Hive_Tyrant, Undefined, 15 years ago

I dont even have it! it sounds really fun! where can you download it? It would be my first time playing it so if i get it can someone look for me and help me? But thats IF i get it.

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-Bloo-, Undefined, 15 years ago

Meh... most people these days use the Lime Wire service program to do it, wether they're lazy to search or just want to do it quickly. If you're against illegal-looking download, It'd be better if you didn't use the program.


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Unknown, Undefined, 15 years ago

thx Black warrior i think for predalien or Runner :)

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Stalker, Undefined, 15 years ago

Shadow Warrior, seriously, you should stop being so paranoic about being banned m8. You didn't even do anything wrong & you're pleading not to be banned. We don't ban people unless they have either commited repeated offenses with warnings issued, or start to commit serious offenses, so don't keep worrying about being banned all the time m8.

Back on topic.

The hackers on AVP2 online completely ruin the point of playing the game. Not long ago me & Navy were in a server, & we were both playing as preds & hunting down another player who was a predalien. I hit him with 4 remote bombs, & Navy had landed several powerful blows with a combistick on him, & still he would not die. The amount of punishment we gave him was enough to kill 10 predaliens. He was hacking to make himself invincible, so he was running around killing everyone, & not even getting a scratch on him. I absolutely hate people that are like that, they can't even play a fair game, they just cheat to win.


FireHunter, Undefined, 15 years ago

i MIGHT be getting it soon

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Skystalker, Undefined, 15 years ago

This is an old topic (good thing i checked first before i created one :P) but i have an idea, what if we somehow got a dedicated server up, got a password, and only people from this site could join?


Mishmuf, Undefined, 15 years ago

That'd be awesome. Maybe Navyspaz could run it.

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Hive_Tyrant, Undefined, 15 years ago

Dude, that'll be better awsome!! It'll be awsomerest or somthing...but it'll be awsome if navtspaz could run it to.

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navyspaz, Undefined, 15 years ago

well I would need alot of people to be playing before I hosted, I dont wanna host just for a few people.

It would be for my clan to, and no one here gets admin powers tho :( sorry, just my clan on AvP2. I would get introuble if I let anyone not allowed to have it, its kinda hard to get admin powers in our clan. I've been in it for 7 months now. and I just now got every power.

I used to only have Kick, Mute, Force to observer mode, and change maps.

I can change gameplay mode, queen kills, whos allowed to go to what species, what weapons are banned etc. in |RSC|Killing Ground, Evereyone who plays AvP almost everyday put your name here, I might host a server. not sure yet.

EDIT: Unless I didnt make it for our clan, I just made it (server name): Server and anyone here can go in it, I would have to give people the server control passwords over MSN or email, and teach them how to use the powers, all the codes and stuff. I will give everyone on here the powers to Mute, and force to observer mode, and change maps, some people I will give a little bit more, and if any Mod plays I will give them pretty much every admin power there is.

Im the only hoster on this site im pretty sure, you cant just "Click Host" and get a server up, You gotta download a whole junk load of stuff, and set it up and install it, which is hard, and set the admin powers and weapon banning abilitys in it, and keep it hosted on your desktop. It took me awhile to learn how to host.

If you dont wanna hassle with it, Its only $30.00 a month to host a dedicated server :D I can do it for free tho.

Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 15 years ago

Heheh, always thought I was the only one still playing AVP2 and BTW i'm quite interested in joining so maybe could you send me the password please???? I might not go online till November though because I need to wait til then to change my PC.

PS Navyspaz, you host servers? Where do you download you're hosting stuff? I got an IBM server in my house but I can't find a place that'll let me download anything related to hosting for free


Skystalker, Undefined, 15 years ago

Hey navy since you got a server up, can you email me the pass? Id love to play on a non hacking/spamming server (finally!)


navyspaz, Undefined, 15 years ago

I don't got a server up yet,

And MSN me for the pass nick, and I'll send you the files to host.

And the only problem with putting a password on it, there would rarely be anyone in there.

I was thinkin', just give everyone here the Level 1 Admin Password so if anyone is spamming/hacking/excessive swearing they can do something about him.

I'll let yall pick tho,

Password on server? - means less activity

All Members Get L1 Admin Password

-Which means you can keep the server clean, and change maps when you want.

Im gonna host it soon and keep it up for a few days and see how it goes. I gotta see how the settings should be.

The MOTD pop ups: Everyone who plays AvP2 has seen about 5 yellow sentences pop up every 5 minutes? they are different im each server.

if yall have any ideas of what I should put on them, post them here.

Also unless any of yall are sniper lovers, Im banning sniper. Sry I just think its really cheap, if its just us then I wont ban it, but if everyones allowed then yea i'm gonna ban it.

And rules: No using more then 2 plasma/grenades/disc/rockets per fight. (spam)

Dont rapid click the fire button on pulse rifle.

No waiting for people to repsawn (start) then kill them.

No waiting in spawn mode where people cant hurt you for someone to pass,then run up behind them.

And NO GIVING OUT ADMIN PASSWORD, It can be changed if someone accidentally types the code wrong plz tell me, with the admin password someone can destroy the server in the wrong hands.

you type control password

where password is you type the admin password, there is L1 L2 and L3, only I get L3, all AvP2 members get L1, and some of the members I choose, and mods, get L2, L2 has nearly every power. Skins aren't allowed: they can be used to hack with, like skins to see invisible preds, see threw walls. sometimes you wont get ammo from your ammo box (rarely) its the anti-morphing hack, if someone trys to use the morphing hack in my server, it puts them in observer mode and mutes them, and I think it remembers his IP address.

Everyone post your email here or email me

Mine: [email protected]

I will give you L1 password. AvP2 players come to this board who arent members so I dont want them to see it.