Iseijin, Undefined, 18 years ago

Well best of luck for you. My uncles just came from Hollywood and they're both producers, one works with TV networks while the other is in the actual movie business, they're planning on helping me get an art internship with none other than LucasFilm!


Unknown, Undefined, 18 years ago

Wow Isejin thats one hell of a privlige.

Dont be rude drink ure drink go home j**k off and thats all ure gonna do.

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EJJR, Undefined, 18 years ago

Iseijin, that's amazing. Don't pass up on the opportunity.
Vincent thank you for the script compliment, and I would love a sig. If you could make anything with a Pred in action with the mask on I'd love it.
The more and more I think about it I decided that I HAVE to take the director's chair. Sandy Collora said he has no interest in the project, we don't want Anderson, and frankly I'm not entirely sure I trust Fox's choice. If they can get any of the original directors (Cameron, Scott, McTiernan) I will of course bow out for them, but let's be realistic; they don't want the position.

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