Steve Perry's alpha drone

hyroglphsarenice, Undefined, 14 years ago

Qoute from Steve Perry's book "ALIENS: Nightmare Asylum" Page 116 & 117:

Spears grinned, stroked the egg as if it were the head of a faithful dog. The alien queens could reproduce in a kind of modified parthenogenesis, and the drones were mostly neuters. There were some males (the labbos had found a few) and indications were that ther could be a battlelike sexual intercourse between the two sexes. The available males, when they reached some critical number, fought each other to the death, leaving only a single survivor, who then lay claim to the queen. She made him work for it, slammed him all over the place, and if he survived this battering, worse than the fights with the other males, the queen would submit to his advances.

The male's triumph would be short-lived. Withen seconds after this hard-contested mating was consummated, the queen would kill the hapless male. The scientists babbled on about genetic diversity and such, but it didn't matter. If there weren't any males around, the queen could do it herself. And if there weren't any queens around, one of the drones would undergo what the scientists called a hormone storm; when it was done, the drone would be a queen.


so what does this mean? does this disprove the alpha male theory? because well when the said male asserted his dominance over all the others, it would just lead to his death?

daveberg, Undefined, 14 years ago

Books - meh. I class them in a different universe all together, they have their own continuity and outlook on things, if you wanna stay true to the roots, keep to the film theories.

K1LLA_4_H1RE, Undefined, 14 years ago

i dont count comic books as official information to the avp universe.

but i just hope fox dont get any ideas from that comic book bad things will happen.