How long do alien eggs stay viable?

Gambusia, Human, 8 years ago

The ones on the derelict were still fresh by the time Ripley and company landed and were the same fifty years later when Newt’s folks rediscovered it in Aliens. So how long do you reckon they last?

Waralien, Human, 8 years ago

The ones on the ship were surrounded by a force field of sorts that preserved them. Otherwise they require the Hive's resin membrane to keep them alive. If you remember from the movie, the other eggs looked fossilized from not having the force field.

Gambusia, Human, 8 years ago

What fossilized eggs are you talking about? They were all under that layer of mist which seemed act as more of an alarm than anything although I guess you can’t rule out the possibility that it was also preserving them.

Regardless I’m sure they could survive outside of a hive or some force field. It’s difficult for me to imagine that the eggs of something as hardy as xenomorphs would just wither away in less than ideal conditions.

zero-alpha, Human, 8 years ago

It has already been clear that xenomorph eggs only open when a life form gets near it. But if your talking about the amount of time tell the point were they start decaying, I can't answer that question.

Tuand9, Human, 8 years ago

The egg is a food source of some sorts to the facehugger keeping it alive. But once the nutrients inside the egg is gone the egg sprouts roots in to the ground to absorb nutrients near it kind of like a egg that is a plant.

concretehunter, Human, 8 years ago

^Can i see your source on that?

Tuand9, Human, 8 years ago

Concrete It was a long time ago but it came from a website called how does it work. I think but I typed in the google search engine do facehuggers have organs and that came up. So yeah but I don't rember