AVP3: Not so impossible after all

badapple24, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

Looking at the news board, rebellion stated that they'd enjoy working on another AVP game... Excitement, fear, what's your thoughts on this?

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

I'm honestly not as excited about this news as I am for the cast of Alien returning to do an Isolation version of the first movie.

Blizzard, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

It would be great if Rebellion made another avp game hopefully they will decide to innovate a bit.
I never understood why people hated avp (2010) and their criticism such as

"oh the combat isn't as good as avp 2 " really ?! you would rather have to hold down the attack button instead of having to think about blocking and counter attacks

If they did announce a new avp game I would just not buy into the hype wait for a review and hope they make some alteration to the gameplay

badapple24, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

The alien isolation DLC is fuckin awesome man... That will give me such nostalgia... i mean nostromo

*Rim shot*