AvP2: slow framerate

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

First: hi, i'm new.

OK, my Problem:

I've just tried to play AvP2 once again (singleplayer), but the game runs very bad. The intro runs good, but then, ingame, framerate slows down dramatically. I'm using Win7, is there a known compatibility-prob with AvP2? Last time i played it on XP. Nothing on google so far...
compatibility mode don't work.

my sys specs:

I7 4x2.8 ghz
GTX 285
6 gig RAM (DDR3)
...and Windows 7.

It is a great game, hope somebody has an idea.

greetz, Mebber

PREDATORv2, Human, 13 years ago

Try this:

If your running vista or windows7 try right clicking on the avp2 desktop icon, click on properties then click the Compatibility tab. Check the box next to Compatibility Mode and make sure its set to Windows XP Service pack 2. Click Apply.

Once you've done that, to play the game right click on the AVP2 desktop icon again and click Run as Administrator.

One other point, seeing that AVP3 will be out shortly might what to think about retiring avp2, unless you have a computer around with XP still installed on it. AVP2 is an epic game and I love(d) playing it, but seeing how its a pain in the ass to run it on anything, but Xp. I have to say let it rest in peace, besides that trying to get the multiplayer to work is a pain.

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

thx for the fast reply. I will try to run it with admin setting.

About AvP3:
I've pre-ordered it three days ago, and i can't wait to get my hands on it. I just wanted to play the "Oldie" once more, become nostalgic, get in mood...

Well, i just hope AvP3 will be a worthy successor.

DeathWraith, Human, 13 years ago

AvP2 isn't the "oldie" it's the "middie".

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Since "Oldie" is just a phrase, where's the difference?

DeathWraith, Human, 13 years ago

Well for example, AvP1 is older than AvP2 and has graphics, sounds and gameplay from an age before it, so it's more qualified to be called an "oldie". Plus, you'd have been better off playing AvP1 in stead of 2, because AvP3 is much more like 1 than 2.

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Yeah, chronological you're right.

In fact i've tried to play AvP1 first, but AvP1 also don't function correctly on my Pc- damn. I really should get some 2nd pc for older games, maybe even one with win95. A few weeks ago i tried to play MechWarrior2 again, of course it didn't worked.

Strange, i've finally bought a new sys and im spending more time been worried about non-functional old games then play the new ones...

you say AvP3 will be more similiar to AvP1? Sounds great!

Mebber, Human, 13 years ago

Seems like the framerate prob by using Win7 is common, but it only appears in the first level.

I just post that for the case somebody else is trying to play AvP2 under Win7.

NitroTab, Human, 13 years ago

Mebber said "In fact I've tried to play AvP1 first, but AvP1 also don't function correctly on my Pc- damn."

You can download AvP1 from Steam for £2.99 (approx $4.50).

Rebellion have updated the game to DirectX 9.0c, added the game music in as .bik format (so no putting a 2nd disc in to listen to the in-game music), added support for an Xbox 360 controller and included various fixes and tweaks, it also has multiplayer support.

here is the link for it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/3730/

NitroTab, Human, 13 years ago

Also, alot of oldie games are being released by a company called 'Good Old Games' for really cheap prices.

Go here and check them out: http://www.gog.com/en/frontpage/

All the games they sell are updated to the latest patches that were released at the time and have been updated to run on XP/Vista and soon to be Win7. They are also DRM free.

The games are digital downloads like Steam by the way.