This is not an entirely new phenomenon

Bestmengqin, Xenomorph, 1 year ago

My clan does not push to reach 7th tier, despite casually enjoying the extra xp. Sal's Realm officially is Sal's Clan. What is it that you like about the clan citadels? Are you an avid fan? Is it possible to enjoy them? I'm hoping for a lively discussion on the Clan Citadel update, which was released over one year ago. It was updated to the most recent Clan avatars update.

Jagex is expanding the content they offer in their game. This is not an entirely new phenomenon, but it's becoming more and more common. Timed content is content you can only do a certain amount of before moving on.

However, it generally offers greater rewards, like weekly training activities like the circus or random events like an evil tree. There is also a small amount of 'xp chunks' games like Troll Invasion, which can be done every month only.

Instead of creating an extra level, like the caverns that live rock are that are added to mining, the trend is to add another thing that can be done at various levels of skill and for varying levels of xp.

This can reduce bot impact because it allows you to not grind it. If you can time your actions correctly you will gain more xp for each hour spent training the skill. To maximize your xp gains, there is a sense of obligation to do these things.

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