predatoress, Yautja, 14 years ago

Well Lucifer is dislexic if you didn't happen to notice, so practically he was banned 'cos of who he is. In my mind it's unfair. But who am I to tell you this, I'm just a shadow from the past. Just telling the truth.

And he is in fact one of the oldest members, he've been around longer than some of the mods, and posted fairly intelligent topics about subject what have been chewed so good already, giving fresh point of view, plus helped with the new members to log in. But I guess no one remembers the good things, 'cos humans are tend to list only the bad things. Still I feel like he've been banned unjustified.

And Rayne - Lucifer wants to talk with you so if you want to accept his request, just come to Midian.


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rayne, Yautja, 14 years ago

wow.... That was a lot of big words Stalker but i guess ill agree with you and Otang. Ill try to spell better but as Lucifer being temporarilly banned well have to wait a while for his awnser and im about to edit this post to see if eneything is wrong...

P.S. Stalker i want to make a Public appolgy to you and otang and Dave and the other mods becouse in the clan room we started talking and some how we started talking about how i was always saying MODS ARE EVIL!!! BOO!!! EVIL MODS!!! and somone in the clan said they think i heart your fellings saying that and never meant to heart your fellings so im sorry.

P.S.S im about to edit this for mistakes to

DD- eeewwwww!!! what does this button do?!

Stalker, Yautja, 14 years ago

Well everyone makes the occasional spelling mistake, but it becomes fairly annoying to see people who spell worse than kindergarten children in a constant manner. Age is not an excuse either, as some of the younger members on here have excellent grammar & spelling, & can construct intelligent posts just as well as anyone. Laziness more than likely plays the biggest part in it, rather than simply age.

In depth debates over aliens & predators are an extreme rarity around here nowadays, but hopefully with a bit of effort we can actually bring some intelligent discussion back to this once great board. Having the Free Chat thread removed was the first step, as it seemed to be the only thing that kept people entertained on here until recently, & was one of the main things encouraging the lazy posting attitude & grammar problems. Without it, we can focus on bringing back what this site is all about in the first place.


-Bloo-, Yautja, 14 years ago

I've seen many things like this on forums, guys. Many reason is older members leave because of newer members coming and being the way they are. It doesn't change until they wise up and stop with the immature cracks. I don't know what age-range most new members here are, but you either stop with the idiotic posts or you get banned.

Remember that Alien and Predator, the first two movies that started it all, aren't even meant for people under 13. Discussing them with much younger people than that would probably heat things up to an argument. Not with this site, but I've seen it.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. There is no reason for constant bad grammer unless you are dislexic, or are learning english. Do you get me, or do I have to write a 45 page long book on how to post on forums?



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