How do I earn MUT23 Coins in popular Team Builds? -

hgdgsvhgvuj, Human, 1 week ago

Take advantage of the fact that the popular team building contest requires the participation of individual players. Because of this, its market value has increased. If you can identify and buy the most suitable candidates as soon as possible, you will receive 23 MUT Coins. Start by visiting the Team Build overview on MUTHEAD and choose the Team Build that has received many positive ratings.

You can click the Team Build you prefer to view the least expensive solution. This happens because most players blindly follow the cheapest option, which is usually comprised of two rare, cheap cards.

This has meant that the market for these cards as well as their prices, has dramatically increased. However, since participants are crucial to the solution, buy them at various market prices until when the MUTHEAD price is updated which is when this is when the Team Builds solution falls behind. Once that happens, the market price of participants will recover, and the answer will pop up in the future. Swipe up.

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