-Bloo-, Yautja, 6 years ago

@DD: I'm honestly disappointed you didn't write more.

Yeah, I have never liked the theories anyone's ever come up with because those theories always turn Preds into Vikings or Native Americans, but with literal cunt faces and lots of hypermasculine "MY DICK IS SO BIG. LIKE, ITS SO FUCKING BIG, GUYS. ITS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ALL OF YOURS" ideals.

Something I always thought about them - or the ones we've seen - is that they're part of a small radical group that's so far removed from the dominant culture on their home world that they're the only ones who think it's fine to waste time going to other worlds to kill shit for fun. Their species made their technology, but these specific individuals had nothing to do with it - they either stole it from the 1st world Predators or they have a really wicked IT department. There probably aren't any females (or males, for that matter) and their method of breeding is probably closer to the Xenos' than to ours.

Edit: tfw when u read ur old posts

Deathdrop, Yautja, 6 years ago

I now have a great desire to see their IT department.

badapple24, Yautja, 6 years ago

ohhh maybe they had a town meeting "Instead of fucking the women, lets just kill shit on some backwater planet!"

DeathWraith, Yautja, 6 years ago

"female warrior armor, is the armor practical or is more of less "sexy armor" that may or may not serve any purpose?"

By "sexy armor" do you mean armor consisting of light chest coverage and a pair of hot-pants that only cover the groin and the outer thighs?

Kinda like this?


"It could be anarchist if everyone hunts at some point in their lives or most of their lives, but it doesn't completely explain why there are indeed a seemingly endless number of Yautja."

Either your train of thought is way ahead of your typing, or this entire sentence really just makes no sense. What the fuck are you talking about with the seemingly endless number of Yautja? We only get to see one die per decade and that's only recently. Have you heard about breeding? It's when an organism makes more of itself through reproduction. This would explain why there are seemingly endless numbers of a certain organism.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 6 years ago

In my defense I was sleepy when I posted all of this so excuse the typos and various other errors.

No I mean what does their war armor look like vs what does their hunting armor look like.