gamefreak33797, Xenomorph, 4 months ago

Howdy all, I'm not too sure how many people still visit the site, but I thought I'd make a new off topic thread to hopefully draw people back. I miss talking to you all and hope to eventually have a lot of the old crew around. You know the drill.

Concretehunt, Xenomorph, 3 months ago

Been a long time since I've posted, possibly years actually. Sadly I lost access to my account (Forgot my password, also do not have access to the E-Mail account which I tied to the account when I was 11. @P please help. My current E-Mail is the one in the Bio for Concretehunter.)

Often when I'm alone and have nowhere else to be, I think about this website. I do check in from time to time, mainly to see how the bots are doing. Look at old threads. Re-read Bloos fanfic thread or the Party thread. It makes me sad in a way, not so much a nostalgia or anything. I feel sad because I feel that we all connected in a very special and vulnerable way.

We are all very different people from all walks of life. We bonded over a very silly franchise which was probably well past its relevance. I was actually 11 when I joined this website, some of you might even remember! It was never really about the franchise for me, but having a community that I could call myself a part of. I have such fond memories of you all. What makes me sad however, is knowing that I never really KNEW any of you. We sort of lost touch, but what we had was always very ephemeral to begin with. You were figures in the night. Voices in the dark that kept me company a long time ago. I did and do consider you guys to be my friends. I think I will always feel that way.

I have no-one else in the world who I could share all of this with. I would never show my real life friends half the shit that we posted on here. But some posts here really resonated with me. In one thread DeathWraith was talking about his character Xeuss, he wrote

"You can fight forever and you will never win unless you fight for someone who's fighting for you. "

He wrote that 8 years ago, even today I know the exact words., I remember the party thread so vividly. The layout of the house, the drinks, how ever-one looked. It's a cherished memory of mine. This website is a place of majesty. It is a home that I once had when mine was all too broken. In people playing monsters, I found friends. Even though my writing was poor, and though sometimes it was a bit cringe, we all just played along together. We made stories together. We built something here and I will never forget it. Ok, I'm being dramatic now!

I'm always going to be about, I can never leave. if anyone ever wants to reach out my e-mail is still the one on the Concretehunter account bio, if any of you ever wish to get in contact. I'll keep this new account to post on here when I remember to.

I love you all. I miss you all. I hope wherever you are in this big world, you're keeping afloat.


(@DD - I miss out chats on Skype. Hope you're still out there. )

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 3 months ago

What are you talking about dipshit, we didn't lose touch, you just haven't said anything to me on Steam in...


...a very long time. Anyway, what the hell is the "party thread"?

Also I don't remember saying that at all, but it does look like something I'd say.

And yeah, I too hope DD is still out there.

I sometimes read My Skull posts and random Off-Topic Thread posts. So there's that.

Concretehunt, Xenomorph, 3 months ago

Party thread:

Link to you saying that:

I don't even use steam any more, my laptop can't run any games and I haven't had a gaming PC in a long... long time. What's your steam ID right now?

I know @P probably checks the website so maybe something will be done about the post situation. Also I'd be glad to recover my account properly, but it seams unlikely.anyway, how've you been man? And you too @GF? Would be interesting to hear what you guys are up to atm

xenotaris, Xenomorph, 2 months ago

It has been a while. The last time I posted on here was probably back in 2008

xenotaris, Xenomorph, 2 months ago

Since then I have been on AVP Galaxy, Deviant Art, and