After the RPG

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 15 years ago

RPG Awards

This is my attempt at a simple award system for when the rpg is finished.

Rank Point Promotions

:Anyone who participates in the rpg will automatically receive a 1 rank point raise. By 'participates' I mean you post more than one time, you actually join in and include yourself in the rpg story.

:By showing exceptional skill in the rpg, you will receive a 2 rank point raise. What I mean by this is that in your posts there are little to no grammer mistakes. You follow the storyline, your posts are interesting to read, and your posts are longer than 6 sentences.

:Any members who paraticipate in one-on-one combat with another member (both members) will receive 3 rank points. Any member who defeats an NPC or Non playable character will receive 1 rank point. This doesn't mean you can say you've killed 50 NPC's and get 50 rank points. Your battle with the NPC has to be played out as if you were actually battling another member. You are only allowed to gain a maximum of 5 rank points from NPC kills.

(:::To find out how to properly rpg if you don't already know, please check the rules:::)

::Any member(s) who show exceptional valar, honor, and skill will be awarded with a special prize as well as 5 rank points. This award will be given to the member(s) the moderators believe preformed best in the RPG::

Alright, after the rpg I'll setup a rewards topic and give out the credit, where the credit is due. Good Luck and have fun everyone.

NOTE: These are simply guide lines to help moderators give out points and rewards evenly and equally, they are not 'set in stone' and are subject to change depending on a certain situation. More or less points could be given out depending on the situation.

ScarredShadow, Yautja, 15 years ago

Sounds good mate. One question, Do you think you should bump up Isejjin's Improving your RPG skills Tips for newer members?
Or if you want I can write one up I had a small one typed up if you want me to post it up.


Sam-Jack-Dunn, Yautja, 15 years ago

Sounds good to me. It gets the hyper-big-malus-darkblade-rubber-stamp-of-approval.

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 15 years ago

Go right ahead ScarredShadow, you can do both if you want.

Peterson, Yautja, 15 years ago

sounds good to me!

Voltage-3000, Yautja, 15 years ago

sounds complicated to me