Rules Update-Clans?

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Here is what is currently written in the rules:

"The Leaders & Sub-Leaders for each Clan are as follows:

-The Hive: Daveberg/Crow
-Shadow Serpents: Angus_Alien/-Bloo-
-Balatu: The_Doctor/Stalker/PREDATORv2
-Hunter's Moon: Predalienking/Xeno_Slayer
-Alpha Draconis: Peterson/Sam-Jack-Dunn"

I was just wondering now that there are more clans, maybe a mod should update this? Not overly important, but thought I'd give it a mention, updating it would benefit any new-comers.

Stalker, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Done, and done.

I don't even recognize half of the sub-leaders on the clan lists, personally, I think all of them need to be cleaned up, there are far too many people that aren't even here anymore.

I know P went through the voting procedures recently, but it seems like alot of stragglers are still left behind.

alien-drone, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

i agree i think their are to many members who are inactive

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

yeah....dude....whats going on with the hive?
it seems like its completely dead.

Lone_Hunter2, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Scarred Shadow is our second subleader for HM

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

The hive has been dead for ages.

Waralien, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Shadow Serpents are barely hanging in there

Peterson, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Ya well i do think that list needs to be updated lol.

alien-drone, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

plus we could get some new people in the hive

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Oh, thought I'd best inform you.

Xavierblacknight has been made a Sub-Leader of the Clan, as he's in charge of our Off-Site AVP2 game Squad. Please add his name into the W-Y part of the rules.