Favorite music from alien and pred movies

ChEsTBuRsTeD42, Undefined, 17 years ago

Whats your favorite music out of all the pred and alien movies? I like the Predator intro. And almost all the music from the alien quadrilogy.

EJJR, Undefined, 17 years ago

I liked the part where Mac tries to gun down the Predadtor with the mini-gun. Real suspensful.

Elijah Russell

wolf_kid, Undefined, 17 years ago

my faverite is the music when all the predators show up after mikey kills the one he was chasing. i also like the bit where the nold lady walkes up to the bathroom door with a broom in her hands because she can hear the predator in the bathroom.

daveberg, Undefined, 17 years ago

easily would be Bishops countdown from aliens (where bishop picks up Ripley & Newt and they race to leave the planet)

darkness of acheron