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Wolf, the descendant of the "City Hunter" (Predator2), was trained into Hunter's Moon Predator Hunting Clan origianlly. It was after the massacre of his Rogue Predator tribe on his home planet whom were slaughtered by a patch of Xenomorphs from a near by hive. His tribe died to protect him and succeded by killing the Xenomorphs off. He was found by the great Celtic102 and Harrigan of Hunter's Moon. He survived holding the scarred mask of his father's he used to protect himself. As a new member he quickly rose impression to his superiors. After years of great hunts of all kinds of exotic species (mainly Xenomorph) and war-like hunts between many human organisations. He was even forced to battle one of his comrad, Celtic Warrior in a dual to the death to see who was the better hunter. It resulted in Celtic Warrior's death. Wolf became one of the great wiser experienced hunters of the Hunter's Moon Clan. Famous for his lone hunts. Sadly Celtic102 faded away and left the clan to another. Wolf was outraged, he left the clan and lived on his own for years. Eventully he was found by the Hunter's Moon's rival clan, Balatu. Cory heard of them, but never encountered them. He soon realized he was meant for Balatu and pledged himself to Balatu bowing to great Hunters such as The Doc, Stalker, Predatoress, Black Warrior and more. After blooding himself to the his new clan in a epic war, he convinces himself he has alot more to prove to them first before showing them he has what it takes to run with the Gods of Death. He is their's to cammand. He will show them what this Lone Wolf is capable of.