Would you like to see a predator war?

zero-alpha, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Would you like to see two armies of predators going at each other with spaceships, new technical weopons, new caster weaponry, wrist blade fights, all that shit?

skull_ripper, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

That would be really cool, I think with a planetside battle and an orbital battle happening at the same time, maybe even be able to see ships engaging in space from the ground and small explosions from space.

I actually doodled what I thought a standard predator soldiers armor might look like, if they even have a military.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Please stop making threads for questions that can only be answered with "yes" or "no". If you really need to ask people what they like, you can just start "zero-alpha's official site dating thread" or something. Otherwise, find the most recent thread about what the next movie should include and ask or post there what you'd like to see happen.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

^ What he said.

Having said that, GOD YES.

Gambusia, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

It would be awesome if their warfare was basically just a large scale hunt without rules.

skull_ripper, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Was that "GOD YES" at the site dating thread idea, because that's what I think of that idea, but you possibly meant it as a response to the topic at hand. POSSIBLY.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

SR, do you have a secret crush on DD you want to tell us about?

@OP: Yes. I would very much like to see what happens when two Elders fight.

concretehunter, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

@Bloo: Stop thinking things i think.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

@SR: The latter.

EDIT: Also, eww.

DarkLioness, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Oh hell yeah.

Dronehive, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

^are you saying hell yes about SR x DD....
I ship it!

When it comes to war....
Sure coolio.

skull_ripper, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

Wait, what? That's all kinds of wrong, DD's sister is married to my brother the cactus who is Bloo(I think that's how that goes), well.... I am in the Ozarks....... yeah, no, just no.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 8 years ago

@DH: That would be a no.