How to Gain Runescape Burial Armor - Best Methods

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The requirements for getting the task of slaying from Konar include a minimum combat level of 75. You'll require membership in order to be able to access this area of the Zeah continent [url=]RuneScape Gold[/url]. Remember, it's worth noting that you are able to pay for membership through bonds, which you earn in game.

Contrary to others Slayer Masters, Konar's tasks have players go to one specific spot to kill monsters. As a result, players can receive the Brimstone Key throughout their task as a reward. The drop rate for keys is contingent on the level of combat for the monster that's being defeated, and ranges from 1/20 to 1/100.

Brimstone Keys may then be taken to a chest located next to Konar where they will be rewarded with bonuses that increase their profits. Keys are worth approximately 103,000 gold, which means you should definitely cash it in after completing your mission.

Smithing in Runescape determines the strength of equipment players can create. The higher the smithing skill, the more valuable items that the player can design. With a higher smithing level you can build high-quality armor to be better. It isn't easy to increase smithing as it requires you to make different types of objects [url=]RS 2007 Gold[/url]. One of the most efficient methods of increasing Smithing for Runescape is to craft Burial Armor.