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Profile of The-Wolf

Species :Yautja
Rank :
  [ 60 / 100 ]
Rank Name :Veteran
Level :Member
Country :US
Gender :male
Birthday :1992-01-28
Website :
Once went by Cory and City-Hunter
I've been here about 3 years now. A few of my good friends on here are Celtic102, Killswitch, Stalker, Blackwarrior, Dave and more... My original username was Cory to City-Hunter now to The-Wolf, obvously. I was once in the clan Hunter's Moon then changed to Balatu before my old account was lost. I am a massive fan of the Predator of course. I enjoy the Alien films alot as well. I just like the Predator more than the Alien. Alien and Predator is just one of my interests next to all kinds of Science fiction and horror movies series like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Tales From The Crypt, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Pet Semetary, Halloween, Mortal Kombat (the video games), Return of the Living Dead and other Zombie flicks... and much much more. You can say I enjoy Sci Fi and horror. I listen to all kinds of rock in general. The greatest band in the world is Nirvana. Its a fact. Don't tell me other wise because I don't care what you have to say to that. Been a fan of the Predator since I was a little kid and now that I saw Alien vs Predator Requiem its one of my favorites. No matter what people say badly about it, I loved it.
RPG Character Discription:
The name of this great hunter is The Wolf but often refered to as Cory. He is the Predator that appears in the movie Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and has all the weapons and tools from the film. One half of his face is badly burned from Xenomorph acid and one top mandible is completely burned off. With many tribal markings on his mask along with his forehead. He dawns a menacing mask with cracks and tribal markings scattered all across, Has normal legenthed wristblades, Dual Plasma casters (both being dettachable for hand-held action), Combistick, Serated hunting Whip, Hand-held netgun, Wrist-attached Fletchet launcher, 3 Shurikens, Lazer-Grid Mines, Medicomp and other healing tools, & Self Destruct Device.
Character Biograghy:
The Wolf was trained into Hunter's Moon Predator Hunting Clan origianlly. It was after the massacre of his Rogue Predator tribe on his home planet whom were slaughtered by a patch of Xenomorphs from an undetected, near by hive. His tribe died to protect him and succeded by killing the Xenomorphs off. He was found by the great Celtic102 and Harrigan of Hunter's Moon. He survived holding the scarred mask of his father's he used to protect himself and laying next to him was a dead Xenomorph warrior that he killed on his own. The Hunter's Moon commanded him to mark his helmet with that Xenomorph's blood.
As a new member he quickly rose impression to his superiors. After years of great hunts of all kinds of exotic species (mainly Xenomorph) and month long hunts of human soilders against other human soilders of many wars on Earth. He was even forced to battle one of his comrad, Celtic Warrior in a dual to the death to see who was the better hunter. It resulted in Celtic Warrior's death. Wolf became one of the great wiser experienced hunters of the Hunter's Moon Clan. Famous for his lone hunts.
Sadly Celtic102, left the clan and Hunter's Moon rested in the hands of another Predator. Wolf was outraged, he left the clan and lived on his own for years. Inbetween the years, he kept himself in shape, hunting all kinds of creatures and rarely, patches of Xenomorphse stray from their hives.
Eventully he was found by the Hunter's Moon's rival clan, Balatu. Wolf knew of them, but never encountered them. He soon realized the mere might of this legendary clan of barbaric hunters and then understood he was meant for Balatu. He then pledged himself to Balatu bowing to great Hunters such as The Doc, PREDATOR, Stalker, Predatoress, Black Warrior and more.
To be accepted, he was challenged to accompany the clan on a hunter party in a very dredfull planet. On their way to the hunt, their ship wrecked unexplainibly and the hunter's were scattered all over the planet. Making they're way through the planet, the hunter's eventully reunited and set off to hunt the Xenomoph hive. Then slaughtering Xenomorphse like nothing, the Wolf revealed he was not a rookie. He then hunted for the force that caused the wreck. He then confronted a team of Marines with their demise. After collecting the captain Marines skulls and skinning their soilders, and blooding himself, with Xenomorph blood, to the his new clan in a epic war, he convinces the clan of Balatu he has what it takes to run with the Gods of Death. He is their's to cammand, he will show them what this Lone Wolf is capible of....
RPG Records: Collected Skulls
Wolf hangs the skulls of Frozen Alien (A vecious warrior Xenomorph of the Hive), Celtic Warrior (A great hunter of Hunter's Moon) Aeo (a Marine foot soilder) and Kidd. (the leader of the Marines Alpha Draconis. His most prized and honorable trophy) The Wolf also claims the victory of a battle between himself and the great female Predator, Mavrick and a Predator/human hybrid, Shadowwatching. His latest trophy is of a great and gruesom hunter, Black Warrior
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