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badapple24, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

It was the break of dawn on a forgotten planet in the deepest reaches of space. A large craft was circling in orbit and dropped many dropships.

15 Years later....

The colony was huge in comparison to the centuries old hive. Innumeral colonists were going about on their daily lives without a clue on what they were standing on. Bad apple hissed in the deepest bowels of the hive. "Food, I like food" bad apple hissed before realizing that this was human food. "Even better!" Bad Apple hissed "I must tell tawganator about this find." Bad apple looked across the room and saw Tawganator sprawled out on the wall. He hissed and tawganator awoke almost instantly smelling the food. Bad apple nodded to tawganator. They quickly ran out of the hive. On the surface it was a desert like planet and was averaging 50 degrees normally. The colonist's were ordered to stay inside this particular morning because it was almost 150 degrees

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

The air was dry and the sand was smooth almost like liquid and spread throughout out the desert were boulders that are the only remnants of an primitive civilization that had died out eons before the xeno arrival. The hive, after centuries of almost complete inactivity the sandstorms that frecrent this land so often had all but covered her in sand. The human colony to the south-east, protected from the prevailing winds had grown strong in their shaded sanctuary escaping the morning and evening heat but at the mercy of the 18 hour midday sun.

"It's almost too hot for food" Tawganator muttered to Badapple his limbs stretching after prolonged rest in the catacombs of the hive. "Yes, almost" from the grinning runner and the two embarked on the short journy to the mountain region were a freshly available abundance of food was now nestled. Crawling through on of the remaining entrances in the sand covered iceberg that is the hive, they were greeted by the midday heat and both shrieked in shock from the sudden hit of temperature. "Maybe it is too hot after all?" "No Badapple, I'm too hungry".

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The heat of the day was relentless and quick runs to the far between monuments for shade were necessary if you stayed in the direct heat for to long your body would dry up and begin to crack open as the skin stretched. Even for Xenomorphs this heat would be deadly if they were to be so careless.

"If it wasn't for this loose sand we would be there by now".

"Once we reach the base of the mountains it will be easy climbing from then on. Just focus on the meal to come Tawganator".

It's hard not to bicker in such conditions but the two Xenos managed to make the last half an hour to the mountains without to much bitching.

"See what did I tell you Tawganator, easy as sleeping".

"Easy as sleeping on jagged rocks you pipsqueak of a runner".

"What did you say!?"

"Nothing". *mumbles*

tawganator, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

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