The-Wolf, Yautja, 13 years ago

I think I'll be leaving this place for good. I've had alot of fun here. Joined right after AvP came so its been while. Not as long as some people but still a while. There's nothing really to keep me here. Its kinda dead. So if there is anyone still alive here, laterz.

email: [email protected]

shadowatching, Yautja, 13 years ago

I added you to my friends list. Please don't leave, but I do understand about real life issues. Please take care and have fun.

Lone_Hunter2, Yautja, 13 years ago

at least stay for the RPG...Please?

Peterson, Yautja, 13 years ago

later bro

DeathWraith, Yautja, 13 years ago

Damn... well, from the spawning pool of noobs there will come new life to this place, only it will be a forum without moderators, so yea... Well anyway, take care.

Lucifer, Yautja, 13 years ago

wait there is life here ? >.> <.

Namicole, Yautja, 13 years ago

ya!?... Wait.. Is that Lucifer above me? Like THE LUCIFER?

black_warrior, Yautja, 13 years ago

See ya Cory. Ill try and talk to you on MSN if i get the chance, or if you see me on just send me a message.(if you can see this)

Lucifer, Yautja, 13 years ago

the one and only ... now stuff it befor we have a relaps of the past lol

TITANOSAUR, Yautja, 13 years ago

this place is begining to feel like LV-426 itself. soon it'll be a rock with no activity.

have a good life cory.

Lucifer, Yautja, 13 years ago

dude LV-426 has MORE life than this site lol

-Bloo-, Yautja, 13 years ago

Shame to see you go man. It's been cool but I guess we all have to move on. Who knows, maybe I might leave the site.

I'm not, but I needed a closing sentence. Anyway good luck in life.

Namicole, Yautja, 13 years ago

*starts beating Bloo's chest*
BREATH!!! Bloo you can't quit! Don't you give up on me man! Dont you give up on me!
*Jaw Drop's, point's at Lucifer, Point's at self and then point's as SW..... Head splodes*

666, Yautja, 13 years ago

NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Dont leave. i won't have anybody to pick lol. sad to see you go. come back though!