He's studying and is rapidly learning

Bestmengqin, Xenomorph, 11 months ago

Lawrence completed 66% his passes over his career for 10,098 yards (at 9.9 yards per try, 9.8 adjusted yards/try), for 90 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. He also ran for 943 yards and 18 touchdowns.

"No I'm talking about them all. All the management, staff and everybody here got us here to win, and that's our main objective. So, I'm keeping the same mindset , and obviously, there's different challenges as you advance to the next stage, things will change, you've got to adapt," Lawrence said in June at team events organized by the team.

"But keep your faith in yourself this mindset will never change. You're hoping to win each time and you're ready to succeed. Therefore, I believe that's the reason they brought me here. I didn't come here expecting me to lose. There are many players who are ready to win and are eager to win. So, we're on the right track."

Lawrence isn't yet given the Jaguars as their official Week 1 teammate against the Houston Texans on Sept. 12. Even though the Jaguars will officially kick off training camp on Tuesday, rookies are expected to report to camp on the 20th of July.

"He's studying and is rapidly learning. He's a superb student of the game. He loves mental preparation, and is fast learning. Brian Schottenheimer, Jaguars pass game coordinator, revealed this in June.

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