AVP -short film test (WATCH IT)

Venom, Yautja, 15 years ago

Heres a test for my short film.


DeathWraith, Yautja, 15 years ago

I can see your finger when he takes the wristblades... but i guess it's pretty damn hard since they're so small so it's good anyway. The part with the alien is pretty funny though.

Venom, Yautja, 15 years ago

Lol, i guess it is, the finger was a mistake on my part, the hands are small, but it was a 14inch figure so hes not small lol, and the alien is 16inches.

Venom, Yautja, 15 years ago

jesus! no one actually fucking bothers to watch the stuff i make, i have had enough of making stuff like this when nobody actually bothers to watch.....lol

alien-drone, Yautja, 15 years ago

pretty good it is better than those movies were people use lego

Venom, Yautja, 15 years ago

Thanks :D,