its protective energy, allowing Predator428 to enter the human controlled area unseen. The predator tried to move as quietly as he could in his injured state, surveying the bay as he crept through the open hatchway. The marine's dropship was sitting in the center of the chamber, its ramp and landing gear still deployed. Predator428 could spot two figures near the craft, but only one was on his feet.

The mobile one was a human and most likely the pilot of the dropship. Predator428 watched as the human scurried up the loading ramp, leaving the prone figure on the floor behind him. The hunter crawled forward, trying to identify who it was. Predator428's eyes widened as he discovered its identity, Black Warrior.

At first he thought the hunter had been killed. The cloaked predator knelt next to Black Warrior, laying a clawed hand on his neck. Predator428's tension eased as he felt a pulse; the hunter was not dead. He appeared to be unconsious. Predator428 reached to a pouch on his belt and began to rummage through it, finally finding a small syringe buried deep inside. The hunter extracted the small needle and checked to see that it was still full. He was in luck, its contents still held a biological stimulant.

Predator428 moved as quickly as he could, driving the needle straight into the Black Warrior's neck. As the drugs began to flow through his system, the predator began to let out a low growl. Predator428 silently willed him to be quiet, wrapping his hands under the hunter's armpits as he began to drag his twitching form back to the hatchway.

Predator428 looked up towards the dropship, hopeing that the human that had ran inside would not notice the predator's body dragging itself across the deck. As Predator428 began to near the exit, a lone figure limped out of the auxilary hatchway to his left.

The warrior halted, stunned at who the figure turned out to be. It was the other human, Malus. How could he still be alive? There was no way Shadowatching could be defeated by this scum, it couldn't be...Predator428 hesitantly tapped a gauntlet control, almost afraid of what would appear. A flashing symbol appeared on the corner of his goggles, a bright red one. It was Shadowatching's life signs. She was dead.

These, these abominations, had invaded their home, killed his elder, and now his clanmate. Predator428's rage began to build once again, muscular body almost shaking with the effort to contain himself. These human filth would die, Predator428 would make sure of that. No matter what they did, there was no way that the human's could escape their fate.

The hunter resumed his crawl, dragging Black Warrior into the exterior hallway just as he began to come to. Predator428 eased his back against the wall, turning his attention the a control panel afterwards. Predator428 pressed a control, activating the blast doors of both hangar entrances. The thick walls of steel clamped shut, sealing both of the marines inside the chamber. Predator428 began to tap on the console's keypad, remembering a basic emergency code that most of his race were taught when boarding the clanships.

As the hunter entered the activation command, a fierce grin began to spread across Predator428's features. Small lights began to flash all around the walls of the hangar, emergency lights meant to warn the flight crew of a standard protocal that had just been put into affect. It was a contingency plan that had been desgined to flush the hangar bays of any hazardous materials.

In a matter of seconds, the atmosphere containment field over the entrance would be dropped, and everything inside that bay would be blown into the freezing vacuum. Along with any poor soul left inside.

Lone_Hunter2, Yautja, 15 years ago

LH had stood quietly and watched the three Balatu warriors leave one at time, LH stood there wondering who to follow, he had hoped that the humans would have left ages ago but that obviously didn't happen “the fools" Lone hunter was fond of humans, in his youth he had learned all their martial arts, he respected them and chose only to kill their "criminals" as they called them.

LH turned around and decided to follow Predator 428’s signal, he knew that despite how much he wanted to let the humans go the others had different plans, they had boarded this ship with the intent of capturing it and desecrated it with their presence all his fellow warriors would be thinking one thing, kill them all as our code of honour demands!, LH let out a sigh of exhaustion “they are doomed…the poor foolsâ€Â.

Lone Hunter had stopped when he had arrived at the hall and witnessed the end of P428’s fight as he claimed Alouran’s skull, he watched as predator 428 made his way to where ever there where more humans, saying a little prayer for the humans that he just killed, an even longer one for the female that he recognized then he moved on and followed p428 again. LH followed Predator 428 from a distance and cloaked and waited near the place that predator 428 began to drag Black warrior, he saw P428 stop suddenly LH looked around slowly to where he has looking at and saw the human known as Malus walk by which meant that Shadowatching was dead.

LH controlled the anger that burst into his body he turned his attention back on predator 428 and watched both in amusement and horror as he entered the activation command. Lone hunter de-cloaked and walked up to the Balatu warriors…

(short yes but it'll do.)

black_warrior, Yautja, 15 years ago

A blur, the human had moved with speed, passing under the hunter and jabbing him in 3 places. Taking a swipe Black Warrior missed, crashing to the floor in a daze, it was as if he had gotten a hold of some of his old stash.....


Metal was heard, screeching, scraping, and hydraulics boosted a monster across the floor.


Eyes opened, Black Warrior was unaware of where he was, he let out a low growl, swiping for his mask as he passed over it. He looked back, Predator428 was dragging his massive weight across the hangar, to the entrance hallway.
His senses came to him, his head lashed forward and his eyes widened as the 2 battered humans scampered into the dropship. The humans main ship was destroyed....and it was their only vehicle. Panic rushed over him, Black Warrior's anger burst through his mind...."how could Predator428 be taking me away from them, while they escape?!"...he was too weak to resist.

The hangar door closed, the thickened enforced window showed the remaining squad and dropship preparing the ship. Black Warrior groggily stood to his feet, still abit dazed. He shook his head, banged it against the walls a few times to bringhimself to full attention. Predator428, Black Warrior, and the newcomer, LH stood by, watching.
Various controls lit and clicked along Predator428's wristcomp, the controls were recognized by BW, even at the lightning speed that they were being enetered.
A grin spread through all 3 hunters as the back of the hangar itself split horizontally. The latches popped open and the top and bottom halves spread. Air rushed out, followed by the abandoned exosuit and a mass of debris and sentryguns. They all flew with frightening speed as they were sucked through into the neverending void of space. The dropship was caught off guard, and toppled to the side as the suction pulled it in.

Black Warrior watched, the dropships legs tucked and the engines fired. The dropship moved at a painful speed, too slow to even attempt to race a snail.


Through his mask Predator428 scanned the dropship...from the data didnt look like it would hold up...

vevlaa, Yautja, 15 years ago

Vevlaa had just walked out of the Waffle in his Exosuit, when he heard a noise to his left. As he turned around, he saw the predator from earlier being dragged by some sort of invisible force towards the nearest door. He was just about to raise his arm that contained the HMG to a firing position, when he saw Malus dropping out of an auxiliary vent. It made him flinch for just so long that the door closed tightly, letting the Predator escape. “Malus, are you ok?†was all he managed to say before an alarming sound filled the hangar, along with flashing lights.

This was bad! Really bad! He immediately pressed the emergency release on the Exosuit, and jumped down. Right now, he had to get a grip of something, as luck would have it, The Waffle was only a few feet away. He ran as far as he could and at the exact moment that he grabbed one of the hydraulic mechanism that was used on the loading ramp, the door behind him pssshed open, releasing all light objects at first.

He saw Turrets fly by him followed by crates and other stuff they had unloaded in the start of this damned campaign. Then he saw Malus. He was coming directly at Vev, Fast! A millisecond later, Malus smashed into the hydraulic mechanism and as he flipped around, Vevlaa managed to get a hold of him around his wrist. About then, the whole Dropship started to turn over, giving Vevlaa just a second to work. And he took it. He smashed the emergency close button next to him, and the ramp closed up .

He looked at Malus. He appeared to be unconscious. â€ÂDAMN IT ALL!†he yelled as re ran towards the cockpit. As he sat down in his seat, he immediately fired up the already ready thrusters, but sadly a bit too late…. The Waffle rolled over, breaking the landing gear in the process. They lay sideways. “Oh, come on! Give me a fucking break!â€Â

Then he noticed the ship was floating. Releasing those doors had disabled the artificial gravity systems! It took some time, but eventually he was able to twist the ship on coarse again, by controlling and timing each thruster individually. Here goes nothing! he said as he pushed the ship onto max thrust shooting the ship into space. As he flew out, he remembered the turrets just outside, but he didn’t have any other way to do this. Luckily for them, the turrets remained offline, and they drifted into empty space.

When Vevlaa felt he was far enough away, he plotted a coarse towards the station that discovered the ship in the first place.
It was just now that he became aware of the dead body in the seat next to him. Vevlaa sighed, and pulled him out of the seat, and back into the cargo hold. From there, he dragged Malus into the cockpit and strapped him to the bloodstained copilot seat. He closed the door behind him and sat down in the pilot seat. He transferred all power to life support in the cockpit, and switched off all other none vital systems. He also sent out a coded distress signal.

1 week later

Malus had woken up and Vevlaa had treated most of his wounds. They had been sleeping for long periods of time, and eaten what was left of the field rations. Luckily they still had plenty of water. The predator ship was nowhere to be seen.
Vevlaa was just finishing up his meal, when the radio sparked to life. This is the U.S.C.M. Cruiser Fate. We got your distress signal. Is anyone there? Vevlaa sighed Yes This is Sergeant Vevlaa of the Weyland Yutani Corp. Two men alive inside, One wounded. Need immediate picup…

Less than a hour later they were all heading for Earth.

A few months later they could both step down on Earth once more.......

This is THE END for the marines in this RPG. Any surviving persons should create their final post (yes that’s you Malus...)

Thanks for playing all

predator428, Yautja, 15 years ago

After the expulision of the dropship and its crew, the clanship was now in almost complete silence. The thousands of empty hallways, barracks, and engineering stations were left in a state of peace. The only sounds aboard the entire construct were the sound of its engines in the final stage of preparation, and the hiss of the bridge blast doors opening.

The three hunters, Lone Hunter2, Predator428, and Black Warrior, walked into the bridge. None of them said a word as they took seats at the numerous control systems, they merely went about their work in an almost stunned silence.

Predator428 had seated himself at Navigation, checking the progress of thruster charge. A quick glance confirmed that Predator428's ealier work had been succesful. In a few seconds, the ship would make its jump to the Homeworld. Predator428 allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief, resting his back against the head of the seat. The predator reached up, releasing the pair of wires connecting his mask to the rest of his armor. With a puff of gas, the slab of metal was pulled free from Predator428's face.

The hunter closed his yellow eyes and breathed deep, enjoying the release from his long confinement. It felt as if it had been weeks since the warriors of Balatu and Hunter's Moon had set course for this ship, but in reality it had only been hours. To Predator428, it might as well had been weeks.

The predator reached for his belt, retrieving a shining object he had collected on his way to the bridge. It was Shadowatching's mask, its surface covered in numerous burns and battle scars. When Predator428 had come across Shadowatching's body, he found that the bastard Malus had left a message written on her face plate. Predator428 didn't even read it, he simply cleared the markings away with his skull cleaning equipment. Now, the mask gave off a bright sheen, a testimony to the spectacular life of its owner.

Predator428 bowed his head, reciting the death prayer in honor of his fallen clanmate. As he chanted the thousand year old ritual, he didn't only pray for Shadowatching. He prayed for the former inhabitants of this ship, for the fallen warriors of Hunter's Moon, and for his Elder PREDATORv2.

Just as Predator428 completed his chant, the ship's engines reached their final charge. With burst of light, the clanship began its journey home. Leaving the lonely sector of space behind.


Lone_Hunter2, Yautja, 15 years ago

Lone Hunter kept checking the holographic display searching for any xenomorphs left alive and sending a team of young bloods and blooded warriors from both clans after them. whe there was non left LH relaxed then merely checked and rechecked the ships sensors, they were going home..."finally".

Lone hunter gave Black Warrior and Predator428 a pilot bow and left the bridge heading for the medical bay, it was time he replaced his left arm, he grabed the skull of Firehunter off his back to admire it, thinking back to the fight he wished that it had been less costful ,he lost his two most deadly weapons, and his fellow HM member died fighting that other alien, but thats life, so easy to die but hard to live.

LH put his trophy back where he had it then continued down the hall to the medic bay...he was alive once again..he was going to let that change any time soon...and, despite how much he would rather not kill an honourable human, he wanted to add a human skull to his trophy rack next time..."hope there's another rouge for me to kill soon" he smiled at the thought as he walked in to the med bay...