Rodriguez off the directors chair for "predators" apparently

the_doctor, Yautja, 13 years ago

according to this article Robert Rodriguez is no longer directing predators but still producing....and its not a remake but a sequel. theres a release date for 2010 too.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 13 years ago

oh my damn

And yea, i know i always encourage long comments with lots of opinions expressed and views and stuff that would be useful to this scattered community, but that is all i can say. Lost all interest. Because this means it will be fiddled with until it's a butchery of a movie.

Peterson, Yautja, 13 years ago

He shouldn't be producin anything, in my opinion he should go back to school and pay better attention.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 13 years ago

Care to explain why?

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 13 years ago

The news doesn't bother or suprise me, I don't care much for Rodriguez's style anyways.

killswitch, Yautja, 13 years ago

Quote 6th May 2009
"As we know, “Predators†found itself a screenwriter. Alex Litvak, who previously penned Medieval, is working feverishly on a prequel and probably rebooty, “Predatorsâ€Â. BloodyDisgusting is now saying that Robert Rodriquez will not be directing and that they are looking for someone else to wave around the megaphone. Robert will still be producing. Robert is supposed to be gearing up for his Blade Runnerish movie “NerveCrackers†which is probably why he won’t be directing Predators. The powers that be want Predators for next summer and a man just can’t direct two movies that fast. Thanks BloodyDisgusting for the news."

Anyway, if i does go ahead, .......... People are certainly rite, Rodriguez isnt really anything special, in fact am not sure he even has a notable style......? Hes part of a movie click,.. and ive never liked that, not sure whos contributing where and why. 'The idiot that claims he needs to listen at school, WTF are you on kid?"

But hes certainly a better option that some other up and coming teenagers first movie,

For some reason science fiction seems to be the genre that gets dumped on younger inexperienced directors, probably because the older veterans dont want the presure of 80% fail shot on their heads, either way it seems hit and miss, You get the odd Len Wiseman with Underworld and David Fincher (at the time) with Alien 3 that dont turn out so bad, but you also get the odd butcher boy like Anderson ready to cut up franchises.

Amazingly i sense no one really cares for or about the news!? I think weve all been kicked in the nuts to many times with things like this, were finaly learning

the_doctor, Yautja, 13 years ago

yep....seems no one cares *tumbleweed*

shadowatching, Yautja, 13 years ago

its not that noone cared, beloved doctor.
Its because, he did do a crappy job on the movies that he did make. If he was smarter, he would of came in the sites that does talk about predators, to see how he can improve, or ask the fans of what they would love to see, or how to make the next one better.

Lo...he didn't do any of that, so why should we care that he left, good riddance i say. I have been keeping an eye on the upcomming movies...and none about Predators, or the xeno's...

Now, I am going back to sleep for work tonight

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killswitch, Yautja, 13 years ago

'its not that noone cared, beloved doctor.
Its because, he did do a crappy job on the movies that he did make. If he was smarter, he would of came in the sites that does talk about predators, to see how he can improve, or ask the fans of what they would love to see, or how to make the next one better. '

First of all...... no he didnt. You dont know anything about what a reasonable movie is, that much is clear!

Second..... the day a "MOVIE DIRECTOR/FILM MAKER' comes onto a predator fan site...... to ..... learn how to manage his crew.... motivate his actors........... distribute his budget efficiently ...... advice on working with editors, writers, cinematographers, art directors, foley artists, sound crew, camera crew and producers..... is the day you grow a brain.

WTF can he learn about directing a movie from a bunch of snot nose kids who parents bought them multi disk additions of THEIR favorite science fiction movies???

I presume you possibly mean the writers should come on here or a predator fan site and find out what WE (THE FANS) wanna see.........?

No they shouldn't..... we didnt become fans of these movie by having any input on a professional level, why to we suddenly retain the rite to offer our ten cents ... because ...... we enjoyed the first movies....... Lets juts leave the film making to the professionals kid, there the reason we know anything about these movie.... GO back to your coloring book.

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 13 years ago

I maybe wrong on this, but didn't Anderson and the Strause brothers listen to what fans wanted? Look at how their movies turned out. Now granted AVP is a better over-all film compared to AVPR even though it lacks the R rating and everything that comes with that R rating.

I can't agree with you more K, us 'snot nose kids' need to stay the hell out of the movie business.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 13 years ago

I just want to say, Killswitch, you don't know how lucky you are that you can speak frankly with shadow without being worried that she will complain about it for the rest of her life. And i love you.

Shadow, don't read what i just said, because you will probably complain about it for the rest of your life. And i love you too.

Also, i don't believe AvP was better than AvPR. But i guess it's just a matter of taste, like between Oblivion and Fallout 3, or something. They're both crap, just matter what kind of crap you like more.

EDIT: This meaning that i really like Fallout 3, but i think Oblivion is crap, even though they're on the same engine.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 13 years ago

"Oblivion on crack with guns" it is not. I agree, Fallout 3 is the better game. Of course that's all down to personal opinion...

Fans shouldn't give advice to directors on what a film should be like. Or what ANYTHING should be like, at all, for that matter. You ever read a fan-fiction to anything by a regular fangirl/boy? Almost half the time, two male characters engage in sexual intercourse and a ridiculous amount of lols go around.
Character interpretations are horrible, the ideas are just plain bad. It's not even about the fact that their writing should be stuck into the archives of the league of suck, it's just, 75% of it should never make it to any official's ears. Even as a joke.
When that fan becomes official, like Anderson, there's a 50/50 chance whatever s/he's producing will be good. AVP fell short (yet was still better than AVPR in my opinion).

I don't mind who directs the new Predator film as long as he isn't some fanboy who got a shot at the big time. I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T be a fan - of course they should do their homework on the subject - but don't be THAT kind of fan. Yeah, you know who and what I'm talking about.

If another Alien/Predator director takes any more advice from the general fan base and proceeds to come up with another steaming pile of shit I swear I'm going to punch some babies.